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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jerry this is the financial education channel and today we are talking about are you diversified is your stock market portfolio diversified i’m going to share with you guys five different portfolios that i believe are all diversified now the first two are going to be bigger type portfolios so meaning

Bigger type stocks bigger market caps safer safer type portfolios maybe and by the way all these stocks i’m kind of mentioning other than my portfolio which will mention up n or not like me blessing next saket like that’s a great stock to invest in i’m just trying to give you examples of diversified portfolios then we’ll go over a portfolio that is a dividend heavy

Portfolio so type of diversified portfolio that you can make a lot of money from dividends from we’re over 1 that’s a growth of super growth 1 a very aggressive portfolio and i’m talking really aggressive portfolio and the last one we’re going to talk about is my portfolio my wife and i are we diversified i’m going to share our five biggest stocks and you’re going

To say am i diversified or miney do i need to get more diversified guys so we’re going to talk about all this today i hope you enjoy and by the way all these portfolios have 5 stocks why 5 stocks because i believe it’s honestly the perfect amount of diversification i believe if you have any more than 10 stocks it’s too much because then you start not believing in

Stock number 17 or stock number 12 at stock number 3 it’s too much at that point and i try to you know always have at least four stocks because anything less than that and you might be going a little too heavy and that’s something i’ve done a you know a few times in the past usually i try to hold more in for stocks total but a few times i have gone down that route

And sometimes it’s worked out sometimes it hasn’t because what happens is if you have one shot that does really bad and say you only own three stocks two stocks one stock that one stock goes really bad your whole portfolio is going to go really bad guys so 5 stocks is my my perfect amount in my opinion as long as they’re all in different sectors and that’s what

We’re talking about so the first portfolio we’ll go over is a portfolio that would contain apple contain union pacific contain facebook contain procter and gamble and contain mcdonald’s those would be the 5 stocks so what do we have here we have apple is a consumer electronics company you know they’re kind of like the johnson & johnson of smartphones you know i

Mean at the end of the day we have union pacific which is a train company they’re involved with moving all the goods all over the united states we have facebook which is a growth be switches social networking instagram facebook some of those platforms that’s what facebook is we have procter & gamble which is consumer goods company i mean you look around to some

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Of your soaps and some of your toothpaste shoes and a lot of different laundry detergent and stuff like that you’re going to look at the back of the bottle here and see a lot of them or procter & gamble products so that’s what the business they’re in the last ones mcdonald’s which is fast food fast food burgers and some other products they sell but that’s the

Name of the game and you see that they’re all different sectors right we have one consumer electrons one one that’s a train company one that’s social networking one that’s consumer goods around your house and one that’s fast food completely diversified if one of the industry struggle the other ones hopefully we’ll be doing good and let’s just the entire worlds in a

Shambles and then mcdonald’s will probably do great at that times everybody would only be able to afford 39 cent cheeseburgers so that’s the first portfolio there this next portfolio let’s look at this one google colgate palmolive coca-cola exxon mobil walmart google obviously the biggest search engine in the world and i don’t know what you would consider youtube

Which google owns i would consider it one of the biggest entertainment platforms if not the biggest entertainment platform in the world and then also they do have other products like the cloud cloud is becoming big for them so they’re kind of a diversified business now getting into the colgate palmolive which owns colgate toothpaste which owns palmolive soap to

The biggest brands out there they own other products other than that but those are the two main ones you have coca-cola which is obviously the biggest drink company in the world exxonmobil one of the biggest oil and natural gas companies in the world and you have walmart at right now is the biggest retailer in the world so that would definitely be a diversified

Portfolio right there now this next one is what i call a diversified portfolio but dividend heavy all five of these stocks all pay dividends and some of them pay really high dividends but it’s still diversified so number one verizon verizon wireless a communications company some you have them for your cell phone service probably they pay big dividends and that’s

Their business chevron is a oil and gas company one of the biggest in the world they pay nice dividends microsoft is you know a computer type company they and now they’re getting to the cloud big time they take nice dividends ford is one of the biggest automakers in the entire world at the moment they pay a very high dividend then you have jpmorgan as the last stock

