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This just in breaking news apple going bankrupt so bankrupt you wouldn’t believe it the apple has turned rotten oh my word i want to talk about the apple but out there today let’s just look at this okay let’s go onto youtube let’s just type in the word apple and let’s see what turns up in the search results what’s going on with apple apple’s rough year explained oh

My gosh apples worst nightmare what’s happening to apple rest in peace apple why apple is doomed finally whoa my gosh apple’s reign is over oh my goodness look at this guy he is so happy about that right let’s go back to this thumb now this is my favorite one apple’s rough you’re explained we’re gonna talk about the foot out there around apple and apple stock in

General and apple the company okay this dumb nail apple’s rough year explained this is probably my favorite one of all them okay let’s talk about apple’s rough year in 2018 okay apples rough year in 2018 was revenues up in that income massively up amount of customers for apple up okay services revenue up dividends paid to shareholders up and jobs created up apple

Hired a ton of people for them their own company and they produce a ton of indirect jobs in 2018 okay if this is a rough year for a company then i want to know i really want to know like what’s a good year for a company what’s a great year for a company because if 2018 was apple’s rough year that i really want to know like what is a good year for like a public

Company because i just don’t know of like what a good year is if that counts as a bad year okay if that counts as a rough year that is my favorite all right now the hate on apple is nothing new okay this has been going on for quite a while every few years apple will get hated on there will be a ton of fun put out there around applet why there doom and why they

Can’t grow their business anymore and this and that okay this happens all the time in you know what’s funny about this is if you come from the sports world this is pretty normal stuff okay whenever there’s a top dog whenever is there the top dog out there people love to hate on it right if you think about like floyd mayweather right oh my gosh probably the most

Hated athlete of the the modern era right and i was obviously the only athlete i know that can make a hundred million dollars in like less than sixty minutes like it’s ridiculous okay tom brady in the new england patriots my goodness do a lot of people hate that team so much all right they’ve been on top for so long lebron james tons of people hate lebron james

With a passion okay they get so sick of him being in the finals every year even in the music industry that the very fist is the most popular artists out there they have been on the charts for years and years like drake you know they get tons of people hating them and i understand like like you know what people kind of feel out there some people love to root for

The underdogs some people love to you don’t hate on whoever is at the top and then you have a segment of the population that jump on the bandwagon right you have a segment of population jump on a bandwagon or whatever is popular whatever is the most you know the top of that industry there you know we see in the sports all the time a team will win a championship and

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Then next thing you know everybody’s got hats of that team or something like that it’s like okay yeah we’re you’re really a fan of you’re a bandwagon fan okay it happens all the time and then you have people who really don’t care either way and then you got a massive amount of people who hate whoever’s on top especially if they’ve been on top for a while and let’s

Be honest apple has been on top of the tech game for a long long time now and a lot of people want to see them d throw they don’t care really who it’s by they just want to see apple dethrone because they get sick of seeing apple win over and over again and they just want to see them lose and that’s why you get a ton of these videos that get a ton of these views in

On a google product obviously youtube right apples reign is over okay why apple is doomed finally rest in peace apple you know apples rough you’re explain that’s why you get all these food type videos that get a ton of ton of views out there because a lot of people honestly they want to see app will fail but here’s the thing as investors you must understand fun

Versus understanding reality okay the foot out there is that apples doomed and then their business is going in the trash and blah blah blah and then if you look at the factual information we see nothing but really really good things except for the chinese market okay china is hurting apple right now specifically in the last quarter or two but guess what china is

Also hurting every their tech company in existence right now okay it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about amd or nvidia it doesn’t matter if you’re talking about samsung there’s no one that’s doing big numbers in china right now okay and there’s no one that’s really good if you don’t already know samsung smartphone shipments fell thirteen percent last quarter

Okay there’s a time to worry about competitors or time to worry about a business model and that’s what like competitors are coming in and eating your lunch and if we look at this there’s no one that’s coming in the eating apples lunch apple is still eating everybody else’s lunch okay if like let’s say samsung for instance whose which is apple’s really only real

Competitive threat out there right let’s say samsung was doing like really big numbers this year and continuing into this quarter then all sudden you could say wow ocm suns got huge numbers right now smartphones are way up for samsung apples numbers are way down then you have something to worry about but samsung’s numbers are bad right now very very bad right

Now like go look at their latest earnings they pre announced very very bad very very weak and we’ve seen tons of companies pre-announced very weak numbers out of china okay so here’s kind of the thing you’ve got to separate as an investor you got to separate emotions from facts okay facts so that’s what you got to separate and it’s hard for some people to do it

And so they’d rather just hate on it or they’d rather just you know kind of you know feed into this negativity because they don’t like something well they don’t like can you’ve ever been on top for a while or something like that when i’m looking at it as an investor standpoint okay and obviously i have an apple customer as well but what i look at from an investor

