Amazon TAKE OVER of retail

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Amazon is completely taking over the entire retail industry revenues just screw twenty eight percent in the last quarter and the company is already huge how is this possible i am going to share with you guys the fundamentals on why amazon is continuing to grow at this massive rate in how they can continue to grow in the future and what is the holy grail for them

That can really end most other retailers i’m going to share this with you guys now hey guys it’s jeremy from the financial education channel so today we are talking about amazon and how amazon is just taking the retail industry over by storm now many people have seen this happen for about a decade now they’ve just been coming in and coming in and taking market

Share from the other guys and the other guys i’m talking about traditional retailers like walmart target and dicks and other big-box retailers just anything you can think of and just about any industry you can think of electronics everything and they just grew revenue twenty-eight percent in the last quarter think about that twenty-eight percent revenue growth in

A quarter over the quarter last year in that is on a company that’s already massive there a massive company they got like 30 they made like 30 billion dollars in revenue per quarter so this is not a small company so to grow at that type of rate is just astronomical now i want to share with you guys the fundamentals on why they are growing like this why is it why is

It well let’s think about first customer experience on amazon they have a vast vast amount of products they offer pretty much anything you could possibly think of amazon carries it just about anything i mean literally think about a product anything you want typing amazon they probably have it so it’s a huge competitive advantage they have over basically all other

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Retailers because all of the retailers they don’t carry all the products because most other retailers their physical stores so they’re limited on the amount of space they have and never mind that but amazon has so many different products in each category massive amounts of products in each category worse if a store does carry a product they not only have one or two

Different styles of that product to pick from amazon has 100 different you know to pick from also if you own a physical retail store you do not have the liberty to see reviews right there and see what customers are written about that that’s a huge thing for me and it’s a huge thing for millions of amazon customers we love to look at reviews and see what other people

Say about that product before we go ahead and get out our dollars to buy it we like to see that that product has a four you know stars out of five or five stars out of five we’re like to read what customers say about it the details and whatnot you’re going to a retail store and do that you can you see the product on the shelf and it’s probably an all boxed up and

Whatnot and you just see the buy it or you don’t you can’t see old is that expresso maker make the drink in 10 seconds or five seconds or how fine does it come out how good does it work you know what are the other people that have bought it said about it with no clue you’re just buying blind so that’s a huge competitive advantage amazon has and not only that but

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Obviously price price is one of the biggest factors in retail one of the biggest factors price an amazon is beating almost everybody on every single price i don’t know how they do it i you know it’s a magic trick i don’t know if they have someone that searches out every single product but if you are an amazon and i go on amazon all the time and i’ll price check

Against other competitors and whatnot for that same product amazon is always the same price or a little bit cheaper on almost every single product i try to find ever so generally i always shop at amazon because i see the reviews and they have a bigger selection and the prices either the same or cheaper than the other place so why would i not but that brings me to

A big point and we’re going to talk about what’s the whole rail for amazon what’s the thing that could really propel them to really any other retailers and take these other retailers from dying a slow death like they’re dying now in the dining a very fast one in that to me is being able to get a product within an hour and doing it for a price that’s appropriate

And that’s for something you don’t twenty-four dollars to get a product you know shift an hour that’s ridiculous maybe five dollars something like that that’s the holy grail for me if you can get a product you need a product now and you don’t have to go down to walmart or whatever for big box retailer and walk through the parking lot and stand in line and get to

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The store maybe they’re out of the product and uh if you can just get it on amazon and it’s to you within an hour that would be the end-all be-all for most customers and make most customers go from shopping it you know these other retailers to shop and strictly at amazon and amazon is also doing a lot of great things as far as restaurant delivery i believe now they

Have the restaurant delivery and five to ten cities major cities and that’s free if you have amazon prime so that’s just another way that i think they’re slowly going to try to break into that whole one-hour delivery thing i’m talking to you guys about now so it’s really going to be fun to see how all this plays out amazon’s really amazing and how they’ve been able

To jeff bezos just you know kind of slowly dominate an industry that’s so competitive and so hard and they just seem to be you know kill another guy’s twenty-eight percent revenue growth last quarter unbelievable for company that size hey guys i thank you so much for watching subscribers as always and if you have friends or family that you know or an interest in

These kinds of subjects go ahead and share the video i would love it if you haven’t subscribed you may want to talk a ton about business and financial markets and a lot about personal finance and all these personal finance on personal finance friday’s thanks for watching guys have a great day oh

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