Aurora Drift Product Review

Aurora Drift Product Review – Special thanks to Deanna for this video

Hello i picked up a chocolate bar and some gummies from the chum store in niagara falls it cost twenty dollars and 99 cents tax in for these two items i’m going to unbox them i am a trailblazer sativa vape cartridge when they first done they came in these came in last week these and they edibles sold out within six hours i was told by the staff and then i went in

And picked up these two on tuesday january 14th i think it was and by the time i finished talking to the staff person the brownies had sold out so they are going very quickly the thc the trailblazer sativa is quite nice quite nice but it it was hard to get into so i may have to go get a knife to get into these packages we both see so this first is um and it’s called

Aurora drift it is a sea salt and caramel milk chocolate it has two milligrams of thc per square i’m told and for a total in the package of ten milligrams which is the maximum that any individual package can have at this point in time i understand why they’re doing it they don’t want people just scare themselves it says click how do i click this is interesting

Click there’s me clicking i’m going to get a knife this is silly don’t know how to click i’m just going to tear it apart oh there we go click maybe that’s what they meant by click oh my goodness you have to squeeze the side with your thumb to let it free out this is the problem i had with the vape pen oh both sides tell that it’s you let it slide in the box but


If you squeeze it really hard it will let it slide freely and there are ten little squares in this giant piece of plastic so there’s your chocolate bar my chocolate bar i’ll let you know how it tastes later so that’s what the chocolate looks like five little pieces two milligrams each and that cost $7.99 now it looks like they’re reusing their packaging this is

The san rafael pineapple express gummies or pineapple gummies it’s a sativa and it says there are five units i hope you can see that it seems kind of bright on the label there you go maybe baby shadow it anyway probably see that on a website do that press down mmm that’s got the duty seal on it and then peel and lift and there are five five little gummy pieces

In this little jar which was probably a medicine jar they’ll probably have something prettier next time but so there’s an unboxing of san raphael gummies and an aurora drift chocolate bar have a great day

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Aurora Drift Product Review By RICH TV LIVE

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