Apple Iphone 8 and Iphone X Reaction!

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Holy smokers guys i just got done watching the apple launch event they just launched new iphones they just launched the new apple watch a lot of different products guys so we got to talk about all this look at all the specs of these products we’re also going to talk at the end if i should be buying apple stock if we should be buying apple stock right now guys so

Now as you know i’m in a huge apple fanboy i got i phones ipads macs you know i’m apple through and through i don’t mind being called an apple fanboy at the other day i don’t know why anybody gets offended over that like if you drink a budweiser every day and someone said you’re a budweiser fanboy like okay you drink a red bull every day and somebody called you

A red bull fanboy okay why do people get offended of that i’ll never understand it so first off let’s look at what apple stock did today so right before the presentation started apple stock was at almost a hundred and sixty four dollars a share guys now look at what happened to it after the presentation happened it went down to a hundred and fifty nine dollars

Essentially meaning i don’t know if there were huge expectations for this and maybe they didn’t meet expectations or maybe the traders were just playing around with it a lot of people like to short-term trade big events like this and you know a bunch of people buy in and then they sell off who knows what happened there but all i can tell you is i’ve seen more times

Than not apple will sell off on a trade event day so their big event they show off their new products most of the time i’ve ever been you know watching the company that stock actually falls that day so if there’s one day i was ever gonna bet against apple stock it would be the day the launch event happens guys but apple stock of course is up almost 38% year-to-date

So it’s having a phenomenal year regardless so let’s look at these products they launched they’ve launched the iphone x this is their premiere product they launched here a fundamental change in the iphone design everything about it you’re not gonna be able to pre-order until late october so over a month and a half from now it won’t be available till early november

Guys so quite a wait time on that one and so if you just look at the device it’s a clear difference between this iphone the iphone x in every iphone before i mean the the display goes almost straight to the edges it has no home button irony that kind of stuff guys a fundamental change in the iphone design now the let’s go through some of these specs on here so the

First led screen that rises to the standard of the iphone with accurate stunning colors true blacks high brightness with a 1 million to 1 contrast ratio that is ridiculous guys ridiculous it features glass on the front in the back this new iphone it is water resistant they do not say it’s waterproof so it’s not like you can go swimming in the ocean with your iphone

And that will be ok but it is on water resistant so if i spill a little bit of water on this right now it should be ok at the end of the day it has face id a revolution and recognizer recognization so basically right now if you want unlock your iphone you got to obviously do you a little passcode or you got to do your thumbprint now with this new iphone it doesn’t

Have a thumbprint reader so how is it gonna read it so we can basically just read your face so when you put your phone up to your face it will unlock it based upon what your face says in this technology or at least what apple claims is it was a 1 in 50,000 chance that someone a random person could get your you know touch your your your phone anyone love unlock for

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Them for the touch id this facial recognition is about a one in a million they claim so much better odds there as far as someone unlocking it but who’s got such important stuff on their phone that that at the end of the day you really got to worry about that so much give me a break dual oh is so both beer cameras have optical image stabilization in fast lenses

For outstanding photos and videos in the low-light so that’s a good thing i’ve lose as we know smartphones the biggest weakness with smartphones is low-light situations that’s always been the case for smart phones and if i wait i’m amazed at how far smartphones have come i mean it seems like just yesterday smartphones took horrible pictures like it was like potato

Quality of like oh my gosh i remember i didn’t the original iphone have like a two point three megapixel camera hood or something and saying guys so it’s amazing to me how far smartphones have come over time some more things there the wide-angle and telephoto cameras on the iphone x enable optical zoom as well as digital zoom of up to 10 times for photos six times

Four videos absolutely amazing dual 12 megapixel cameras it has on it it has a neural engine this is easy stuff guys introducing an a 11 bionic the most powerful and smartest chip ever in a smartphone with a neural engine that’s capable of 600 billion operations per second absolutely amazing stuff they’re faster cpu the for efficiency cores in the all-new cpu are

Up to 70% faster than a10 fusion chip which was in the latest iphone the iphone 7 and 2 performance cores are up to 25% faster it has adaptive recognition which we just talked about machine learning let’s face id adapt to physical changes in your appearance over time which is something it really needs to do because we know in this day and age people gain weight

And lose weight like crazy i mean i’ve been working out lately i probably lost 10 pounds my face has probably changed a little bit not like super drastic but my face has probably changed a little bit over the last couple months just because i’ve lost some weight so when you make those changes and something happens or you say you have makeup on versus not having

Makeup on if you’re a female or something like if your phone doesn’t have the ability to recognize those changes that’s a bad thing otherwise you’re not gonna be able to get in your phone right so that’s good that it does have those capabilities the thing i was most impressed about at this phone probably of anything there’s definitely some things to be impressed

Of was the power efficiency a second generation performance controller in custom battery design that lasts up to two hours longer than iphone 7 so you would think with all these you know improvements all these better chips the new neural engine like all this stuff you would think the the power would go down the battery time would go down they’ve actually increased

