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Well good day subscribers and welcome in we have three big stock market news stories i want to talk to you guys about here today one involves amazon and how they may have just hurt one of my stocks even more this stock is my worst stock and they may have just heard it even more we got to talk about that we got to talk about apple there’s some big apple news in

Regards to qualcomm here today if you didn’t already know these two companies have been in lawsuits against each other left and right and now qualcomm is making some very very serious allegations against apple so we got to talk about that and then first off let’s just talk about nike so nike they just reported numbers here about a half an hour ago and their stock

Is not moving that much it’s down about two and a half percent after hours but it’s not a big move to say at least either way the if you didn’t already know nikes been in this big situation with the colin kaepernick situation where they did and you know a huge advertisement that they have put all over the place okay television ads online everything with this this

Ad that features colin kaepernick in it it’s caused a lot of controversy with the company and so it’s been in the news in a massive way not just in the financial news but their reported numbers and the numbers were pretty good so they had a 10 percent rise in revenue to almost 10 billion dollars they had a 15 percent jump in profit to 1.1 billion dollars all right

If we look here analyst we’re expecting around 63 cents in the company report a 67 cents of earnings revenue came in 9.95 says a very very slight beat there with the nine point nine four billion number there the the question for nike is not really this past quarter so much as future quarters out how much is this going to affect nike positively or negatively and

I’m talking about the colin kaepernick situation for those you guys do not live in the united states of america basically there’s a huge controversy if you’re a football player and you take a knee while the national anthems playing a lot of people find it super expensive some people don’t care some people aren’t on kaepernick side and say you know it’s freedom of

Speech well we have his back so it’s a big controversial issue nike came out in featured an ad with him on it and it’s it’s it’s a massive news story this was just a massive news story a couple weeks ago so we’re gonna have to see how much this affects nikes and over the next year or two okay that’s how we’re really going to justify it you know you know if that

Was a smart move by them or a really bad business decision only times gonna tell but we really need to see future quarters out not this past quarter because this past quarter wouldn’t really be affected negatively or positively by by the whole colin kaepernick situation at all so we’ll have to see where that comes out let me know if you guys have an opinion on that

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I would love to hear your guy’s opinion down there in that comment section next up here we got to talk about apple in qualcomm this is quite an ordeal all right welcome has an field explosive charges against apple accusing it of stealing vast swaths of confidential information and trade secrets for the purpose of improving performance of chips provided by rival

Intel qualcomm hopes the court will amend allegations in an existing lawsuit against apple accusing it of breaching the so-called master software agreement in that apple sign when it became a customer of qualcomm earlier this decade the two companies have been embroiled in in direct and indirect litigation around the globe sentinel around apple’s unwillingness to

Have its suppliers pay qualcomm royalties it deems excessive for the iphone all right so the hero we’re looking at the latest tear downs of the newest iphones that just came out the iphone 10s and the iphone 10s macs and what you will find is you will find no qualcomm chip so it was rumored that they weren’t gonna include any qualcomm chips and it looks just that

Way if you see no qualcomm anywhere in there but you see a lot of intel chips all in the same spots that qualcomm chips used to be this is a big deal guys like this is a this is um this is probably the biggest litigation you know situation we’ve had between these two companies yet basically what qualcomm saying is they’re saying what apple did is apple knew all

The code that qualcomm was doing they go ahead and give that source code over to intel so intel just copies it and it’s it’s basically like stealing on the 101 okay they say we don’t want to use you paul come over here intel doesn’t have a you know as good of things as you do over here qualcomm so we’re just going to steal because we know everything that qualcomm

Has over here we’re just going to steal this and give it to you guys so you guys go ahead and do that for us okay this is a massive massive situation here i don’t know how this is going to break down in court you know it’s two very powerful law organizations obviously you know apples probably got you know the best lawyers on the planet all working for their company

Right but qualcomm has a very strong legal team as well who knows how this will break down in the end but i can tell you it’s not a good look for apple at this point in time and the question is you know you know it’s just it’s just a mess guys it’s a mess of a situation there’s no telling when this will ever end it’s just a big legal cost between the two companies

