Arbor Metals Corp Director of Corporate Development Alex Klenman

Arbor Metals Corp Director of Corporate Development Alex Klenman – RICH TV LIVE – NOVEMBER 10, 2020 – Mr. Klenman brings over 30 years of business development, finance, marketing, branding, media and corporate communications experience to his role as Director of Corporate Development.

Hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here on behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest it is alex klenman the director of corporate development for arbor metals corp how you doing today alex i’m good rich thanks for having me thank you for joining us really excited to learn more about arbor metals corp why don’t you tell us a little bit

About the company and how you got involved absolutely arbor is uh an exploration stage gold company um we’re primarily operating in burkina faso west africa it’s a fantastic place uh to make gold discoveries we’ve got a project called the racuma project it’s uh 250 square kilometers of land so it’s sizable it’s about 25 000 hectares it’s had some work done

On it in the past mineralization is widespread our goal is to continue to drill this property and bring a compliant resource estimate to the market uh we think it’s right for that and we think the project is perfect to do it very good well i love africa and i think it’s untapped when it comes to resources so i think that it’s a very smart strategy and what are

Your three main focuses of arbor metals corp right now yeah well the main thing is like i say we’re exploration stage so project development is critical we identified a project that we believe has has massive upside number one uh number two uh we have a methodical approach uh to uh an efficient approach to development side or the exploration side and uh we’re

Working with a very experienced geological crew who are based in burkina faso know the project well have have overseen previous work by other operators on the project so behind all of that we think uh you know we’re we have what it takes and we’re confident now arbor metals corp recently announced it’s engaged an experienced geological team to follow up with

Work and upcoming drill results very important can you please go through this news with us and what that means for the company yeah absolutely well listen burkina faso is is not uh canada or the us so what you need is you need a crew that that knows the lay of the land um not just geopolitically but but also from a geological standpoint so we have that we have

A crew that as i mentioned have about a decade experience in country uh they’ve made big discoveries uh they know what they’re doing uh and they’ve been the previous crew basically working this project for the for the vendor uh so you know having them now officially sort of on board with arbor to conduct the exploration we think is a bonus and it de-risks a

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Lot of the work that we do going forward simply knowing that knowledge uh that comes with this crew is very very beneficial who would you say are your key competitors for arbor metals corp and what sets you apart from them i know you mentioned that the stock is up huge so what sets you apart from some of your competitors well uh you know that’s that’s a that’s

The million dollar question um we think the project combination the project and the crew is really where we’re where the correct that’s the crux of the biscuit as they say uh as i mentioned the crew was involved the the lead the lead geologist man named warren rob he was the chief geologist at a company called rock’s goal which has a very large market cap they

Made a discovery in 2011 yerimoco discovery he was the chief geologist on that discovery um our country manager uh that we’ve engaged uh jean-claude was also the country manager with rock school so that’s really the genesis of the crew um and the other geologists that come with this crew these guys live there they work there uh they know the ground and and

It’s really where we see our advantage comes from their knowledge of the project and then you look at the size of the project you’ve got a 10 kilometer path a trend uh trending uh north east southwest or southwest northeast um on along the property that it has already shown through different types of work that’s been done to to hold an anomalous gold over the

Course of that trench so now the idea is the drilling that’s been done has been done in the southwestern portion of the project it’s it’s been positive we know there’s gold memorization in the southwest corner now we just want to drill our way up that trend the larger footprint we can create and define and confirm gives us a better chance of a sizable deposit

Discovery which is really what we’re at that’s great now for our community we love to find companies that have a tight share structure that’s vital to our success can you explain a little bit about your share structure and how many shares are held by insiders and institutions right i i honestly don’t know if there’s institutional investors there hasn’t been

Any in terms of a private placement it doesn’t just doesn’t preclude you know the possibility that they would be buying the open market and you can see the price has substantially increased over the last uh 12 months and ironically i think what people need to understand is if you take our chart uh the stock performance chart of arbor and you put it next to the

