Andrew Left Shorting Tactics with Tilray Inc. (TLRY) Cronos Group (CRON) Cv Sciences (CVSI) Exposed

Andrew Left Shorting Tactics with Tilray Inc. (TLRY) Cronos Group (CRON) Cv Sciences (CVSI) Exposed – RICH TV LIVE – September 6, 2018 – Today i expose Andrew Left for his shorting tactics on Tilray Inc. (TLRY) Cronos Group (CRON) Cv Sciences (CVSI)!

Hey guys this is rich from rich tv live and i want to make you aware of a war that is happening right now in the markets so tilray has been on fire since its ipo in the cannabis sector one of the most successful ipos ever in the cannabis sector and it has started at $17 and we’ve been talking about it since before it did its ipo and we’ve done multiple videos on

Tilray here on rich tv live and they’re all free and guys remember if you like this video smash the like button share it everywhere remember if you’re not winning you’re not watching if you buy a stock that we talked about and then it gets shared everywhere and people buy it – we’re all winning and that’s what rich tv live is all about so tillery’s been one of the

Most successful stocks of all time here in the cannabis sector you can see the growth pattern it’s been just incredible right just breaking records trading higher than any stock in the cannabis sector that has been just getting out the gates and at 87 dollars and 73 cents right now it is on fire okay now what happened is there’s a notorious short seller andrew left

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Now andrew left came out yesterday saying he’s shorting tilray till we’re a went down immediately after he came out and said let’s just hear a little bit we says has gone just beyond excessive and not just i don’t think investors actually know what they’re buying i’m not going to show you guys too much but this guy is notorious okay and he’s infamous and he wants

To be famous he literally talks about wanting to be famous so he is on cnbc and bloomberg every single day now talking about how all these stocks are overvalued and overhyped not only has he done that to tilray now which he did yesterday and i believe is the number one reason why tilray is now going down he’s also done this to khronos group symbol cro n and you

Can see that chronos group is down today heavily he has already put legal action on kronos group where he has attorneys now that are being part of a lawsuit directly focused on kronos group which is currently down 5% in addition to that he’s also gone in on cbs i and you can see that cv is i since he started going in on cbs i cbs i has crashed and is now down at

$4 he got into cbs i and started talking about it when it was at $9 and you could see it went all the way down to $3 it tried to recover and now it’s coming back now if you’re an investor and you do not own cbs i then this might be a buying opportunity for you because this is still a good company now was it worth $9 i don’t think so is tilray worth $87 right now

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Probably not right but at the end of the day it was at $97 yesterday so regardless of whether or not it’s worth it as investors we’re excited about the potential for ourselves to get involved in stocks that have the ability to go up hundreds of percent sometimes thousands of percent so when you’re dealing with a guy like andrew left literally you’re dealing with

The guy who i consider right now the lex luthor of the cannabis industry we have an industry that is one of the hottest industries in the world stocks are breaking records tilray is going up like crazy non-stop every single day and then you have this guy come out being put on bloomberg and cnbc daily talking about why he is shorting tilray and why he is shorting

Chronos group and why he is shorting cbs eye and not only talking about why he’s shorting them he’s actually taking legal action against them here’s an example when you go to marijuana index the very first thing you see is investor alert kaplan fox announces an investigation of c v sciences inc who do you think put this law firm on to cbs i and you left he has

Single-handedly destroyed the market for cbs i now he’s trying to do that on kronos group and in addition to kronos group he’s trying to do that to tilray so i’m going to be following all of his actions it’s not hard because seems like bloomberg and cnbc love to promote him so we’re gonna continue to do that too here on rich tv live and you know i have a message

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For you and your left if you think you can continue to destroy this industry single-handedly i will guarantee you that you will fail lex luthor always loses in the end of every single movie there is a superman in this case it’s rich tv thank you for watching please make sure you subscribe hit that bell for notifications we will keep you updated on all the happenings

In the market 24 hours a day seven days a week you can count on it mr. left comic down brother just calm it down let’s some of these dogs breathe some of us investors wanna win too bro we know you got a big hammer buddy you don’t have to wield it and smash all these stocks man let’s some of us make some money you know say you got already three companies how many

More you’re gonna go after like really seriously mr. left come on man lex lex luthor calm it down man seriously it’s just a message from your boy rich no mo peace

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Andrew Left Shorting Tactics with Tilray Inc. (TLRY) Cronos Group (CRON) Cv Sciences (CVSI) Exposed By RICH TV LIVE

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