Aurora Cannabis (ACB) Invests 0 Million into Enwave Corporation (TSXV: ENW)

Aurora Cannabis (ACB) Invests $10 Million into Enwave Corporation (TSXV: ENW) – RICH TV LIVE – APRIL 26, 2019 – Aurora Cannabis Inc. (“Aurora” or the “Company”) (TSX: ACB) (NYSE: ACB) (Frankfurt: 21P; WKN: A1C4WM) and EnWave Corporation (TSX-V:ENW) (FSE:E4U) (“EnWave”) announced today that the companies have entered into a royalty-bearing commercial license agreement (the “License”), providing Aurora with the exclusive rights to EnWave’s patented Radiant Energy Vacuum (REVTM) drying technology for the production of cannabis materials in the European Union, excluding Portugal. Aurora has also secured exclusive license options for both Australia and South America, excluding Peru, exercisable pursuant to minimum REV™ machine purchase order requirements. Additionally, Aurora has signed a non-exclusive sub-license (the “Sub-License”) to use REV™ technology in Canada.

Good morning good afternoon good evening this is your boy rich here and you have a rich tv live and once again aurora has big news aurora cannabis invests 10 million in 2n wave and licenses drying technology this is breaking news hot off the presses aurora cannabis announced today that the companies have entered into an n wave corporation which is on the tsx under

The symbol e and w and in frankfort under the symbol e for you announced today that the companies have entered into a royalty bearing commercial license agreement providing aurora with the exclusive rights to n waves patented radiant energy vacuum re v tm drying technology for the production of cannabis materials in the european union excluding portugal y excluding

Portugal aurora has also secured exclusive license options for both australia and south america excluding peru exercisable pursuant to minimum re v trademark machine purchase order requirements additionally aurora has signed a non-exclusive sub license to use rev trademark technology in canada the companies furthermore announced that aurora has placed a purchase

Order for two of n waves 120k rev trademark dehydration systems for its aurora sky and aurora sun facilities in canada as well as the intention to purchase a third 120 kw re v trademark dehydration system for its aurora nordic facility in denmark within 60 days the rev trademark dehydration system will be used to increase throughput of material of extraction for

Extraction and use in derivative cannabis products ora has also acquired a 10 kilowatt pilot scale rev trademark machine for product development protocol development and r&d this is big news and aurora’s up slightly around $12.24 right now n waves patented rev trademark technology is a wrap low temperature continuous drying method that maintains the optimal

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Terpene profile flavor as well as other product attributes during the drying process the companies vacuum microwave technology enables uniform drying with flexible moisture content unattainable with freeze drying or air drying aurora and n wave have agreed to enter into an artificial intellectual sorry intellectual property agreement with the intent to jointly

Develop new innovations relating to rev trademark technology that are applicable to the cannabis industry all intellectual property developed under the ipa will be owned by n wave but any real realizable commercial value will be shared on an undisclosed basis with aurora all other terms of the ipa are confidential pursuant to the license aurora will share an

Undisclosed percentage of the royalties generating through the sub licensing of n waves patented portfolio to sub licensees in the jurisdiction where the company holds the exclusive rights to rev trademark technology and waive an aurora will jointly benefit through economic alignment by working together to propagate the global cannabis industry with rev trademark

Machinery once again aurora’s doing again this guy’s just little by little taking care of and taking advantage of everything strategic equity investment to further cement the economic alignment between the companies aurora has made a ten million strategic equity investment in n wave pursuant to the terms of the share purchase agreement between the parties dated

April 25th 2019 aurora has purchased five million three hundred two thousand two hundred twenty seven common shares of the capital of n wave at a dean price of 188 six per share based on the volume weighted average price for n wave shares on the tsx venture for the five consecutive trading days to and excluding and including april 22nd 2019 as a consideration for

The n wave shares aurora issued title in wave 840 thousand five hundred and seventy six common shares in the capital of aurora at a dean price of eleven dollars and 89 cents per share based on the volume weighted average price for shares of aurora on the toronto stock exchange for five consecutive trading days – and excluding including april 22nd 2019 the n wave

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Shares represent approximately four point nine one percent of the issue note standing common shares of n wave on a non diluted basis which does not make them an insider in the company by the way you’d have to have at least four point nine nine percent to be an insider and a wave received conditional approval for the transaction from the tsx v on april 12 2019 the

Tsx and the new york stock exchange have conditionally approved the listing of the aurora shares on such exchanges each of the n wave shares and the aurora shares will be subject to a whole period for four months and one day from the date of issuance pursuant to the applicable security laws what does management say about this news and waves technology offers very

Significant benefits that further improve the economic returns of our sky class facility another revenue stream to build the financials of acb the technology provides us with industry scale flow through reducing working capital requirements accelerating time to market from harvest as well as increasing our ability to produce bulk scale cannabis for extraction and

Use in derivative products this is terri booth ceo of aurora cannabis our ownership interest in n wave and the exclusive license arrangement and many of our current target markets creates the potential to generate additional financial synergies brent charlton ceo of n wave stated and waves growth continues to accelerate and we are delighted to have aurora as an

Investor industry partner and technology collaborator to further the enhancement and propagation of n waves rev trademark drying technology this partnership brings together two innovation leaders in the cannabis industry and we look forward to working closely with the team at aurora to deliver further value to our stakeholders capex and working capital savings

Inclusion of n wave rev trademark technology in the design of the aurora sun and the aurora nordic facilities will result in significant capex savings on drying space smaller footprint and related hvac investments inclusion of the technology in the existing aurora sky facility will also free up space which can be repurposed to increase the economic output of the

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Facility and waves rev trademark technology furthermore reduces drying time from five to seven days to less than one hour resulting in significant working capital savings and speed to market of product the technology has certain additional benefits including the support of industry scale flow through accelerating the ability for large scale processing of cannabis

And cbd rich biomass inter intermediate or finished product license agreement details or will have an exclusive license with sub licensing rights to n waves rev trademark technology in the european union excluding portugal and exclusive options to secure the same rights in south america excluding peru and australia aurora will pay n wave a royalty on all cannabis

Products processed using the revd trademark machinery aurora will receive an undisclosed share of royalties derived from any cannabis products dried with rev trademark technology by sub licensees in jurisdictions where it holds the exclusive license aurora will have a non-exclusive sub license to the n web 10 wave technology in canada and will pay n wave a royalty

On cannabis products processed in canada using rev trademark technology machinery this is huge news breaking news and this is going to be good news for both aurora today and long-term and for n wave who shares are about a dollar eighty eight before this news i’d put them on alert today based on this news it’s probably going to explode aurora cannabis invest ten

Million into and wave and licenses drying technology remember which tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here and wish to be live investing the best because the best is blessed and acb is number two behind canopy growth missus on fire again

Today aurora is number two right now put them on your watch just put them on your radar they have big one is your boy rich if you’re not winning you’re not watching it’s true how about peace

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Aurora Cannabis (ACB) Invests $10 Million into Enwave Corporation (TSXV: ENW) By RICH TV LIVE

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