Are Short Sellers Manipulating Gopro Stock Price?

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I wasn’t even going to make a video i wasn’t even going to make a video today i had a plan for a video to come out that was my complete blueprint on youtube success and for people that are planning on possibly starting the channel or just like hearing about strategy that video was going to come out today and then i woke up and i was like i need to make a video

About this gopro stock down over 6% over 6% today after destroying numbers absolutely killing numbers killing them beating all metrics you could possibly imagine beating the eps beating the revenue easily killing the guidance for next next quarter and the stock falls how did that happen how does that happen people are like how does that happen well one way could

Absolutely a stock market manipulation in that particular stock it could absolutely be done i don’t know if it’s being done we’ll never know if it’s being done right we’ll never know these things are not research they’re not really looked into by the sec this is kind of glazed over so we won’t know if it’s that but it absolutely could be i mean it’s a very small

Market cap tape company those are perfect it’s high short seller tech company that has the backing of wall street a to short sell that company it’s the perfect scenario for manipulation to happen we don’t know if it’s happening but it’s absolutely the perfect ideal situation when you’re done with this video today so go watch one of my other videos or somebody

Else’s video type in youtube type in stock manipulation into youtube and watch some videos there are specifically ones with jim cramer where he’s kind of explaining the ways you can actually manipulate a stock if you got enough short sellers together things like that it’s amazing guys and it will really open up your eyes and the reason i want to i want to share

This with you guys isn’t that to scare you away from the stock market i don’t want to do that at all what i’m trying to explain to you guys here today is it’s part of the market and if you understand it’s part of the market when it happens to you you won’t be as as frustrated about it because it could be very frustrating for you i mean as you’re waking up you know

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Especially if you’re a newer investor your company kills all these numbers they destroy them all that you know it looks phenomenal and the stock drops the next day that could be like so frustrating to you the job for you is not to get frustrated about that not to get all worked up about it pissed off about it and just understand it’s part of what happens out there

It’s part of what goes on when you’ve got these high short seller tech companies that the backing of wall street a lot of times all it takes is one analyst that’s been been very bearish to go bolus and that could turn the whole thing around as far as the stock price goes the company it could have nothing to do with the company but because an analyst that was maybe

Very bearish on the stock all shingle is very bullish it can change the entire stock completely i remember when i was in cirrus logic right cirrus logic i gotten that one too early and the soccer dropped substantially since i had gotten it i was in the twenty and then it dropped to like seventeen dollars and then all of a sudden is analyst that was so bearish it

Was on barclays you know i cannot remember the specific name of this analyst but i remember they were like specifically so bearish on the stock for a long time and i was like why are they bearish like they don’t see the vision for that stock then olson they turn bullish in the next day it was up over twenty percent and it was like you know just like shake my head

Type situation that’s like it do think it’s been over six months you know the turnaround it’s been happening here serious and and now that stocks like a sixty five dollar stock or whatever because now it has the full backing of wall street and it’s up like ridiculous amounts anyway so it absolutely can happen manipulation can happen i don’t know if it’s happening

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It might it might not but at the same time just understand as part of the market don’t get frustrated about it when it happens to your stock because i guarantee you if you’re in this game long enough you’re going to be in some stocks that are going to get manipulated like at the end of the day you’re going to be in some stocks that you know wall street hates or

Analysts hate you know in making report great numbers in the stock can fall like it can happen guys it’s just like part of the market just understand that don’t get frustrated about don’t get it too worked up about it kind of what this video is all about today and you know this is another reason another reason exactly why i do not play earnings anymore remember i

Told you guys the story the other day about 2015 when i lost mass amount of money trying to trade short-term earnings because this is exact reason you can be right about the stock that gopro killed numbers i knew they were gonna kill numbers they did it they did it they crushed number they crushed expectation and the stock still falls so let me imagine if i was

Doing the $100,000 $200,000 earnings trade still i got was back in 2015 imagine how i would have been killed on that trade today so that’s exactly why you cannot really do those earning take trades because you may be a hundred percent right and in the end you can still be a hundred percent wrong because the stock doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to go i mean if

Company does great right the stock should rise a ton right but sometimes a stock company does great in the stock drops and sometimes a stock company does bad reports bad numbers and the stock goes up and it’s like this is mind blowing so that’s why it’s almost impossible to know where stocks going in a short term and stock price at least you might know where the

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Company going but the company and the stock price a lot of times can get away from each other honestly and that’s where that’s what makes it so great for people like me that invest in situations where the company’s coming around or doing great and the stock prices down here in offers it can happen sometimes where where our company is actually doing crap right but

The stock price is way up here and so those are your opportunities to really short sell and make a ton of money will buy put options and things like that that’s what makes a market that’s what makes a market great then make some people like myself be able to make a lot of money over time because there’s there’s just sometimes it just doesn’t add up you could have a

Company doing great things and the stocks down here that’s just what happens guys so i just want to talk about this for you today this is probably the earliest morning video done like ever or at least a long long time so if i still got sleepers in my eyes or something you know because i just woke up like a half-hour ago or whatever but anyways hope you guys enjoyed

This day i still might release the youtube gran vía for any of you guys electric service here about strategy channel strategy and like maybe if you want to start youtube channel you have a youtube channel and you’re thinking about like going about it i might still release that video today’s for you guys so hope you enjoy anyways you know what guys have a great day

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Are Short Sellers Manipulating Gopro Stock Price? By Financial Education

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