Apple, Google, Amazon should Buy these ASAP!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking a little apple google and amazon and i’m giving you two companies each of them should acquire guys now the reason i’m doing this video so you guys can maybe see my thought process on how i determine whether a company should acquire

Another company and why it may make sense guys so leave me today in that comment section any of other stocks you guys think that any of these names should acquire or if you agree with me on these names that a certain company should acquire a certain company guys i would love to hear from you in that comment section and get some debate going guys let’s go ahead and get

Right into this hit a thumbs up if you enjoy it number one we’re talking about apple first we’re talking about the two companies apple should acquire number one company you guys may have never heard of before that apple should acquire is cirrus logic cirrus logic is responsible for making many of the audio semiconductor components that go in your iphone and your ipad

In max a lot of different things guys cirrus logic about eighty-five to ninety percent of the revenue comes directly from apple guys directly from apple so cirrus is a business that’s already heavily reliant upon apple there are already two companies that work super close to each other by apple acquiring cirrus logic it would be a smart move in my opinion because

Basically apple spends about a billion dollars a year with cirrus logic they could cut down that number and can save themselves probably about a 200 to 300 million dollar number guys they could save themselves a considerable amount of money they can also implement your ships into m3 product they have whereas they wouldn’t have to use other companies that they’re

Using currently because they you do some different manufacturers is cirrus also makes amps maybe they just can’t provide the price point that apple’s listing for so apple goes with another company basically for the amplifiers and things like that apple could then not even have to do that they could have every audio codec anything microphone all be cirrus logic it

All be in-house in the design activity could be even easier at that point guys and then we know how important the voice is cirrus logic has some things they’re working on as far as basically your voice being able to unlock your iphone you know you right now use a thumbprint your voice being able to do it we know that the kinect at home is becoming a bigger thing

Correct over the next let’s say five to ten years things like being able to just talk to your air conditioner say your thermostat turn down the heat or you know turn up the heat turn on the ac whatever you know talking to so many different things in your home it is going to be the next wave right cirrus logic is focusing on that apple could acquire that and then

The premium they would never even have to pay up for that guys and they can pump even more money into cirrus logic so i think apple acquiring cirrus logic would be a very smart move for them the second company i would suggest apple to purchase would be netflix guys netflix would be a very interesting one than apple could acquire now apple could take this a couple

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Different routes so when if they did a firing at netflix the way i would take it if i were apple i would buy up netflix and then i would make them exclusive exclusive on apple products now obviously that would kill a lot of netflix revenue correct i mean that would absolutely it would kill it overnight you know they would lose a significant amount of customers but

What you would make is you would make the iphone the ipad anything apple relate that much more powerful the apple tv because now you have a service in netflix that you can only get on apple products guys you can only get it on apple products and a lot of people that love netflix would probably switch maybe from another phone manufacturer over to apple or someone

That’s maybe using a google chrome over to apple at that point guys because netflix would then be simply just on apple platforms what they could also do is apple we know they’ve got mass amounts of money guys they have they could buy up every piece of content ever created and in the history of mankind if they really wanted to make a pump a significant amount of

Money into buying up some of the best movies ever guys from the best tv shows ever great show they could buy it up and make an exclusive on netflix which would make netflix even a better proposition right for consumers and then if you want netflix you got to go through an apple product at that point so this would be a huge competitive move extremely aggressive

Move that i think would be extremely smart of apple to do it would be costly absolutely they would have to pay a significant premium for netflix they might have to pay an eighty billion dollar number to buy netflix maybe a seven seventy billion dollar number is be very high the amount of money they have to spend just to buy netflix out be very significant but what

It would bring in return i think the numbers would be in apple’s favor guys i really do now let’s talk about google what’s your google requires number one company they should acquire twitter the biggest thing twitter is missing over everything and the reason twitter stock is suffered and twitter in general has suffered because they don’t they don’t they lack a

Really good algorithm they lack a really good algorithm who’s the king of building algorithms google google whether it be google the actual service whether it be youtube which google owns as far as giving you a suggested video that you actually watch or recommended videos things like that guys google is king of building out of algorithms i would say the best in the

World there’s no ahead of google as far as building building algorithms twitter needs a great algorithm that will show you the most relevant posts that you need to see so when someone logged onto twitter if you know if they follow 20 30 40 people right the ones that i’m most relevant to them are actually the ones that will continue to show up and those kinds of