It by almost two hours part of that’s probably because it’s a 5.8 inch display versus you know if you’re comparing it to a regular iphone 7 that’s a 4.7 so you can’t put nearly as big a battery in that obviously so it but it’s still it’s impressive regardless an extra two hours everybody needs more smartphone time you know a battery time also augmented reality


That a 11 bionic powers extraordinary augmented reality experiences in games and apps that’s gonna be some pretty cool technology type stuff there guys and then wireless charging i mean apples lagged way behind on this one we know samsung’s had wireless charging for a long time this is something to pay attention to for any of you guys that own stocks as some of

These transaction type companies because now you can pay your friends in messages let’s seri be your translator a lot of different things but the one that caught my in my attention there was you can pay your friends inside messages guys so that’s something that you should pay attention to if you own any stocks that are related to something that you know they make a

Transaction fee based upon you go to an app or something because now i feel like a lot of people will just be paying friends inside that messages rather than doing it this way or that way guys so that’s iphone x they also launched an iphone 8 which we won’t go into it’s got a lot of the same features as iphone x it’s just more of a basic design they don’t have the

Ability to you know scan your face to unlock a lot of those kinds of things no oled display they’re the iphone x so the iphone x is gonna start at almost $1000 guys and it starts at nine hundred ninety nine dollars the big bucks for that one hold is smokeless the iphone eight will start at six hundred ninety nine so usually the the iphone started six forty nine

So this one will start at six ninety nine so a sps are going up the iphone eight plus will start at seven hundred and ninety nine dollars there the iphone 7 now they’re still gonna offer the iphone 7 which is last year’s model that’s coming down to five hundred and forty nine dollars so that will be appealing to some people and then we they’re still gonna have

The iphone 6s which is going to be four hundred and forty nine dollars and then the iphone se which is three hundred forty nine so iphone 6s and iphone se those are gonna be big for the developing markets where people don’t have a thousand dollars or eight hundred dollars to spend on a smart phone but maybe they have three or four hundred so those are gonna be

Good products for some of the developing markets i’m thinking about china i’m thinking about india when i think about those type of markets where maybe somebody you know doesn’t have the highest flagship the highest flagship you know the iphone 8 and iphone x those are the good ones that i’ll be selling great here in the united states in the uk you know a lot of

The more developed countries where people want to actually spend that kind of money on a smart phone apple watch they launched a series 3 apple watch now this one you’re gonna order on the 15 is going to be available on the 22nd so the big the big change with this one is now has the cellular option you can answer a call from a smart phone ask siri to send a mess

To stream your favorite songs on the run and do it while you’re leaving your phone behind introduce an apple watch series 3 with cellular now you have the freedom to go and just go with your watch so this product is gonna be launched somewhere around three hundred and ninety-nine dollars if you want with the cellular model now this could be beneficial to verizon

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Shareholders this could be beneficial to t-mobile and at&t a lot of the cellular network type companies because it with this new apple watch a lot of people will you know obviously want the cellular feature because then you can let’s say you want to go for a run and you don’t want to carry your phone with you know you know especially if you got one of the

Iphone 7 plus azure eight pluses or something like them a lot of times you don’t want to carry that around with you but if you have cellular on your watch you can still listen to music you can still on you know take calls if you want you know answer text messages all that kind of stuff even check email if you have cellular hooked up on there so it’s a potentially

Very interesting thing and it could potentially add extra revenue to the companies like verizon at&t t-mobile some of those players but just remind you know remember that it’s not gonna be like tens of millions of people going out there it could be just a couple million get this new product next you get the cellular hooked up guys now as far as apple stock

Goes just a stock the trades you know with the trailing p/e around 18 4 p under just under 15 that’s you know a fair valuation for apple people always wonder you know jeremy you love apple why don’t you invest in apple the reason i don’t invest in apple is at the end of the day it’s a fairly priced company and i don’t see it having huge growth ahead of it well

I want to get in companies that have huge growth ahead of them and are hopefully fairly valued or undervalued so there’s only so many stocks i can put my money in right at the end of the day so i got to pick the best ones for my money to go i don’t feel like apple is one of those for me personally however if you’re someone looking for a c4 stock this is a great

Running company with billions literally hundreds of billions of dollars on that balance sheet in cash and investments you know profitability the most profitable company in the world and their profitability should increase this year with the new product product line up and all that good stuff guys so a phenomenally run company now what do you guys think about the

New iphones would you are you interested in getting a 2x obviously if you’re not a you know someone that buys iphones you’re probably not interested at all which why you’re watching this video are you interested in the renew apple watch i would love to hear you know comments in the comment section are you interested in buying apple stocks are you do are you’re

Already an owner of apple stock i’m an owner of cirrus logic which makes the audio chips that go into iphones so i kind of have an iphone play to a certain extent just not directly with apple stocks so let me know in that comment section guys apple affects us all in the day you probably own in your 401k and don’t even know it if you just came across this channel

You may want to subscribe we talk personal finance in the channel we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk stock market investing more than anything and a little tech opinion when it’s something huge like this guys that’s affecting everyone thank you for watching and have a great day

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