Apple vs Steve Jobs

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Since steve jobs passed away apple has been making many decisions that go against the things he believed in today apple did more things that go against what he believed in let’s talk about this hey guys it’s jeremy from the financial education channel thank you so much for watching this video today so today were talk about apple once again i know we talked about

Him yesterday but i want to talk about once more because they had product releases that came out today and it reminded me so much of how apple is going against a lot of what steve jobs believed in so first i want to take you back to some decisions apple has been making last couple years that were against what steve jobs believed in so number one i want to talk about

They buy their own shares back and they buy their shares back on debt so basically they’re issuing debt the odd that they believe they’ll be able to pay back in the future because i have a massive amount of money on their balance sheet and with that money that they get in debt they pay it or dump in i don’t pay it they buy their own shares back on the open market

There’s something steve jobs never believed in he never believed in taking out debt if you didn’t need to and then he never believed in buying your own shares back at the company on the open market that’s something apples doing another thing is paying out dividends apple pays out dividends every single quarter to their shareholders and that steve something steve

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Jobs never did he never believed in using money that’s on the balance sheet to just give out to the shareholders instead of trying to invest more r&d to make more money to come in or just keeping that money on the balance sheet for a rainy day another thing is acquisitions d jobs did not believe in acquisitions especially not big acquisitions and you look at

The beats acquisition that was a three billion dollar acquisition and what is beats done since apple acquired them well they came out with the power beats two and other than that we haven’t seen much innovation out of them yet maybe there’s something coming down the line we will just have to see what happens there so let’s talk about this product releases today

There’s three main things that caught my eye and the whole keynote today that did and all three were basically against what steve jobs probably would have done so first one iphone se that is a phone that is made to basically chase down mid market share and low market shares is a 399 dollar price point so what they’re trying to get is customers that don’t have the

Money to pay out for you know the regular sized phone good which is 699 dollars it starts at they’ll maybe buy this fun there’s something steve jobs never believed it he never believed in going to try to chase customers down at those price points he always believed in innovation having the best product even if it meant the most expensive products and screw trying to

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Chase down customers that are way down the line okay so that’s one thing apple watch they didn’t even come out with a new apple watch the first apple watch was released well at least the keynote and they showed it off and everything that was over a year and a half ago over a year and a half ago was when they showed off the first apple watch and they still haven’t

Come out with a new model and today instead of coming out with a new model all i did was just say oh we’re gonna drop the price 50 bucks on it that is like oh my gosh that’s so against what steve jobs would ever do steve jobs was all about innovation not just trying to cut prices on products just so they could get more sales from maybe people who say oh i wouldn’t

Pay 349 but maybe i’ll pay 299 so that’s another decision okay so ipad pro came out today but it wasn’t even like a new upgraded ipad pro all it was was a basically an ipad pro in 9.7 inch form factor so ipad air 2 came out over a year and a half ago and all this new one is is a product that has the same chips inside that the ipad pro has which came out back in

The fall in the fall release so there’s nothing innovative in that either so it’s basically just oh let’s change up the form factors that have different sizes that’s cut prices to try to get more customers instead of let’s innovating let’s set the net new bar let’s come out with the next thing no let’s just you know change sizes and change prices and maybe that


Will work so apple is making a lot of decisions that are against with steve jobs believe in maybe it’s right maybe it’s wrong only time will tell we will see what happens as time goes along so far tim cook’s done a pretty good job as ceo will it continue i don’t know we’ll just have to see i thank you so much for watching guys financial education channel please

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Apple vs Steve Jobs By Financial Education

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