Apeman LC650 1080p Projector Review

This is a native 1080p projector that can project up to 300″! Well, the room I tested this in goes only up to 88″ but you can see that the native 1080p feature really makes the picture very sharp. The picture adjustment features I found to be standard compare to other projectors while it lacks a bit in fine tilt adjustment. This means you’ll just have to tilt it a bit with a magazine or two.

This is the 8-min lc650 projector it is 1080p native resolution that means every single pixel is going to get projected on there if it changes one pixel it’s going to change that on the screen now let’s be frank here why do you even need a projector are you going to build a home theater system do you want some sort of really huge 100 to 200 inch screen if you

Want anything more than 85 inches yes you have to go with a projector but you have to watch out for how many lumens it outputs the brighter it is the more usable it is but generally for any kind of projector you want a room that you can dimly lit you cannot have any windows that has sunlight shining in at all another important thing if you want good image quality

You absolutely require a screen which is something i don’t have i’m just gonna project it on this white wall behind me and it has a little bit of texture so it’s going to reduce the image quality a little bit lc650 office projector eight men lcd it’s a square box 1080p 300 inch max display 000 hour led life i don’t think i’ve ever used anything 50 000 hours at

All 5 000 to 1 contrast ratio made in shenzhen you got the manual a hello card hdmi cable power cable video rca cable and the remote battery is not included so i’m going to put in my own this is the focus ring i can turn it and it comes out the back panel you got the ac in the hdmi in the infrared sensor usb 1 and 2 audio video in auxiliary let’s turn it

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On there’s a button right here i can push it to have this little height adjustment this is as far as it’ll go and you can adjust it by tiny little increments this is one increment right there i got the projector over here and i’m adjusting the focusing ring that’s about good i got too much light in this room so i’m going to turn off some lights this projector

Appears to have a typical throw distance which is the distance from the projector to your wall over here now let me measure the diagonal of this image right now we got an 88 inch screen and i’m gonna measure it from the projector to uh the wall here which is 104. so it looks like whatever image is here you have to add 20 and that’s where your projector needs to

Go so if you’re gonna project 300 inches you’re gonna have to put this projector pretty far back it does look pretty crisp compared to the last projector i reviewed which was actually a 480p resolution native resolution that little one that i just reviewed this one is a lot more crisp but due to the texture of my wall you can see some imperfections i’m zoomed

In really close now and you can see the individual pixels that is projecting on the lettering over here it’s not quite straight because of the texture of the wall you can do an usb input 1 and 2 hdmi audio i’m going to do hdmi now let me use the remote let me make it square okay that’s pretty square it seems like i need to um kind of tilt it it’s not quite level

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With the floor let me zoom out and show you i’m trying to level it with the floor over here there’s a preservative in it wheat flour butter sugar eggs milk powder cheese powder which is cheese so the audio is just on this side and not on the other side this corresponds to a very very small screen and you can see look there’s a few screw holes one right here one

Right here one another there this is quite important because you got this rotate function kind of project it on from the back instead of the front so that’s really interesting software update restore factory default version the key tone is also important oh yeah this being a projector it’s very nice to have ketone which means when you do it like this you can

Put the projector off to the side so i got the projector off to the side here the image is a little little off kind of trapezoid looking i’m gonna turn off a light this is relatively low light already so i definitely need to turn off all the lights in order to view it properly and now let me adjust the ketone ketone bring it back let’s see if it can go you know

A compensate for this oh it can minus ketone nice this vertical one these bigger projectors tend to have these ketone adjustments here but then it’s still like kind of tilted so i need to tilt this this is as good as i can get it it has the trapezoidal function and also the key tone but it doesn’t allow you to turn the image slightly so i try to make this edge

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As tall as that edge over there but i couldn’t do it the image adjustment feature seems to be typical like standard kind of features that you would see in a projector it is a low-cost projector so it is to be expected since it’s less than 200 i think the image quality is relatively nice but you definitely don’t want to use this on a day-to-day basis other than

Just viewing movies this is because in order to use this effectively you always need to be in the dark and the only reason you would watch things in the dark is if you have a really really huge screen and you’re watching a movie or something and you want to dim the lights most of the time you want a relatively good amount of ambient light to reduce eye strain

It’s just amazing to me that these things can be as cheap as they are because this is high definition 1080p it’s not 4k it’s not aka right but this is good enough to watch a blu-ray 1080p blu-ray right not 4k blu-ray though but most of the time this is a really really good resolution already to watch as a movie thanks for watching this review video if you’re

Interested in this product check out my affiliate link down in the video description below thanks for watching you

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