Performance of gold in 2020 you’re gonna see a remarkable similarity uh so that’s always good when you can see that sector uh wind or sector sentiment is in your corner um but you know for for for where we’re at i think you know 44 million out uh it’s very tightly held yeah tightly held uh some really great shareholders uh across the planet where we’re we have

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A lot of exposure in europe we have a lot of european investors and they tend to hold a lot longer than north american investors um when i first got involved in this business when you bought an explorer you you were typically committing that investment for two years wow i’m gonna see how they develop now you know we have the detention spans shortened quite a bit

And the markets are full of day traders and people who want to do a quick flip i’ve had people call me and say hey i picked up stock last week stock hasn’t moved what’s wrong you know and i have to say well listen you know sometimes especially exploration takes time um so we have we have aggressive plans for 2021 we’re going to get on the ground we’re going to

Drill some of these zones out every single drill campaign that we conduct is is is a catalyst that can propel the stock even further good drill results do wonders in a hot market and that’s where we’re at now absolutely and i believe that this market for metals is just getting started and gold’s had a nice little rally here so arbor metals corp has quite an

Impressive roster of experts in the mining sector who are your key members and what do they bring to the table well you know our geological team peter and warren the the guys who’s gonna be working in in burkina they they have the success under their belts guys like me you know we’re just we’re we’re organizers we’re marketers uh ceos that aren’t geologists so

It’s my job to assemble a team around i’m not the ceo but as director of corporate development mark and myself we look at certain things here we want to assemble a team that can actually make those decisions with the help of the experts like a peter and and and warren the guys who are going to lead the geological charge so it it guys like mark myself other people

Who are in senior management we all often get the credit that that the geologists actually deserve uh but it’s all going to revolve around the guys who are doing the the work on the ground and picking the locations for those drills and getting the results we can only you know drive the truck up and and then and then walk away from the vehicle i agree with you

100 now if there was one thing that you would want shareholders to know about arbor metals corp what would it be uh you know look at the performance to date uh understand that we were able to do this simply uh without having the big drill hole we know that there’s there’s drill holes that have that that have been already uh obtained on the on the property that

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Are very positive so we haven’t even put our first drill hole down and we were able to to obtain a very successful uh increase here in 2020. i think the price of gold is going to be higher in 2021 i think it’s the perfect environment to deliver a drill hole and we have the project that we think can be a major fine so it’s just a question of riding through

Some of those catalysts in in 2021 and and i think uh we’ve just become just really out of the gate here it’s remarkable that we’re already at where we’re at but it shows you that the shareholders that we do have are long term because nobody’s you know hammered the stock down they’ve been very patient as we’ve moved to 2020 knowing in 2021 that we’re probably

Getting to our our more important drill programs i think our shareholders are going to love this deal because we got shareholders all over the world as well if a shareholder a another public company a private company a mining company wanted to get in contact with you how would they go about doing that really just get to the website there’s phone numbers we have

An 800 uh toll-free number on the website uh we also have email if you info if you hit info at it comes to me so i can always direct it to the ceo mark or i can send it to peter or warren for anything burkina related anything i can’t answer will get answered but we’re responsive we have help in that regard we’ve got uh urbane capital working

With us a couple of nice gals who know the business and between all of us we can certainly answer any questions well i’m super excited about watching your company evolve thank you for joining us today the director of corporate development alex klenman from arbor metals corp put on your watch list everyone put it on your radar thank you for watching alex thank

You for joining us and we wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors awesome thank you rich have a great weekend appreciate it thank you as well and for those of you guys that are watching thank you for watching have yourselves a great day have a great weekend arbor metals corp director of corporate development alex klenman a stock that’s been on

Fire over the last 12 months and we think that there’s the chance that it can continue thank you guys have yourselves a great day you

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Arbor Metals Corp Director of Corporate Development Alex Klenman By RICH TV LIVE

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