Aphria Reports Record Financials Stock Explodes Over 30%

Aphria Reports Record Financials Stock Explodes 30% – August 1, 2019 – Reports Profitable Fourth Quarter

Oh my goodness it happened it’s true a cannabis company a major cannabis company one of the biggest cannabis companies áfreeá was just reported net revenue pop revenue profit first time in the history of the cannabis sector a cannabis giant has reported profits and on a day when the entire sector is red and everybody’s panicking everybody’s selling everywhere

Áfreeá the last company i expected to do what they’re doing is exploding post market and is bringing up the entire sector the entire sector is up right now because of áfreeá not just beating earnings but making record earnings record earnings for a fria and i gotta give it up to justin my guinness justin you are the rich tv live rain man my friend i really

Don’t know what else to say other than justin literally bought 8,000 shares yesterday told our entire community why he was doing it nobody wanted to listen including me i was thinking he was crazy i’m like listen bro why don’t you buy your aura it’s a better companies like no no africa and i’m like but you already own tons of aurora buy some more aurora’s like

No no africa the rain man does it again not only was he right this stock is up 30% right now it’s a 30% aftermarket the shorts are running to cover the shorts are running to cover right now as they should be because the entire cannabis stock market right now is going green aurora’s up hex hose up canopy growth is up and a fria is leading the charge up last time i

Looked it was up 31% so i don’t know where it’s at right now i’m on the road i had to pull over and talk about it because i was just mind-boggled by the numbers i think it was like a hundred and twenty eight million something ridiculous and i think it was like quarter-over-quarter growth was like just crazy numbers i don’t have it in front of me but just i just

Saw big numbers everywhere and then in our group chat afternoon guys thank you guys for being here then in our group chat guys smash that like button man make this go viral everybody needs to know that africa is turning the entire sector around right now the resurrection starts now thanks to a free ax reporting crazy numbers apparently a hundred million of this

Revenue is from germany germany we’re all thinking about canada united states meanwhile áfreeá just reported a hundred million in revenue from germany from there germany subsidiary so this opens up the door for europe all of a sudden everybody that’s gonna be in europe is gonna start exploding cuz people are gonna be like oh my goodness europe is the way to go

Look what i freya did this just sets a domino effect and i told you guys we’re at the bottom we had another brutal day today everything was red not just in the cannabis sector but the whole global economy essentially the only thing that was green today was gold what is your cell point 23 you know what right now i’m not thinking about selling right now we’re thinking

About how high things can go because we’re at a bottom i wouldn’t be thinking about selling i think this resurrection is just going to get started this is a sector guys that will only get bigger people are not gonna stop smoking weed people are not gonna stop using hemp people are not going to stop using cbds people are only going to use cbds more people are only

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Going to use cannabis more people are only gonna use em more hemp is gonna be used in everything cvd is going to be used for medicine and cannabis is gonna be used as as if cannabis is being used that isn’t gonna change don’t believe all the hype and all the haters and all the people trying to say don’t believe all the hype and all the haters and the people trying

To say that this sector is gonna blow up or it’s a bubble and all that nonsense this sector is very volatile but this sector is the hottest sector in the world don’t kid yourselves this is the hottest sector in the world this is the hottest fastest growing sector in the world yeah there’s gonna be ups and there’s gonna be downs but overall this sector will only get

Bigger as long as you invest in the best the best is blessed and áfreeá proves it again we’ve seen this with aurora just doing a deal with the ufc we’ve seen those two canopy growth doing deals with martha stewart we’re seeing this now with áfreeá blowing up their revenue this is an industry that will only get bigger and when everybody else is crying your boys

Buy when everybody else is saying oh my goodness i’m selling i’m sitting there going why you selling things are down now’s the time to buy and what things are up and everybody’s patting their chests beating their chests to talk about how great they are that’s when you sell when people are talking about how much they’re up in their accounts that’s when you sell when

People are talking about oh my goodness the market is killing me that is your signal to buy this is the way the markets go you do the opposite of what everybody else does why do you think the market is going up right now after market the market makers are long on stocks and short on stocks all the market makers that are short on africa right now they’re covering

Their books they’re calling all their market maker friends is saying yo man you got to do me a favor you got to cover my áfreeá shares right now this is what’s happening this is why the stock is running and guess what tomorrow who knows how high it’s gonna go who knows how high it’s gonna go because everybody knows it’s undervalued underappreciated underexposed

Oh man zen abyss will explode when they report massive revenue this is what a free is doing it is showing the road first canopy did a partnership with constellation brands their stock exploded with a billion dollar partner then khronos group did a partnership with altria their ik stock exploded so two companies proved if you get a big billion dollar partner you

Can explode fire and flower got a billion dollar partner last week they exploded keep them on your watches by the way now of a sudden áfreeá reports profit imagine that profit and the stock explodes so what is this doing it’s setting a precedent if you want your stock to go up if you want the street to buy your stock if you want people to take you seriously