Standpoint i’m looking at a company that’s doing all the right things and here’s what people don’t understand about apple you know a lot of people also get dragged into the you know they fell in love with steve jobs in when when steve jobs passed on they wanted to see apple fail really because they just then just not steve jobs there anymore and we you know they

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Just fell so in love with steve jobs right steve jobs understood something very very well there the first time you got kicked out of apple he understood that a company will die if you don’t put a great management team in in that company and ready to run in the future okay and he understood that coming back into apple a second time and he understood that if this

Company’s gonna last for a long time he needs to put an unbelievable management team across the board unbelievable executives all the way from the c is the ceo all way down to the designers and everything across the board and apple has done that and since steve jobs passed on which is now coming up on what eight years it’s a long time ago now right the company has

Just grown like a wildfire whether you talking about amount of customers where they’re talking about amount of jobs whether talking about revenue whether you’re talking about net income it doesn’t matter what metric you want to look at you know since steve jobs passed on eight years ago and the company has grown like a wildfire okay and a lot of people wanted to

Get caught up into the old maybe they’ll fail because steve jobs passed on when really that’s such a bad way of looking at it because he put in this unbelievable management team because he understood like apple wouldn’t make it long-term if he didn’t put in a great management team and there’s a great management team there okay and if you think apple back in the

Steve jobs days like was the innovator like they came out with stuff before everybody else you were sorely mistaken you don’t understand history okay ipod was not the first mp3 player out there okay ipod was not the first mp3 player and honestly i had better mp3 players than what the original ipods were okay but all the kids around me in school whatever grade that

Was in at that time middle school or whatever they’ll want an ipods because i app allah jalla marketing it and including it with itunes and making it cool and all those type of things and everybody wanted an ipod i had something that was a way better device i was made by i think philips or somebody like that apple is not the first to make an mp3 player apple is

Not the first to make a smartphone out there something like that okay a lot of people get the history twisted because they just don’t understand it apple is just the first to popularize something okay and that’s the way it’s always been there okay they understand marketing very well they understand ecosystems they understand how to build this stuff okay and here’s

The thing the apple ecosystem is so unbelievably strong that people don’t want to leave it and generally as app will get somebody in they generally stay in that ecosystem okay and that’s what another thing people just don’t understand so you’ve got the in another thing is like you let the backs of steve jobs thing i’d forgot to bring up this point people think like

Steve jobs like was like creating the actual iphone or like creating the original ipads or something like that no you know general ideas around those type of products right general ideas but it wasn’t steve jobs who made those products like if you think steve jobs was in the lab like working on the original iphone and like making the chips work like you uh you don’t

Know what he was actually doing okay he nothing to do with any of that stuff he had general outlines and he had a great team around him he said guys go make this happen okay and that’s what he wouldn’t head and didn’t guess what all those designers that make all those great products a lot of them like johnny ivar still with the company to this day okay and that’s

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Why apple has continued to grow and grow and grow because they have a great overall management team you might not like them you might not think they got the steve you might not think ste tim cook has the steve jobs flair and does he no absolutely doesn’t but it doesn’t mean anything in the end okay it literally doesn’t mean anything in the end if you can continue

To grow the amount of customers you have you can continue to grow your revenue your net income the amount of dividends the jobs you create and all those type of things and that’s all apple has done and that’s all apple will continue to do until you know they actually do have a falter someday which they will at some point in time but if i look at it you have to

Have a competitor come in and take your lunch and there no one’s coming and taking their lunch if anything into the vice versa in this situation 5 g’s gonna come in a year or two and guess what apple’s gonna grow like a wildfire once again all right and that’s just a way it is in india india is gonna be a big big growth vector for apple in the future okay they’re

Gonna get very focused on the indian market we’ve seen them start to move some manufacturing to the indian market there that’s just a massive massive opportunity for the company overall and so as an investor i just caution you if you want to think of motion aliya bout things you can think emotionally about things and people get caught up in to their emotions around

Stocks all the time and i just say stick with the facts stick with the trends stick with what’s coming in the future and don’t get caught up into you know oh because you loved this person and they passed on you want the company to fail or they’ve been on top so long i they need to fail they have to fail right does it happen at some point in time like eventually

Apple probably will fail some day and some so on amazon probably and so on google some day in facebook they’ll all probably fall at some point some day you know and sometime in the future but i’m just telling you you might be waiting 20 50 100 150 years for that to happen sometimes these big goliath companies it takes a long time to really take them down in a real

Way when they get to this type of scale that these tech companies are getting to at this point in time guys or government has to take them down or something like that so that’s my opinion on there don’t get caught up in this fud of you know whatever is and this is going to happen with big stocks in the future the apple won’t be the last time and this won’t be the

Last time at was caught up into this negative fudd out there guys so just don’t get caught up into it focus long-term and this stuff focus on facts focus on the trends that are coming in the future focus on products coming in the future and that’s the name of this game anyways thank you for watching and have a great day no apple has turned

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