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How’s it going everybody this is feed the bush today i’m going to review this and link 8-gigabyte voice recorder for you the best way to do this of course is to record myself on this device so you can listen to the quality yourself i’m going to start recording right now and press record and it says initialize and the red light turns on and then now it’s starting

To record so now you’re hearing me from this exact device instead of the camera mic now my voice is not all that interesting because they only have a certain range of audio tones so i’m going to use some musical instruments and then you can listen to them with the camera mic and with this mic so i’m going to set this recorder right here because i need my hands to

Operate the musical instruments clear right here and here i have a box of musical instruments just kind of random stuff that i like and i’m going to show you each one first i got these bam bam’s i’m not gonna blow these up but here we go i have i have a bell here that one i have this i don’t know what you call this but it’s a vibrato i think it makes this sound

You push this and it changes the tone so and you kind of shook this under has a sound and then when you push it mix a higher pitch noise whenever a genie uses their magic it goes like like that well anyway that’s that instrument there’s also this popper thing there’s also this thing called vibraslap – you slap it right here and it makes kind of like a rattlesnake

Noise your required cowbell cuz you know cowbells are cool and tiny cowbell slightly larger cowbell with its own ringer thing and this thing i don’t know where i got this it’s like raving rabbids or something you push this button and it makes the screaming noise of the raving raving rabbids and i think this guitar hero thing came from a cereal box so we turn it on

You push one button starts playing this sound you can turn it off right so there’s three different sounds you can turn each one on subsequently that and weighing out is the second one the third one is the the the okay that’s it one thing you can do with this cheapy 8-gigabyte voice recorder is you can switch modes into music playing mode so you can actually

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Connect this to your computer it will look like a drive and put some music on it so i put four songs on here and you can put in your headphones and just use it as an mp3 player so i crafted this concoction with my sennheiser hd 650 headphones now what you can do is stick this voice recorder right on here and strap it to your head like this and then you just put

This thing on and i think i can just feel the play button right here yeah so just like that you can have wireless headphones but then it’s kind of ghetto but not really because these are really expensive headphones sexually so let me just show you what’s in the box it’s pretty simple you just open it up your voice recorder is right here underneath this is your

Cable that you use to connect to your computer you plug it in over here and then inside there’s also a thank-you card and a user manual pretty small print user manual here to turn it on you go on the side here and power it on with the switch takes a little bit to initialize and i want to show you the delay from when you press the record button to when it actually

Can record so i’m going to press it one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand seat takes about three seconds before it starts recording so you got to watch out for that when you want to start recording it doesn’t record instantaneously you have to note that this is an old-school lcd screen if i start turning this thing this way the viewing angle is not

So good so you can see it start to disappear the normal mode of operation is like this you hold it and you’re looking at it from slightly below the center axis another thing that i notice is that the backlight is right here you can see that it’s not quite even through the whole lcd just some nitpicking here now you’ll notice that there’s two mics here let’s open

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It up and see if there’s really two mics inside open up this screw got it open we see the lithium-ion battery here is listed at 280 million power this looks about 280 million so it’s correct but over here we see the mic it’s only on the left side mic and not on the right side so this is kind of like a fake industrial design thing which i don’t really like it like

That when when you’re fooled into thinking that is stereo but it’s really mono okay let’s put it back this thing on the amazon website says it has 1536 kilobits per second usually this is a really confusing term for most people so i want to take this opportunity to explain what the heck that means it means 1536 thousand bits per second each bit is either a 1 or

0 k means kilo which means it’s multiplied by 1000 that’s how many bits per second it’s recording 1.5 million bits per second now i’m just going to do a direct conversion 1.5 million bits per second okay this is in bits now not in bytes so i divide it by 8 to get bytes so then it’s 0.192 mega bytes per second so now this is a more meaningful term that we’re no

More used to okay and then we got 8 gigabytes capacity in this thing so it’s eight thousand megabytes i’m not sure if it’s the 8000 kind or the to the second power one so i’m just going to guess eight thousand megabytes divided by 0.1 92 megabytes per second okay we’re going to get a whole bunch of seconds when we divide this and when you want to convert to number

Of hours that we can record so 60 seconds per minute and 60 minutes per hour is 3,600 seconds per hour so we divide that again we’re going to get up roughly eleven point five hours or about twelve hours which is the time of recording that this thing can record in high quality mode considering each mp3 is about three megabytes or so you can still store about 2,000

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Songs on this tiny little device so some last words about the quality of this thing when i was opening it it really gives me the feeling that it’s one of these tradeshow giveaways actually although they don’t really give away a gigabyte voice recorders or anything it seems like a really really high quality tradeshow giveaway to me and this thing is light enough

That it feels slightly cheap okay you just got to know it’s a mono device before you buy and if you already know it that’s fine however when you play the songs and stuff it is stereo so that’s a little bit better so i do recommend to hold on to this device all day long and whenever you have an idea and you don’t have pen and paper you can jot it down by recording

Your voice instead for example in a car if you have a dedicated device with a real button is really easy to push it and then go you know i got to buy milk or something or you know shut down some ideas because i find that if you don’t write your ideas down you kind of forget about them however if you record them all down at the end of day you can actually transcribe

Your ideas into one nice spot where you can just collect them rather than having them fade away and forgotten i’m going to leave links in the video description on where to get all these products including this end link voice recorder and all those musical instruments i got and maybe even the headphones it’ll be in the video description below don’t forget to give

Me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of actually using a real hardware voice recorder device rather than your phone of course and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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