There which is in my in my opinion side the best run commercial bank out there and they pay a nice dividend so all five of those stocks all pay dividends in your diversify because you’re in the banking sector you’re an auto sector you’re a computer sector you’re an oil and gas sector and then last year and telecommunications sector guys so this next portfolio is

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Diversified but this one i call a growth living on the edge type portfolio like this is ultra aggressive i wouldn’t necessarily suggest any window in this portfolio but this is one of those who to make a lot of money and you could possibly lose a lot of money in this one so stock number one would be snapchat snapchat some people consider it a social networking

Type platform some people consider it a camera company i don’t know i consider more of a social network that other things or just our communications type type app that would be stock number one stock number two of the monster energy which is one of the biggest energy drink oils actually the second biggest energy drink maker in the world they might be rule number

One some day now they have the coca-cola distribution we have irobot which is our company that i have their vacuum cleaner that is called the roomba that goes all over our house they make other type of robot other than that but they’re their main businesses thing making robots that basically clean your house for you then you have amazon the retail giant the growth

Beast right now and lastly you have tesla which is seems like they’re going to win the auto industry ten years from now five years from now ten years from now 20 years from now guys so that would be our growth living on the edge of life take portfolio because you got you know snapchat which is unprofitable right now you know which is whole different sector than

Monster beverage which is an energy drink company they are profitable trade hi p for a drink company i robot trades at a very high p especially for something that just rolls around your house and cleans it for you you have amazon super high pe there in retail and lastly we have tesla which is automaker and they’re very unprofitable right now so that’s our growth

Living on the edge type portfolio there and the last one we’re going to talk about my wife and not my portfolio our five biggest stocks are we diversify so number one stock is gopro number two stock is wynn resorts number three soccers google number four stock is starbucks emile a stock is snapchat so are we diversified well with gopro we obviously have a consumer

Electronics tech company they sell action cameras they sell drones i sold some related products and accessories that go to those products we own when resorts the number to stock like i said that is a casino play that is a huge resort company here in vegas also out in macau that’s the name of their game google we already talked about that a minute ago they own

Search in it and they own one of the biggest entertainment take platforms in the world they own the cloud in some of those services starbucks obviously the maybe possibly five years from now maybe even less than that they might be the biggest fast-food related company in the entire world that starbuck and last one snapchat we just talked about that for a minute

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Ago kind of a social networking flash camera type company but they don’t really sell cameras they sold spectacles but let’s be honest it’s going to be like nothing to their business so they’re an advertising take platform at the end of the day so you will look at that you could say i would say i’m definitely diversified you know gopro and snapchat do they have

A little overlap there maybe possibly because of a snapchat kind of considering itself a camera company and gopros obviously a camera company but let’s be honest snapchat they they when you open an app it’s opens to a camera but that doesn’t mean they’re selling cameras like this total different ballgame there and then you say google is google somewhat similar

To snapchat not really other than they just both need advertising right to support their platforms like google makes the majority their money off of advertising snapchat now they’re making pretty much all their money off of advertising so they’re related in that way they’re just total different ways on how they go about making money from advertising wynn resorts

Different than starbucks and some of those kinds of things guys so i would say my portfolios diversify let me know what you guys think is my portfolio diversified is your portfolio diversified that’s the main question you got to ask yourself are you into few stocks too many stocks are you in too many stocks that are in the same sector because like i said guys if

That sector gets nailed your entire portfolio is going to get nailed in one last thing to kind of cap off the whole diversification it’s not just kind of important to have you know diversified stocks but it’s also nice to have a little balance of steady company and a growth company they’re guys and that’s kind of what where my portfolio balance is right gopro they

Have nice growth they’ve grew 23% 19% these past two quarters when resorts is huge growth right now but they also have a steady business right google has nice growth but they also have a very steady business starbucks has decent growth um not stellar growth but they have a very steady business and snapchat has ridiculous growth but you know their businesses and

Steady you know because it’s just kind of coming online so we’re going to see all that transforms over the next couple years so hope you guys enjoyed this say is your portfolio diversified if you just came across this channel you may want to subscribe we talk personal finance we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i’ve always so many business tips

We talk the stock market the most of anything just like we did today thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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