Things guys so that would be a huge move and that’s the biggest thing twitter and twitter needs right now also google could obviously you know implement an advertising strategy that would be a lot easier and a lot simpler for advertisers to come online and advertise on the twitter platform which would then expand revenues expand profits those kinds of things but

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The main thing is getting the algorithm fixed so twitter as a product is is up here versus right now it’s like down here guys take it up to the neck so notch that’s the number one company and they could get twitter for so cheap right now i mean twitter straighten that $16 per share i want to be surprised that they sold the company at 22 23 dollars a share it’s

A drop in the bucket for google guys a drop in the bucket the number two company google should require is pandora pandora is an internet radio service if you guys do not know that already pandora what they could do with pandora is make it a worldwide expansion so pandora says just being really us-based which it is currently they’re in a few other small countries

But really it’s us-based they can make it a worldwide service and begin to really take market share worldwide pandora is up to like a 10% market share now number guys in the united states for all of radio listening they’ve just taken it and taken and taken it the radio listening is going to pandora google hood also build out its ad platform to be a lot easier for

Advertisers to then advertise on pandora much simpler if you’re a small business owner and i’m talking to micro micro level then you can actually be advertising on pandora and be a very simple process guys the same way it is on youtube if you want to put up youtube ad literally it takes like 15 20 minutes and you could set it all up guys i’ve done it for customers

Before it’s so pretty and simple they can make that type of platform for pandora which would increase pandora’s revenues and profits a great deal guys they would if they could make them basically a profitable company just by doing that then they could expand worldwide after that guy and really make pandora into the dominant radio station for everybody in the world

Basically so that’s the second company google’s require now the next one we talk about is amazon who should amazon acquire and why should they do it number one amazon should acquire ebay ebay absolutely no question about amazon should acquire ebay now this one would would possibly run into some regulatory issues i’m not sure if it would but it’s a possibility on

This one it could i think they should acquire ebay and the chaplet finger because one you would not have to pay a ridiculous amount for ebay ebay is a stock that has not flown up the last few years so you could pay a pretty cheap price for it for ebay obviously amazon would have to debts probably to buy them but that’s fine and dandy they goodbye ebay ebay as a

Profitable service so we make immediate profits come to come to amazon and i feel like ebay is the biggest competitive threat of anything for amazon basically how do i decide this well basically a lot of the products that i’m buying now i’m buying more and more from ebay because ebay is taking everybody’s asking terms of pricing i just bought a canyon edd it’s

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A really good camera guys i bought it from ebay why because ebay had it for cheaper right only me at the body forks already had lenses for a similar product so i only need at the body the body i got for 889 dollars on ebay brandon never been used before or anything brand new if i was to buy that in amazon it would have been closer to $990 we’re talking about a

Hundred dollar difference if i bought it from an actual physical retailer it would have been about two hundred dollars more than you need a guys ebay is kicking ass as far as pricing and that’s not the first thing i bought from ebay about several product though the company i’m mainly investing right gopro the cheapest place you’ll get a hero five from four brand

New ebay ebay selling for one hundred and eighty four dollars on amazon their hunt there three are using ebay sells them for three hundred and eighty four dollars amazon sells them for $394 regular retailers owned for $399 guys they’re the biggest competitive threat to amazon out there in my opinion they’re the biggest or they’re bigger competitive threat in my

Opinion then actually walmart in ebay zwick smaller in the walmart so amazon would basically eliminate that overnight guys they would eliminate the biggest competitive threat and take them all in-house and bring in a profitable company in the end the second company amazon should acquire is best buy best buy you think it may be for a competitive reasons no not really

Best buy the profitable business if they could get for very cheap they can get best buy for very cheap guys and bring in a profitable business but mainly because best buy has massive amounts of retail space amazon wants to start to build out amazon they could make a big portion of the best buy store into basically an amazon section guys where whatever amazon needs

To try to sell or show-off or whatever could be in that section of store a third of the store could be dedicated to amazon product they just still keep the best by name everything like that the best by distribution system and have the physical space they need overnight as far as in some of the best locations out there as far as being in centers where what the people

Go best buy is in those locations amazon will get that overnight guys so i think buying best buy would be a great purchase for amazon so you heard of your first apple they should require cirrus logic they should acquire netflix google they should acquire twitter they should acquire pandora in amazon they should acquire ebay and they should acquire best buy guys

Those are the ones that i think they should acquire let me know in that comment section if you think they should acquire these companies you think they should acquire any other type of companies i would love to hear from you guys if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance men channel we talk much foreigner ship on the

Channel i’m a business owner i go away so many business tips we talk the stock market down most up everything on a channel thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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