Are First Class Plane Tickets Worth It

How much more expensive are first class plane tickets? How much more value do you get? Is it worth it to pay that much more? Let me show you the exact difference. You can hear my opinions on this and also make your own evaluation based on my video of the actual first class flight.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i want to talk about the value of a first-class plane ticket and if you should ever pay for an upgrade like this recently i went to disney world and i paid for most of the trip with kurtik hard churning points now use the american express delta skymiles card and i turned that one and i got about 50,000 points

In it i could have paid for a round-trip ticket with 30,000 points 25 to 30 thousand points or so but instead i found a really really cheap deal for a first-class ticket for about forty six thousand five hundred miles now this happened to be a really good deal and if you ask me how the heck i got it i basically fiddled around with the website enough that at one

Point it did not give me the special deal and i had to like and get it get a first-class on a different one and somehow it also got me first-class and other trips other leg of the trips that wasn’t first-class for some reason it was really weird and i had to like go through the website several times in order to obtain this normally the first-class ticket would

Have costed me about 80 to 100 thousand points instead which was something i did not have at the time so even in points value wise if you upgrade from coach to first class it’s likely going to cost you somewhere between three and four times the amount of points as in coach now i went back to check out how much roughly the actual dollar amount i would have had to

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Spend to get the same kind of ticket and it turns out that coach tickets to orlando from sfo is 300 dollars or so you know 280 300 dollars but the same first-class ticket costs about $1,200 this is you know in the range of 3 x 2 4 and a half x so it comes down to this if you actually have to pay real money to upgrade i wanted to know was the trip worth it to pay

3 or 4 times the amount was the luxurious part of it worth it was the extra space worth it was anything worth it so my basic conclusion from actually having tried coach and also first class was that well it is nicer and i would think i would probably pay about 50% more not 3 to 4 times for a first-class seat for me it’s a little different because i’m somewhat of

A skinny person i do not need that wide of a space i had about six inches extra space on the side and if i sit in coach i fit comfortably in there however you’re not playing all this elbow wrestling with the neighbor or anything in first class you have your own little arm wresting to yourself so the whole purpose of this video is really to go through first class

Show you what it’s like as compared to coach because when i was writing a coach every single time they kind of do this to you on purpose or something you’re waiting in line at the terminal and they go oh you know first class priority seats or something board first so then you end up watching these people apparently i guess there are rich people or something and

Then you wash them board first and then you also wash them exit the plane first they have all this luxurious things and sometimes i wonder well how much different is it when you do sit in this first class the rest of this video is gonna concentrate on showing you exactly what the difference is in the airplane itself now what i immediately notice is that anyone at

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The counter once they find out that in your first class they treat you completely different it’s like a total switch they go oh i didn’t know your first class oh you know let me help you do this and do that but is that in itself worth three to four and a half times the amount for the ticket cost i personally think it’s not just to you know get people to like swoon

Over you and just kind of go oh you know give you priority everything basically so this is pretty neat when you board first class you get sky priority board in front of everybody else i can get you through this i guess i don’t know if i can afford to buy these tickets straight up morning hi so you see the seat has about eight inches in front of my knees over here

Here are some earbuds they’re pretty cheap and they’re pretty dingy sounding salt and pepper yep i tried them this is a bland meal by the way i had these i think they’re sweet potatoes a media console here is one of the blankets heavenly westin right here they don’t really wash those after every single flight plugging in my 130 watt ac adapter it turns off because

It overloaded it seems like it does that for all of them here i’m heading into the restroom the first-class restroom right behind the pilot seat turn it on lights turn on the water is actually warm in there foam soap the blue water in the toilet is also blue i think this is just a coat hanger i’m not gonna touch there but uh okay this is like a baby seat thing

Women’s stuff another cabinet with nothing in it i almost broke that napkin dispenser and here’s some lotion it smells really good by the way this laptop rocks back and forth do you think they would make that a little bit better oats and honey this was delicious and i got a bloody mary here’s the salad and taste it not bad it was a pretty short flight so i was

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Surprised that they even served a salad in this you know two hour flight the bread that goes with my salad yep they really saw something soften up the butter oatmeal raisin cookie which was not bad as you can tell from my expression it was not bad and this flight had no entertainment console it was two hours long us relatively shorter flight but yeah there’s a

Time-lapse of the landing into sfo what is interesting is you can see that little thing come up to the door and this is the bart this is the air train to bart and we’re back thanks for watching this perspective it’s really just to offer you what it’s like to be in first class without actually having to pay for it for me i paid for it with points i paid double

The amount of points but going forward i probably will not pay the double amount of points just to get in the first class because i would rather go to more places and just sit in coach don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you’ve ever tried first class any of you think the same thing if you’re interested in supporting my

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