Show a profit if you don’t show a profit your stock isn’t going to go anywhere you can only go so much on hype you can only go up so much on future performance you can only go up so much on what people think you’re going to be worth one day at some point the market is gonna want to balance their books and have you go up based on profit what’s happening right now

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Is africa is going up based on profit their undervalued underappreciated underexposed that’s why the stock is going up and in our membership in our community justin the same guy who called xenakis called áfreeá and he bought 8,000 shares yesterday that’s right 8,000 shares yesterday so what is that 8,000 shares the 7 bucks that’s like 8 times 7 is 56 grand i

Know justin doesn’t care if i talk about it cuz he’s talking about it in our group chat anyways guys smash the like button 72 people 16 likes come on guys the cannabis stark resurrection is well on its way justin bought 8,000 shares of africa yesterday okay 56 grand worth it goes up 30% how much is he made in one day do the math do the quick math about 20 g’s so

Justin’s up about $16,000 since yesterday so 128 point six million net revenue in q4 nine hundred and sixty nine percent up from the prior year yeah those are some big jumps those are some big numbers that’s gonna make your stock jump so what the zen of his need is enemies needs to show some huge profit what does tilt need tilt needs to show some huge profit what

Does canopy need canopy needs to show some huge profit what does aurora need aurora needs to finally show some profit if we see profit we will see these companies move up áfreeá is setting the tone for the entire sector right now by showing a profit congratulations áfreeá congratulations justin congratulations rich tv live members all over the world that are

Holding a free ax and cannabis stocks right now apparently cannabis stocks are up all across the board right now on news that áfreeá is showing a profit for the first time in its history and for one of the first times a major licensed producer in canada has ever shown a profit and a substantial one so this is very good for the sector and i had to stop pull over

And talk to you guys about it because just what we do we break the news we break it to you first we analyze it we talk about it love to know what you guys thinking hope you guys are watching things after market everything is blowing up right now on the news the áfreeá has crushed their earnings crush the sales crush the revenue congratulations to everybody this

Boy rich for mitch to be live if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first when everybody’s crying that’s when you buy when things are down that’s when you buy and things are up and you’re in the green that’s when you sell people keep asking me rich when do you sell how do you know when to sell but you

Don’t i don’t know when to sell rich well when you see green when you see green in your count take it you’re up a hundred bucks you’re up five hundred bucks you’re up thousand bucks you’re up five thousand bucks you’re up ten thousand bucks take it take it do i think that f is d farmer will go to town ten cents man i said this before and i’ll say it again these

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Stocks under $1 are a lottery ticket okay if you want to buy a stock under a dollar expect that 99% of the time they’re gonna go down but if you want to invest in real companies invest in the best the best are blessed what are the biggest companies áfreeá aurora can it be growth those are the big three in canada organa graham up until recently can trust what are

The biggest ones in america truly see web by the way by the way see web has been absolutely on fire acreage holdings which hopefully ones legalization happens will get acquired by aurora sorry will get acquired by canopy growth corp who else met man even though they’ve been getting beat up they’re a major player in america pure leaf they’re a major player these

Are some of the biggest players in the world if i miss some then you know i miss some but for the most part those are the biggest players in the world gw pharma tilray scots miracle grow these are the best they’re the ones that are blessed guys because they’re the ones that have institutional buying they are the ones that have institutional buying everything else

Is being run by retail and market makers so there’s going to be a lot of volatility stocks are gonna go up the stocks are gonna go down that’s called volatility when you start investing in better companies the ones that are blessed now you’re investing in stocks that institutions are buying now you’re investing like an institutional investor now a guy like cramer

Jim cramer mad money very successful billion-dollar hedge fund manager and television icon star he’s got the most successful stock show in america and he says that he likes canopy growth and khronos group why and he said this yesterday because nobody’s turning a profit so he legs them because they have to both of them have billion-dollar backers so he’s gonna

Invest in companies that have billions of dollars behind them so you got to think either invest in companies that got billionaires behind them or invest in companies that are gonna make tons of revenue or invest in companies like áfreeá that are making revenue which right now are up enormous ly aftermarket so stay tuned i’ll keep you guys updated of anything

Else that crazy happens last time i looked it was up like 30 percent post market i hear aurora’s up i hear canopies up i hear hec zoe’s up so congratulations to everybody that took advantage of this move when they crying we buying we buy in the red we sell in the green smash that like button hit that bell for notifications every time we go live you’ll know first

We bring you guys interviews or bring your analysis we bring you entertaining content if you ain’t winning you ain’t watching this is your boy rich from rich to be live a free up you did in africa you did it you did it proving so many people wrong africa congratulations to everybody though he sells us out of a puts it into africa and a free expose 30% love it all

Right guys we out peace you a winning you ain’t watching it’s true is your boy rich risk to be live and we owe peace

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