Aurora Cannabis Extends International Operations with Entry into Mexican Medical Market (NYSE: ACB)

Aurora Cannabis Extends International Operations with Entry into Mexican Medical Market (NYSE: ACB) – DECEMBER 7, 2018 – RICH TV LIVE – Aurora Cannabis Inc. (“Aurora” or the “Company”) (TSX: ACB) (NYSE: ACB) (Frankfurt: 21P; WKN: A1C4WM) announced today that the Company has established an exclusive partnership with Farmacias Magistrales S.A. (“Farmacias”), an established Mexican pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributer with a broad reach to approximately 80,000 retail points and 500 pharmacies and hospitals across Mexico. Farmacias recently received the first and only import license granted to date, from the Federal Commission for Protection Against Health Risks (“COFEPRIS”), the Mexican government body responsible for medical cannabis licensing, which permits Farmacias to import Aurora medical cannabis products containing THC into Mexico.

Hey guys this is your boy rich here from rich tv live and we got some breaking news aurora cannabis extends interact international operations with entry into mexican medical market i’m so excited i can’t even speak aurora cannabis enters mexico market via exclusive supply arrangement with pharmacies mag estrela’s pharmacy as is sole recipient of federal license

To import formulate store and sell medical cannabis containing thc aurora cannabis huge news congratulations to everybody holding aurora cannabis today it did go up it was in the green eight point nine percent i think we may have found the bottom here on aurora cannabis and this news is coming just in time this is the bottom i’m marking for aurora cannabis is the

American symbol the one that’s on the new york stock exchange the lowest it’s been was on august 14th 2018 at four dollars and nine cents it’s currently at five dollars and seventy four cents it was just recently as low as 479 i believe that was just a couple days ago so we are coming off you know pretty low for the year it might be going back up i must remind you

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That just recently on october 16th it hit a high of twelve dollars and fifty two cents in america and here we are just a couple of days ago was that four dollars so this might be an incredible buying opportunity you can see again up here all the way up here that in january of 2018 at the beginning of the year it hit a high you can see right here yeah i know it’s

In january it hit a high of around the same around twelve dollars around the same thing in the beginning of the year in january so i’m marking it to show you guys the bottoms i believe we are coming off the bottom let’s look at the news aurora cannabis inc announced today that the company has established an exclusive partnership with pharmacy as magistral is sa an

Established mexican pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor with a broad reach – approximately 80,000 retail points and 500 pharmacies and hospitals across mexico pharmacy has recently received the first and only import license granted to date from the federal commission for protection against health risks this is huge news enormous news the mexican government

Body responsible for mexican medical cannabis licensing which permits pharmacies to import aurora medical cannabis products containing thc into mexico that’s right importing into mexico pharmacies has also receive licenses from co febreze to permit importation and storage of raw cbd and thc materials manufacturer of cbd and thc products distribution of cbd and

Thc products from a cea’s license to import aurora’s medical cannabis into mexico positions aurora with another first mover advantage in one of the world’s most populous countries where more than 130 million people will have federally legal access to a range of aurora’s non-flower medical cannabis products containing thc and/or cbd dried flower containing thc is

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Currently prohibited for domestic cultivation import or sale in mexico unbelievable this new exclusive partnership further expands aurora’s early mover advantage in latin america allowing us to become a leading player in the development of the medical cannabis system in mexico a legal market of a hundred and thirty million people this is such a game-changer we

Look forward to working with pharmacies and leveraging its strong retail pharmacy and hospital networks to provide high quality medical grade cannabis to patients in the new and significant market wow this just took aurora to the next level we will also offer a mexican government authorities whatever support they deem valuable based on our insights and experience

Earned from operating in multiple nationally legal medical cannabis systems around the world what do you think about this views unbelievable they are now operating in 22 countries the number just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger i don’t need to keep reading to you guys about arora i think you guys have heard enough about arora they are numero uno they will

Be the biggest cannabis player in the free world because of deals like this they will be second to none and you heard it here first from your boy rich and i think it’s well-priced well-positioned for all of us to capitalize just in time for christmas it’s true what do you think now remember stevia is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due

Diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live okay you can go and get all the breaking news here every single day in the cannabis sector and all over the world all the tops stock tools i use every day right here absolutely free just hover over stocks learn about cbds crypto currencies contact and holler at

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Your boy what do you think guys you think this is a good time to buy arora couple days ago when it hit these channels right here really really low that was the time to buy arora right now it’s in the green again you don’t want to be chasing the green you want to buy in the red sell in the green alright if you’re not winning you’re most likely not watching we bring

In the winners and we bring them to you first okay you want to buy here at the bottom where these arrows are you want to sell here at the top it’s gone to five twice this year and gone back to 15 in canada here at sure i’m showing you it’s been to 12 dollars twice and gone down to four or five dollar range my prediction it’s gonna go right back to that twelve

Dollar range at some point what do you guys think i want to know what you guys think do you believe this to be true comment down below share the video everywhere if i win and you win we all win it’s true your boy rich and i’m out huge news for aurora big winners once again they’re taking over the world 22 countries and can see among peace i love you

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Aurora Cannabis Extends International Operations with Entry into Mexican Medical Market (NYSE: ACB) By RICH TV LIVE

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