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Aurora Cannabis, Tilray, Canopy Growth Corp, Green Growth Brands, Simon Property Group – News –

Hey guys this is rich former steve levy and i wanted to talk to you again about green growth brand so they’re up three percent in canada at five dollars and eighty eight cents i want to mark this here and i just feel like this company’s on a mission they’re on a mission i just the the ceo is just doing deal after deal after deal after deal and the stock is really

Strong for a company that’s pretty much brand new and new to the scene but they’ve got a very aggressive ceo and you could see that they just been holding very very steady here at these prices up 2.9 percent in america at four dollars and 42 cents and at five dollars and eighty eight cents in canada up three percent so there’s some news today that i read that

Once again i see their name because these guys their name is everywhere get them high on your supply get them high on your supply is the title more cannabis retail and supply agreements this is breaking news from today investor ideas calm a leading investor news resource covering hemp and cannabis stocks released a snapshot looking at the new supply and retail

Opportunities opening up in the cannabis sector with more relaxed legislation and outside industry support at legalization and public perception can as legalization and public perception continue to change surrounding the cannabis sector particularly hem we see more and more retail and supply chain agreements coming to the sector in 2019 many in new areas with

Partners to the industry with new partners to the industry it’s a big week for cannabis talks with some of the leaders reporting earnings and major deals being announced showcasing how significant this sector is becoming making sure to strike while the iron is hot for cannabis green growth brands inc ggb on the cns x gg bxf on the otcqb which i just showed you guys

Previously and now it’s yesterday it has entered into an agreement with simon property group inc a company that i broke to you guys yesterday and it’s funny cuz after i broke this news spg this is a hundred and eighty five dollar stock like this is no joke a so when you got a partner like this sorry $184 stock when you got a partner like this and your ggb and

Your partnering now with a hundred and eighty four dollar stock this is big this is big i like this i like this partnership so i don’t know like what do you guys think do you guys think that this is a good partnership do you think that this is the type of situation you want to be involved with clearly simon property group has been doing quite well at $184 they’re a

Multi-billion dollar company so this can only be good for green growth bread’s to partner with the company that’s trading at what more than 30 times their price on the new york stock exchange giving ggb access to 108 prime shop locations in u.s. mull’s owned and operated by simon ggb will further expand its chain of cbb infused personal care product shops under the

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7th sense’ botanical therapy brand and other gg beet breads our partnership with simon allows ggb to launch our brands and cbd products in premier shopping destinations across the u.s. said peter horvath ceo of ggb our management team has had decades of experience working closely with developers and operating premium retail stores in their properties we know this

Arrangement gives us access to the best locations foot traffic and consumers we look forward to introducing a remarkable retail experience and lineup cbd products – simon shoppers in the near future wow this is big i love this news simon is the largest shopping operator in the united states and it’s high-profile properties include roosevelt field in metro new york

My goodness the galleria in houston wow they’re gonna have cannabis there and woodbury common premium outlets in central valley new york the expansive nature of the relationship with simon makes it the first of its kind in the cbd industry and will give ggb access to entire markets of new customers at many of the nation’s most productive retail locations this can

Be only huge for gigi be moving forward ggb beauty also recently announced a licensing agreement with authentic brands group to develop a line of cbd infused personal care products the company will be working with tilray tl ry on the nasdaq as the preferred supplier of cbd ingredients to be used in these products let’s just take a look at tillery’s price action

Right now however looked at tillery in a while because they’re so high seventy seven dollars and 87 cents up 3.25% so you can see that the cannabis stocks are up today let’s mark toma it’s funny because i’ve been watching tillery since an ipo did i brought it to you guys first when it did ipo at about $20 look at the one-year price action literally i brought it

To you guys first in july when it did its ipo and like it was at you know when i brought it to you guys like $18 $19 $20 and then bam we see the explosion went as high as 300 and right now it’s trading at $77 which i still think is a high price retail right but terra has a very tight float and tillery continues to make deals so this is a good news for tilray and

Green growth brands okay so this is huge look at this the company will be working with tilray as the preferred supplier of the cbd ingredients to be used in these products so till rate and ggb are going to work together i want you guys to really analyze this understand what we’re seeing here till ray recently entered into a market agreement with authentic authentic

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Brands group to market and distribute a portfolio of consumer cannabis products within authentics brand portfolio in jurisdictions where right relations permit tilray inc is expected to release 4th quarter 2008 results february 12th at the close in the last reported quarter tell rate beat earning expectations by forty two point nine percent after going public

In july 2018 aurora beat earnings estimates reporting on his financials for the second quarter ended december 31st 2018 the report was positive with a net revenue of 50 4.2 million up 83% sequentially and up three hundred sixty three percent compared to the same period of 2018 driven by aurora strong performance in the launch of the canadian consumer market with

Sales of twenty one point six million and the company’s continued strength in the canadian and international medical markets with sales of twenty-six million up eight percent in revenue and twenty three percent in volume sole wow this is why aurora’s up right now let’s take a look at aurora cannabis let’s look at my number one pick and it is up two percent at seven

Dollars and 32 cents i will just mark it right here and that is an america at seven dollars and 32 cents and in canada they are priced at nine dollars and 71 cents right there so that is aurora cannabis now let’s just see what they continue to say in the article here aurora cannabis inc acb on the new york stock exchange also acb on the toronto stock exchange tsx

Has been strategically expanding its international footprint from day one and the company has now announced that it completed its first commercial export of cannabis oil to the united kingdom and the product has been successfully dispensed from a pharmacy wow this is huge now doing business in the uk competitor company canopy growth cgc let’s take a look at cgc

And their price action today on the new york stock exchange canopy growth forty four dollars and thirty-five cents we will mark it there we look at their one-year chart you can see that they’ve been as high as fifty six dollars in america currently at forty four and the symbol in canada love their symbol we’d best symbol ever for this industry currently at $59 you

Can see they’ve been as high as seventy three so there’s been a little drop here they’ve been as low recently as thirty six in december when everything was a bottom and they’re sitting at fifty nine right now so canopy growth is also expected to release their quarterly results this week on thursday february the 14th canobie made headlines in mid-january with news

That it has been granted a license by new york state to process and produce hemp chemically says that will establish within the hemp industrial park large-scale production capabilities focused on hemp extraction and product manufacturing within the united states they also said depending on board approval of a specific site canopy growth intends to invest between 100

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Million usd and 150 million usd in its new york operations capable of producing tons of hemp extract on an annual basis new frontier data just reported that in 2018 the global hemp market reached three point seven four billion in retail sales with an annual growth rate of fifteen percent and by 2020 of a four year cagr of twenty percent the global market projects

To five point seven three billion these numbers are massive deals like gg b’s with simon horta raised with ag b are fast becoming the norm as perception around cannabis and hemp changes and this industry continues to expand it’s only a matter of time before the whole world is high on their supply ha wow a great article this is a great article talking about all of

The top stocks and it’s funny they’re mentioning green growth brands with all of these big companies and they’re working with all these big companies so what do you guys think about this remember risk tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes always do your due diligence always do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here

On our show remember we are not a financial adviser past performance is not an indicator of future results what goes up will come down what goes down will go up unless it’s a really bad company and we want to identify that for you the people and you can go to rich tv live and we’re gonna be revamping this website and there’s gonna be a lot of changes you can also

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Win first show elmo piece gringo’s friends green growth brands hey these guys just keep making headlines every single day green girl friends look at that chart how does a beautiful chart oh my goodness that’s a thing of beauty that is a thing of beauty all right

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