Rich from rich tv live and i have to admit something yesterday reported that andrew left publicly is shorting tesla at the time tesla was on fire it was on its way 2000 it ran all the way up to 960 $8.99 after i predicted in november would run to a thousand it almost hit a thousand yesterday at the time i thought there was so much momentum there’s nothing that

Could stop it but andrew luck clearly is more powerful than i give him credit so here goes andrew left you were right congratulations on another correct call andrew left said that tesla was too high and he was gonna short it down and you did andrew left you did you called it so i wanted to give credit where credit’s due congratulations andrew left on once again

Hauling it right congratulations to everyone who shorted tesla and made money i’m happy for you guys at the same time if you guys bought tesla at 100 bucks 200 bucks 300 bucks 400 bucks 500 bucks 600 bucks you’ve obviously done very well too so congratulations for you guys as well i just wanted to public come out and admit that andrew left was right so once again

Andrew left has correctly shorted one of my picks after it was absolutely on fire and at the time all my indicators are pointing straight up it was very bullish and i believed that it would continue now when i look at all the indicators today they’re pointing down so they’ve definitely taken the steam out of tesla will this continue i don’t know i don’t have all

The answers but what i do want to do is publicly admit that andrew left you one again bro so congratulations andrew left on a crank call you publicly came out and said that tesla would go down and they have clearly you are a powerful man congratulations on your crank call i’m not too big to admit when i was wrong clearly i wasn’t wrong on tesla when i said it was

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Gonna go up when it was at $320 and hit $968 yesterday i said it would go to a thousand i still believe it’s going to go to a thousand i never thought it would go to a thousand by february i told you guys that yesterday i thought it was going up faster than i anticipated so obviously what goes up that fast always has a chance to come down but i have to give credit

Where credit’s do have to andrew left andrew left called it andrew left from citron research called it he called the short and some of our members shorted it and they want so congratulations andrew left on a correct call on tesla i’ll be watching it very carefully i still believed tesla goes to a thousand right now we’re at seven hundred and fifty seven dollars in

January when i called it my number one pick of january twenty twenty it was at four hundred and twenty dollars we’re now at seven hundred and fifty seven dollars so i wasn’t wrong we’re still up huge on tesla however i thought it was gonna continue the momentum andrew left came out and stopped it he stopped it dead in his tracks i wanted to see what he could do and

He clearly showed me that he’s not only capable of shorting cannabis stocks but he clearly can short the big board stocks too so andrew left if you’re watching mad respek row i gotta give you credit man you know i’m not too big of a man to admit it when i’m wrong i’m not too big of a man to give credit for people that make correct calls so congratulations andrew

Left on your crank call and you know what you just earned a little bit more respect for me so good call andrew i really don’t know what to say at this point you know people are like rich where does it go from here i still think it goes to a thousand what’s the bottom for tesla i honestly don’t know i don’t know how low it’s going to go i didn’t anticipate for them

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To go to a thousand this quickly so i think that a pullback is healthy we’re now at 761 you know we’ve run up at one point we’re up over five hundred dollars this year on tesla like the stock itself was up over five hundred dollars at one point yesterday so yeah it’s come back down to reality we’re now at seven sixty to ninety how low can it go i don’t know but

This is going to create buying opportunities for people that believe that test is going to go higher which includes me the question is how low will it go i don’t know i’ll definitely keep watching it stay tuned and if anything changes i’ll let you know first chris mitch says read day-to-day no it’s actually green day today it’s red for tesla but the markets are

Green stowe b says sold my tesla yesterday ninety percent gains hey man smart trading when you’re up 90 percent you got to take your brother i’m happy for you that’s the way to trade guys don’t get greedy remember the markets are just a tool to make us money when we get greedy we typically lose bradley clement says coronavirus update is crazy bad those stocks

Are bound to take off china bunch of liars did you guys see my video it’s disturbing they literally blocked my video right away because they don’t want people to panic but the reality is we need to be aware of what’s really going on so we can take precautions we’re talking about our lives here we’re talking about our futures we’re talking about our family we’re

Talking about our friends we’re talking about our children do we want to take a chance and risk anything with our kids hell no so at the end of the day i’m gonna uncover anything i can and bring you guys as much information as possible sometimes the information may be correct sometimes it may be incorrect so far it looks as though a lot of the stuff i’ve been


Talking about seems to be correct because the numbers keep growing at a very staggering pace so i reported from a taiwan newspaper tencent reported on saturday briefly that the infections were over 150,000 and the deaths were over 24,000 which is just staggering compared to what we’re being told so the video immediately got blocked as soon as i dropped it but that’s

Not what this video is about i just want to give credit where credit’s due andrew left did publicly say he was gonna short tesla and the man and i said you know what let’s see how powerful you are and he’s it’s down 14% today so clearly andrew left is very powerful man congratulations andrew left again on a very successful short call publicly and you know i’ll

Be watching you carefully you clearly know what you’re doing man bradley clement says does a emd bounce back now i have no idea these markets are very very volatile clearly the markets are manipulated and the markets right now are green and when the markets are green the coronavirus stocks go red so if the markets go red tomorrow which is a big if because we have

The impeachment trial for trump being voted on today so i believe that’s why the markets are being propped up if the markets go red tomorrow or friday i would anticipate that the coronavirus stocks would go up but at this point who knows the markets are just so crazy right now our star says uk government said get out while you can as flights may not be available

In the future it’s a crazy time guys thank you guys for watching just wanted to give you guys an update on what’s going on with tesla i got some more videos i’m gonna be dropping soon stay tuned this your boy rich from wish-tv live a time o peace

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