Apple Beats Earnings! | Should You Own Apple Stock?

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Holy smokers guys apple just reported numbers and they blew them out of the water they reporter some absolutely phenomenal numbers apple did very well we’re going to look at these earnings we’re going to try to decide is apple stock a stock that you should be owning right now should i be owning apple stocks should anybody be owning apple stock we’re going to look

At all this guys let’s look at these numbers here so apple just did adjusted eps of a dollar 57 this is versus a dollar our season’s over 67 versus a dollar 57 was expected that is a really good beat for a company’s apple size revenue also beat very nicely forty five point four billion dollars they did in revenue versus forty four point eight nine billion dollars

Was expected so they beat by about 500 million their own revenue as well and then if we look at i phone shipment they came in at 41 million versus forty point seven million so that was also a beat so very nicely everything there then we see apples cash pile has swelled to 261 point five billion dollars guys compared to two hundred and fifty six point eight billion

Dollars the last quarter that’s up thirteen percent year-over-year this is absolutely incredible and this has pushed apple stock to an all-time high apple stock right now is after hours of arm recording this is at an all-time high the highest it’s ever been it was over a hundred and fifty seven dollars when i took this screenshot actually right before i recorded the

Video it was actually over one hundred and fifty eight dollars that would put it somewhere around an eight hundred billion dollar market cap which is the biggest market cap of any public corporation ever they could very well be the first to a trillion dollar market cap i mean think about that they’re only about over 20 percent away from being the first company ever

To a trillion dollar market cap that it’s absolutely incredible as look some more numbers here so almost everything deep i mean almost everything was perfect about this this earnings if you look at the americas revenue was what the revenue was up 13 percent europe was up 11% the only bad thing i could possibly take a part in this earnings call was greater china was

Down 10% with revenue so that is something they need to address there pan was up three percent of revenue rest of the asia-pacific was up 15 percent then we look at the units as far as all the different things they make and they were all good iphone beat units were up 2% ipad heroes were 15% that’s a huge one their ipad hasn’t grown for literally about three three

And a half years guys it’s been a long time since i’ve had units grew mac units were up 1% services revenue was a 22 percent that’s just a growth beast and that’s like a straight profit engine for apple there and in other products year-over-year with a 23 percent so pretty much just i mean literally other than looking at china and apple sales in china everything

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About this earnings call was just outstanding the the eps the revenue the revenue per region the you know the unit numbers for iphone ipad mac everything everything is good at apple right now for this about now let’s look at this company this is a company that right now has a trailing p/e trailing p/e of 17 of course that will go up a little bit because now the

Stock is going to be higher afford p of about 14 but then if you take the cash and you know the cash and investments and subtract that from what they have in debt you’re probably getting up jeremie two years i like to call it a forward on our battle up out of the leavitt of 11 should be about there guys so you’re paying basically a jeremie p/e ratio of around 11

For this company so it’s absolutely in my opinion probably a pretty good company for anybody to add that needs a safer type company because when i look at apple short term and longer term so thinking like what’s going on the next year with apple what’s going on the next let’s say you know three four or five years with apple i don’t see a lot of risk out there in

The short term the only potential risk i really see is maybe iphone 8 gets delayed a bit and maybe that hurts the stock because instead of coming out in the end of september maybe it doesn’t come up so end of october something like that that could hurt the stocks in the short term things like that and then that can’t see too much and as far as longer-term as far

As the competitive threats to apple don’t see them out there i mean samsung is always there their competitor but if anything i think apples more coming after samsung and samsung coming after apples for stealing mark to share some of those kinds of things google obviously is coming in the smartphone game harder than they ever have but i still don’t see google as

Being someone that will steal massive amounts of market share maybe it steals you know 0.2% here maybe 0.5% still not the type of numbers that would really add up to huge numbers so and then you ipad growing once again that’s good math growing once again that’s phenomenal service is up 22% that’s just something that grows more and more and more and when people use

The services it makes apple even more fuss stickier platform so when i look at apple short term long term i don’t see a lot of risk honestly out there as far as you know something that could take out apple so i look at this company and i say this is this is i mean my equivalent to hold the apple right now is me holding google google is my apple equivalent but if you

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Don’t have an apple or google i almost feel like almost everybody should have an apple or google in their portfolio two companies that are profit these two companies that are growing very nicely google growing a little more but still apples growing nicely two companies that you know competitively as far as you know someone coming in knocking their block off in the

Next few years i just don’t see it guys i just simply do not see it out there so i almost feel like every single person should hold either apple stock in their portfolio or google because it just it just makes sense guys they’re growing companies they’re just about a safest state comes as far as when you look out in the landscape so that’s kind of my opinion there

On apple and great earnings just all around one other story i did want to cover here today was the auto sales auto sales were absolutely horrible if you can follow me on snapchat today i’ve been posting a few things about these auto sales july was another tough month for us automakers ford sales dropped 7.5% last month compared to 2016 fiat chrysler posted a 10%

Decline general motors reported a 15% decline guys 15% year-over-year u.s. vehicle sales have trailed behind 2016 levels every month this year but it’s been a tough comparison since last year’s car sales hit record highs this is something i’ve been talking about and if you follow me on snapchat you know this is something i’ve been talking about for over a year and

A half now i was talking about auto sales being a bubble auto sales being you know at peaking is basically i was talking about that time i was talking about you know how auto sales are gonna pretty much go down from here the worst part about this is for all those automakers that are reporting these declines right the worst part is model 3 is just beginning production

And it’s not i’m going to begin mass production for about another year about at least six months to a year far as mass production goes that’s the biggest competitive threat ever in the car space since cars basically came around guys let’s be honest then on top of that you have all these all these services like uber lyft becoming more and more popular and some people

Saying you know more people working from home maybe i don’t need a car or maybe i don’t need a second car maybe i just need one part we’ve gone down on one car in my family we only need my car it’d be completely worthless for tab two cars i want to stay a stay-at-home mom and i worked kind of mostly from home i mean i do real estate jobs and whatnot so what am i

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Gone one hour two hours and then that whenever we go somewhere we bring medicus go somewhere together so there’s no reason to have two cars the same way there was in the past when everybody had to go to work and that was more and more people working from home i know a lot of people that work solely from home so you got a whole whole cyclical process of all of the

Sales going down you got you know less and less people needing two cars the hassle is just beginning to ramp up production and that is going to kill these auto makers is going to absolutely destroy them this why i talk about some of these big automakers are going to go down guys cook down because this is a huge competitive threat and none of no one’s taking this

Seriously i’ve been talking about being you take it seriously for over a year and a half i’ve been doing videos about it no one is taking this seriously as far as the production side and as for is the marketing side no one has taken electric vehicle seriously as in tesla everybody’s treated as like a sidekick project because they didn’t want to hurt their their

Normal sales in the short term to potentially get a huge long-term benefit and they’ve all missed a marketing opportunity they’ve all missed a you know the level of detail you need for these electronic cars you lecture car’s excuse me so huge mistake by these automakers and we shall see how it all works out and it should be very interesting guys but anyways i’ll

Hope you enjoyed this day let me know in that comment section what you thought about apples numbers did you think they were good are you an apple shareholder do you plan on buying apple stock i would also love to hear from you guys as far as you know these auto sales numbers do you think it’s going to get worse do you think it’s going to get better you know if

It gets better it might just be better in the short term long term i see no way a big getting better for these auto makers out there but i would still love to hear from you guys maybe you’re bullish on the autos over the long term i would love to hear from you if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talked personal finance in the channel

We’re talking entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner give away so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything check out both my books they are linked in that description thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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