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Well today we got some very big moves in three stocks out there two of these stocks are two of the hottest stocks in the entire stock market this year literally okay a couple of those move down we’re going to share with you exactly why canopy move down today and exactly why i believe amd stock moved down today no one can find reasons on why canopy fell today and no

One can find reasons on why amd fell today i’m gonna share with you the reason why those stocks fell also we’re gonna talk about micron which made a nice upward move finally micron shareholders have gotten some really really good news this is some really really good news today for micron shareholders out there so as far as it moves these stocks made alright mu was

Up around four-and-a-half percent today canopy on the other hand fell over 13 percent thirteen point six seven percent there and last time i checked it was actually down over three percent after hours as i’ve taken this screenshot i was only down a little less than one percent so you know it’s continuous downward move amd stock fell a little over five percent today

Alright so we’ll get into amd and we’ll also get into canopy in just a second let’s talk about micron stock first okay very very good news for you micron shareholders out there david tepper if you don’t know who that is i’ll explain it to you in just a second david tepper says he is still very very long micron stock all right he said that the this is his quote now

The demand side is going to be good for a long time servers cloud and if you have smart cars i mean this is just a future for this type of stuff meaning memory chips he says there’s a lot of emotion going on with the traders right now kind of trading around this stock alright if you don’t know david tepper is he’s a hedge fund manager that supposedly since 1993

Has gotten annual returns of around 30 percent according to someone close who follows the firm’s returns their guys 30 percent let’s just assume maybe that number isn’t is a little higher than expected then what’s he getting maybe 25 20 percent regardless this guy is a knockout great investor you know one of those you know there are a lot of hedge fund managers

That are not very good there are a lot of hedge fund managers that are not very good they’re just good at kind of networking getting in billionaires pockets all right he’s actually a hedge fund manager that has gotten some unbelievable returns you know over the years so micron shareholders this is about as good a news as you can get other than maybe like warren

Buffett buying into your stock or something like that this is really good news this shows that you that he’s changing the mind center he’s trying to change the mindset from all this short-term mumbo-jumbo analysts have gotten so caught up in the short-term memory pricing is following all you know and it will continue to fall for probably the next few months maybe a

Year maybe two years we don’t know where the bottom will be okay but we know it’s kind of going down right now in analyst cuz kind of rekey pre iterating this and keep bringing up and it’s kind of led into a lot of negativity around micron stock okay at least for the short term however david tepper comes in here and he says look at the law this is kind of what i was

Talking about yesterday look at the long term future for this company look where memory chips are going over time this stuff is not going away there’s gonna be a much bigger demand for memory in the future all this type of stuff he’s trying to point the focus more in the long term with micron which i think is a really important thing for anybody who’s holding this

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Talk for the next few years this is about as good a news you can get i will say it’s kind of sad that the stock only moves up four and a half percent today because you can have an analyst come out analysts who have never even invested a dime for themselves analysts who have never done anything out there in the stock market world other than they get out of college

And graduate and they start kind of analyzing some stocks and they never even invest for themselves but yet they make these stock calls on why this stocks going to go to $30 or this stocks going to go to $50 this stocks 1 to $5 they make all these calls all the time right but they know they don’t even invest for themselves for the most part right and it’s said

That they can move a stock bigger than this guy can move it you know the stock this is a unbelievably successful hedge fund manager and for the only stock to only go at four and a half percent it’s almost sad when you can get an analyst who has no credibility really to get a stock to go down six seven eight percent in a day but that’s the that’s the stock market

World we live in that’s wall street for you so great news regardless if you’re micron shareholder that you have somebody who has unbelievably successful returns on your side okay that’s always a very good thing for micron shareholders out there so now let’s get into amd and then we’ll get – can it be last here so amd shares moved down as we talked about over 5%

Today and no one could really find the reason why did white a.m. do you move down over 5% today’s sock has been unbelievably hot if we look here today this one’s up nearly 200 percent okay your today nearly 200% return that is ridiculous like unbelievable performance there from this stock i want to point out something and then i’ll get into my opinion on kind of

Why amd shares i think moved down today okay look at this stock from around the beginning of 2017 until you know three four months into this year this was a stock that hadn’t done anything ok around a year and a half and the stock had pretty much not even moved you look at the start of 2017 this was like a twelve dollar stock 1112 dollar stock and then you look at

2018 you know three four months into the year and it was it was hovering around a ten eleven dollar range okay and so if your amd shareholder that’s been long amd for a while you know you deserve all the credit in the world because this is a stock that you’ve had to put up with you know not moving basically for a year and a half this is a stock that pretty much

Didn’t move in and move up but it moved down it wouldn’t really do anything in a big way for a year and a half okay it’s just kind of stayed around that 10 11 12 dollar range so amd shareholders you should be you know thrilled with yourselves because this proves why long-term investing is great you believe in a company for whatever you’re bullish thesis is you

Invest in that company who cares if it d you have to move sideways with the stock for you know a year – oh well if then huge gains come and the huge gains coming okay you look at amd stalking you say you all have somebody said jeremy you you have to invest in this stock over here it’s guaranteed to go up 200% but you’re gonna have to wait a year and a half for it

