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Holy smokers guys it’s the rare double upload the rare day that i do a double upload guys but i saw there’s a move going on after hours right now on a company that just reported earnings that is an extremely popular stock that a lot of you guys out there own we got to discuss this guy’s the stock is amd and after hours it is a drought this is down about 11 percent at

As low as it was down a little over 12 percent so it’s bounced back a little bit now who knows tomorrow whether this one’s gonna stay around 11% downward move whether this is gonna go down 15 20 percent or maybe it will bounce back and only maybe go down 5% or so we just don’t know at this point in time right but if we look at here amd still having a phenomenal year

The stock year-to-date is up over 25% so this stock would have to be in disaster mode tomorrow to lose all its gains for the year so even if it does take a hit tomorrow it’s still doing pretty well for the year overall guys but let’s look at these earnings and see what happened here and was this really as bad as the stock price move downward here so amd forecasts a

Revenue decline for the current quarter after six straight quarters of revenue rises sending its shares down 11% and aftermarket trading so basically they’re they’re expecting the revenue to now go down which is now our never a good thing amd said expects fourth-quarter revenue to fall around 15% sequentially this implies a revenue of about 1.3 9 billion according

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To reuters calculations we look here a little further however the company reported a 25 point 7 percent rise in the third quarter revenue so that’s a very good thing aided by a slew of launches such as the epic processors for servers in a new range of risen desktop processors amd said sales in its graphics and computing business which makes processors for servers

And gaming consoles rose 73.5% to 819 million for the reported quarter that’s very impressive up there the company reported a net income this is the most impressive thing to me okay the company reported a net income of 71 million dollars or seven cents per share in the quarter ended september 30th compared with a loss of 406 million or 50 cents per share a year

Earlier okay so first off let’s talk about you know the revenue rises great now unfortunately sequentially they’re expecting about 15 percent downward move that’s never good but the fact that this company now actually has some net income okay 71 million dollars is huge because this is a company that hasn’t made an annual profit since 2011 yes you heard me right

2011 that’s how long it’s been since this company made an annual profit so the fact that amd is getting back to profitability now the question is can they keep this up and will it actually be profitable on an annual basis but if they can be that’s huge and it’s just a good thing that they’re moving at least in the right direction there but the the revenue down

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Sequentially is never a good thing especially a 15% we’re talking that’s a pretty big move there okay and look at this here guys you know i said mentioned earlier this is a very popular stock yes the proof is in the pudding here amd is one of the most popular stocks among young millennial investors in the first half of 2017 it was the second most popular stock on

The trading app robin hood oh robin hood’s giving out that info guys robin hood’s getting given out your info their second most popular stock on the trading app robin hood which has proven popular among millennials the chip maker obviously reported earnings today so this is a very popular stock in in my question to any amd shareholders out there is i’m curious on

Why you would be an amd versus nvidia i’m not implying that nvidia is a better investment or anything i’m just genuinely want to know if you’re an amd shareholder why you choose to be invest in amd over in an nvidia play because nvidia seems pretty similar in an nvidia obviously seems like you know could be a much more dominant company in the future i just want

To know like like what what’s the thought process behind being an amd versus being in an nvidia or potentially in an intel i want to know in that comment section here so a high-fly amd this is coming from an analyst here high flying m amd will not be able to compete with his main competitors latest chips according to one wall street firm see the research reiterated

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Its cell rating for amd shares they did this yesterday by the way predicting the chip maker will lose sales to intel’s new coffee lake line of processors this month intel released its latest cpus which appear to have extended performance lead we see the competitive environment for amd cpus getting more difficult over time as the competition continues to introduce

New processors in analyst i christopher dan lee wrote in a note to clients on monday despite new products amd is still losing money and we see no change of that insight then they go on here the analyst said benchmark reports showed amd risen processors underperform intel’s new chips by around 20% that’s a pretty big that’s a pretty big number there guys so once

Again i just want to know amd shareholders out there like like what are you thinking around this earnings and users kind of brushing off do you think it’s not a big deal do you think amd is going to bounce back much stronger what’s your your feeling as far as these benchmark results i just want to know your guys opinion on that out there and why you’d be in an amd

Versus nvidia or something like that so let me know on that comment section also guys that aren’t invest in amd or anything like that is this a stock you have been invested in the past would you potentially be invested in this i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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