Aurora Cannabis (ACB) to OPEN in Canada’s Largest Mall West Edmonton Mall

Aurora Cannabis (ACB) to OPEN in Canada’s Largest Mall West Edmonton Mall – RICH TV LIVE – FEBRUARY 18, 2019 – Aurora Cannabis to open in WEM

Hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and i wanted to talk to you about aurora cannabis so apparently they have just opened up a store in west edmonton mall here’s the story that was just published yesterday last night a cannabis store has bought up space in canada’s largest mall that’s right canada’s largest mall aurora cannabis is set to open

Its first retail store on the main floor of west edmonton mall setting up directly across the two guys with pies hemp accessory store the move by the cannabis giant has anti-pot activists unhappy i don’t think it should be in the space at all said luke nephritis of smart approaches to marijuana if there are kids that are congregating at the mall there absolutely

Should not be a marijuana shop anywhere around there wow this is very interesting the company says it is still in the planning process at the west edmonton mall location something the alberta gaming liquor and cannabis commission confirmed if aurora is in the midst of the licensing process that process is on hold until licensing resumes as it stands right now we

Don’t have a license issued for a retail location in west edmonton mall said heather holman of the alberta gaming liquor and cannabis commission so they don’t have a license yet but they fully intend to get a space at the west edmonton mall this is huge is huge these guys are just taking over aurora cannabis is just taking over west edmonton mall it’s crazy this

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Was published from ctv news edmonton and you’re hearing it here first probably from your boy rich if you’re not winning you’re not watching remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything we talked about cannabis is a weak sell a 24% sell on bar chart the

Average short-term outlook on maintaining the current direction long-term the trend strength is minimum long term indicators fully support a continuation of the trend saying that they will continue to go down based on this however it is a 15% in the last month 53% in the last three months and 74% since august 14th of last year and it has a 52-week high of twelve

Dollars and fifty one cents on october 16th the day before legalization so it has been a roller coaster ride for aurora cannabis and this is the number one reason right here is the shares the outstanding shares of 958 million four hundred ninety six thousand six hundred forty two is just an astronomical number so that’s the big issue here with aurora there’s

Just too much dilution that’s the reason why the stock isn’t going higher some of their counterparts have two hundred million shares three hundred million shares a hundred million shares or even less and that’s why you see them going higher than aurora but i believe long-term aurora’s position to be one of the strongest companies if not the strongest company in

The entire world it’s right now between them and can it be growth for one too until anybody else knocks those guys off the charts as number one and two they will maintain this ranking as one of the biggest giants in the cannabis sector what do you guys think do you guys agree with me do disagree with me if you liked this video smash the like button comment down

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Below share the video everywhere if i win and you win we all win aurora cannabis to open in west edmonton mall they’re not fully ready to go they aren’t fully licensed but they’re getting ready look the stores getting ready it’s getting built it’s true this is your boy rich i’m out peace

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Aurora Cannabis (ACB) to OPEN in Canada's Largest Mall West Edmonton Mall By RICH TV LIVE

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