To go up 200% i would say okay i’ll gladly put my money if x stocks guaranteed to go up 200% and i have to wait a year and a half i’ll wait a year and a half okay this is why long-term investing is beautiful because you know you know why other people would say yo you know you’re stuck in that stock this and that i’ve had it with it with stocks before with me that

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I’ve held and you know weren’t doing anything or move down ten fifteen percent and they’re just a lot of doing anything and it’s like why you in that loser stock look at this other stock over here that went up okay and then all sudden you see this blast off and it’s like you don’t mean while other people that you know might have been doggin the stock or you know

Making fun of you for being in that stock you know they missed out on the game so congratulations to amd shareholders out there amd has never been a stock i have personally bought has never been a stock i’ve shorted either by the way if friend emailed me today said he’s thinking about shorting amd shares i got looking into that i don’t know why he wants to short amd

Shares may be he’s gone crazy i have no clue never been a company i’ve been interested in going long or short continue to not be into this day now why did it move down today in my personal opinion i believe this one moved down day because basically what you have happen okay is a stock moves up massively like this two hundred percent in most of those gains i’ve come

With in the past you know three to five months all right massive move up what you have sometimes is just honestly some people just take some profits okay so let’s say you you had a hundred amd shares and you bought them at the beginning of this year you bought them in 2017 at some point you had a hundred amt shares you ride this wave up you get this massive gain

O saying you know you look at it and you’re like hey you know what i think i’ll sell off half my shares and and i do it sometimes it was stocks all the time i’ll get a you know a huge gain the stock and i’ll say okay i want to put some money into another stock this one’s run so much i’ll take half my money i’ll let the other half of my money ride or i’ll take 60%

Of the money i’ll let 40% of money right or something like that sometimes you have that with a stock like amd that it’s just up massively people just say let me let me take some of these profits let me bank those okay we’ll let the other rest of the money ride okay and that’s just kind of what happens sometimes to stock like amd there’s no news in regards to amd

That was positive or negative today it’s just simply the stock sold off you know a little over 5% basically because i just believe there are more you know quite a bit more sellers and buyers out there today in terms of the amount of volume and that’s what pushes the shares down so just some people taking profits and you know it is what it is doesn’t mean they’re

There bull run is over or anything like that just means some people want to take profits alright know that’s given to canopy so canopy has also been an amazingly hot stock for quite a while now but can it be moved down around nineteen percent just in the past three days this one’s been rough to say least but also kronos same things so you know these pot stocks have

Moved down quite a bit on the flip side till right till raise up 30 i’m nearly sip 36 percent in the past three days yes you heard me right 36 percent in three days guys it’s unbelievable 413 percent gain in the past three months i don’t think i’ve ever seen that from any you know the decent-sized company ever okay that is ridiculous all right so what i believe has

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Happened here with with canopy and with kronos and why they kind of made these big downward moves today i think a lot of trader money has said okay we want to find the you know the hot one to put it on ian’s next okay tilray seems like it’s that hot one so what you’ll have happen is is whenever there’s a super hot sector which marijuana stocks you know pot stocks

Right now or the hottest of the hottest sector in the stock market right now i haven’t seen a sector of this hut in the stock market in quite a while the only thing i could say comparable to this is honestly cryptocurrency last year okay everybody in the grandma wants a piece of the pot stocks right now they’re flooding in money you got a ton of trader money in

This you also got a lot of long investor money that you know people who believe that these companies are gonna go up massively over the next three five ten years you have a lot of long money that’s just kind of sitting there but then you have a massive amount of traders that say hey we want a piece of this 36 percent gain until rate in three days you have traders

Come in and say i want to get some of that money okay so what ends up happening is you have canopy you have chronos okay you have traders that have been playing that for a little while all sudden you know going into the past three to five days they say oh you know what i think tilray is gonna be the next one and so they sell off some shares of canopy they sell

Off shares of cronos ends up causing those stocks to move down like we see they’re okay with basically not much news there and they say till ray’s the hot one let’s funnel money into tilray and ends up bouncing up the stock like toll right 36 percent in three days okay four hundred plus percent in the last three months okay that’s where the hot money’s going right

Now and so you know intel that trend breaks until the till rate trend breaks and you know the stock really moves down in a big way you know a ten percent downward move of 15 maybe a 20 percent downward moving a day and tell that trend breaks for right now it’s hot money and people are just kind of putting it in it happens all the time if you get a hot sector in the

Stock market or anything you know you’re kind of attract a lot of traders a lot of people looking to try to make quick return you know quick money real quick and they see this stock moving up they say let’s go funnel some money over here let’s ride this one for the next you know week or the next few days or the next month or something like guys so that is that is my

Opinion on why canopies down why cronus is down on why some of those other pot stocks have sold off while tilray has just moved up in a massive massive way so i would love to hear your guy’s opinion on any of these three stocks what is your opinion on amd was your opinion on my crown was your opinion on canopy what’s your opinion on the marijuana stocks in general

The pot stocks like what is your opinion on those stocks do you think it’s over overbought sector and oversold sector i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section as always if you love to keep up with stock market news make sure you follow me on instagram i always post a ton of stock market news stories in my instagram stories thank you for watching and have a great day

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