And you know if anything i think apple is gonna have to paying a lot of money to qualcomm at some point in time and when i mean a lot of money i mean at least in the billions of dollars if not tens of billions of dollars but the question is no one knows when that is regardless it pretty much looks like like apple and qualcomm will probably never ever you know do

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Business together again if you’re a qualcomm shareholder out there you you pretty much got a look at apple as as maybe you can win some litigation and maybe win billions of dollars maybe even tens of billions of dollars in penalties against apple but in terms of apple and qualcomm ever doing business together again there’s there’s a very very slim chance so that’s

All i’m gonna say to anybody that owns qualcomm shares out there you know qualcomm has a lot of exciting products a lot of exciting 5g stuff going on but in terms of you know the biggest electronics company in the world apple they’ll probably never ever do business together or if they do it’s gonna be a long long time from now because these companies are literally

At a legal war right now and it’s getting ugly and uglier guys so that’s my feelings there it’s it’s not a good look for either companies especially not apple we’ll see what happens with it in the end all right no we’re talking about amazon and how they hurt while there it’s hard to tell if they hurt one of my investments yet but i would say there’s a good chance

Of it okay so amazon makes its first investment in a homebuilder backing startup focused with on prefabricated homes amazon said its funding a home building startup plant prefab making its first investment in the space this didn’t really affect old brother stock obviously that’s a position i’m talking about here in the home builder space but the here a situation

That’s unfortunate if you have amazon coming your space right now is the amazon has this like aura around it that they can just do anything and they can beat anybody at anything like that’s just kind of that aura they have around the company right now so it’s just kind of another negative thing on told brothers that that investors could say or short sellers or

Whoever could say oh amazon you know they got this prefab startup but that’s gonna take over the world is it gonna affect toll brothers at all for at least the next five years absolutely not maybe someday could probably not even then okay but this is a type of you know business that’s so small right now it could grow into the future and i can almost guarantee you

They’re gonna focus more around the 300 to 400 thousand dollar at home bracket the homes that are like 1500 to 2500 square feet and so maybe it’s a competitor more to the kb homes and the polti groups and some of those companies if this company can expand but it’s gonna take a long long time for it to even get to a place if it even takes off in a massive way it’s

Just a negative in sense of you know they come into a new space it’s amazon they had that aura around them and you saw it with fedex you’ve seen it with ups you know amazon announces they’re gonna do some stuff and shipping it everybody freaks out you know they announced they’re gonna do some stuff in in you know pharmacy related products and also walgreens and

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Cvs it’s like oh my gosh they’re gonna go out of business they buy whole foods and everybody thinks every grocery store is gonna go out of business you know amazon just has an aura around it that if they come in your space you’re going out of business you’re going down man your business is going down and so that’s kind of what i worry about however on the flip

Side you would look at this and say the amazon is so focused around smart products and by the way that’s the main reason amazon wants to make a deal like this they want to get their smart products all in homes i can almost guarantee you now they made this investment this company they’re gonna want amazon echoes in these homes at amazon mike you’re wade’s and all

This different stuff the amazon is coming out with overtime okay but there’s another way you can look at this you know toll brothers the highest end name in the luxury space maybe amazon takes a look at them and says you know what that would be great branding you know if whole foods represent at the highest end grocery store okay so amazon said we’re gonna buy the

Highest end grocery store we possibly can that’s whole foods no you could look at well let’s buy the highest end home builder and get our products so it gives your products branding you know they would never have otherwise okay if you’re in toll brothers home you pretty much have like the highest brain if they could have all you know amazon alexa type products in

A toll brothers home and be featured in there might be it might be a smart move on amazon we’ll have to see how well that works out but you know in the end it’s just you know another negative thing out there that that people can point out and say say this or say that and it happens with all the companies out there unfortunately anytime a amazon comes in your space

Right now everybody freaks out and thinks you’re screwed okay and let’s not forget when amazon was supposed to come in the phone space and tear everything out remember remember the fire phone guys do you remember the fire phone man does that crash and burn okay amazon is a very successful company but just because they do one thing here and one thing there doesn’t

Mean they’re taking over the whole world okay so that’s so that’s kind of my viewpoint there let me know what you guys think about any of these news stories apple amazon nike i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section if you love keep it up or stock market news make sure you follow me on instagram post la stock market news instagram stories thank

You for watching and have a great day

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