Arrest of outspoken media boss renews fears of Hong Kong clampdown | FT

Arrested media boss and democracy advocate Jimmy Lai pledged to continue his fight on his release on Wednesday. In April this year, the prominent newspaper owner talked exclusively to the FT about Beijing’s controversial national security law for the territory and called for action from the international community to protect Hong Kong’s freedoms. Read more at

Prominent newspaper magnate and anti-china campaigner jimmy lai has become the most high-profile person to be arrested under hong kong’s controversial national security law on august 10 over 200 police raided the officers of his cantonese language tabloid paper apple daily and took him away in april after he was arrested alongside 14 other pro-democracy activists for

The less serious charge of the legal assembly mr lye spoke exclusively to the ft about the implications of the new law hong kong without the rule of law will not be a financial center everything we have will be gone either free press private property either the freedom of religion all that will be gone because the foundation of hong kong is the rule of law and all

The social institution of freedom the british have left us that’s the legacy of the british colonial time and that’s why we’re still free that’s why people here are fighting for freedom because freedom is something they always enjoy the communist you know for them control control control they can’t have people voicing out the you know that this dissatisfaction

They don’t want people to resist them they want people to be obedient and submerged subservient and and they can’t stand it they can’t they can’t stand hong kong fight for the freedom you know freedom it’s not our right the freedom is what they give you for the communists what they allow you is freedom not something that you’re born with something that you’re

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Entitled to as a citizen mr ly’s latest arrest comes just weeks after the hong kong government postponed a planned election for hong kong’s parliament by a year and banned many of the pro-democracy opposition candidates from standing something that mr lai predicted would happen i think the moderate is the the force they’re afraid of you know because this is the

Most of the people here and and that’s why they try to intimidate the democrats you know by resting or arresting or whatever to intimidate the moderates so they can isolate the more reticle which is small segment of the people to do it which is very easy but they can’t deal with the whole hong kong people mr lai was released on bail early on august 12 but he

And other pro-democracy figures face a tough court battle ahead as beijing cracks down during his april interview mr lai was pessimistic about what lies ahead for his city and said that the only thing that could save hong kong was an intervention from the us the communist china is so powerful and xi jinping his way of doing things is push it to the end he never

Stopped halfway so if he’s determined to do that and the international community is not going to stop china doing it definitely it will work for them the only way that we will be safe or to slow down their taking over hong kong you know affair will be the force from the international will be the support of the international government especially the american

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Government of hong kong people this is our only saving grace now

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Arrest of outspoken media boss renews fears of Hong Kong clampdown | FT By Financial Times

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