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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today i thought we would just break out and do something fun a fun video today so i thought i would do and ask me anything type video and also show you guys behind the scenes of my office and basically the behind the scenes of this youtube channel so

You guys can see all the different types of equipment i use all those kinds of things now they ask me anything you guys asked me a lot of questions sometimes that are maybe personal or about my business things like that and then sometimes i avoid them but i just want a chance to kind of answer a lot of those questions you guys had all that one time so you leave in

The comments section if you have any types of different questions for me go ahead and ask him in that comment section and within the next few days or next week i’ll try to do a follow up video answering all these questions for everybody and then if you don’t want to ask them in the comments section then you can ask them on my twitter page the twitter page link is

Actually in the description bar of this video along with actually a lot of the equipment i’m gonna be showing you today that’s all in the description area so if you want to see how much something is that i use are those kinds of things you can actually see all that information in the description bar and that’s in every single video just so you guys know for future

Reference so ask me anything that’s cool but let’s go ahead and take a look at this office so i got my main camera here that i’m actually going to be showing you all this behind-the-scenes type stuff so first off as we can see here i have a lot of lighting setup i have four light setup i might be the only youtuber who does a four light setup like this it’s pretty

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Different but it’s how i like it i like my videos bright and all those kinds of things so i do that i use a gopro hero4 silver for all my recordings with a mic plugged in and right there we can actually see that um that is actually how i see everything straight from my phone right there and i pressed record and i can change settings all that kind of stuff all

Right from the phone and it is phenomenal now everything basically i have in my office is are things that i use either every single day or at least once a week so in order to be on this office for or in this office area you have to be something that i use every single day or at least once a week so i’ll a check this out this i don’t have linked in the description

This is one terabyte of data can fit into this little hard drive i have here i put up so many of my customers projects on air and things isn’t that freaking ridiculous think about that you know for me growing up you know a 16 gigabyte computer was like huge and now i’ve terabyte let’s half the size of my hand absolutely amazing ipad i use that more than anything

Headphones this i use every time editing videos over on this side i got the markers i use the board mouse pad mouse my macbook right here this is odd these are headphones these are bose headphones like 150 bucks but i use them solely to talk to customers and talk to friends and things because i love having a in-ear type headset and i can hear with both ears and

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All those kinds of things the audio phenomenal is just phenomenal on it i always have seasonal on the sides of my desk i don’t know i think get that from my mom because she always decorated for the holidays so i just keep up with the tradition i try to decorate for the holidays over here tennis i love do play tennis you see a tennis racket there that yellow thing

That’s actually speed bladder any you athletes who play football and some of those other sports you probably have done a speed ladder before that’s a huge speed ladder that i use quite a bit this this thing with three wheels on it that is something you can actually hook up to a tripod so that the bottom of the tripod legs go into that and i can actually film you

Know for my business i can film a home or whatever and roll it and as long as the four is pretty smooth i get smooth super smooth shots with my dslr rolling along with the tripod on top of it right there’s actually a slider that’s a slider cam so you put down on a tripod and it of course it sits sideways and then you can roll your camera back cross and it’s just

Very elegant shots now that playstation 3 there in that tv the ocean even be in this room because i put those on maybe once a month maybe once every other month they just sit there and collect dust what a waste of time i never have time for stuff like that anymore playing video games and watching tv so down here we have a phantom 3 i use most of the drone shots

On this channel and for my business mostly with that quadcopter right there i believe i have that linked in the description and has dropped in price a lot since i bought it my backpack with other tons of just ridiculous amounts of video type equipment in there that’s why i put over there that can actually go up higher than me actually it can go above my head that’s

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How far the tripod extends and on the top of it that’s a motorized pan head so i all the shots a get-go moving side to side you see how that’s like uneven right there and it’s kind of jittery and whatnot with that it’s perfect because all mechanical process and every pan is just silky smooth and perfect for my business and whatnot and other than that arrived too

Much printer that’s necessary to print stuff my board that you guys see for the thumbnails and that’s pretty much the whole office as equipment i don’t use very often or maybe once a month or every few weeks that all goes into that area right over there that closet other than that not too much else to show you guys today i hope you enjoyed this tour today guys i

Just wanted to show you kind of what my office setup and my youtube setup was i try to keep it organized i try to keep this simple and don’t forget ask me you know if you guys have questions for me ask them in that comment section or on my twitter page which is in the description and i’ll be happy to do a follow up video and talk to you guys and let you know some

Of the answers to these questions thank you for watching today guys i hope you enjoyed this and have a great day

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Ask Me Anything! | My Youtube/Office Setup! By Financial Education

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