Aurora, Namaste Technologies Inc., Aphria on NYSE November 2

Aurora, Namaste Technologies Inc., Aphria on NYSE November 2 – RICH TV LIVE – October 30, 2018 – Today we talk about 3 big stocks Aurora Cannabis, Namaste Technologies Inc., and Aphria. In addition, we talk about our progress in the cbd, data, packaging, and media industries. Subscribe to Departures Capital at –

What’s going on everybody gets to be live pig goodrich doing great how you doing buddy good good we’re actually seeing some green today yeah i mean it’s not a lot of green but it’s better than what we’ve been getting right so i mean a tiny bit of green is better than that 20% drop ray yeah man it’s been definitely a great buying opportunity for everybody involved

But i think that what we need to do is we need to stay patient right now and we are bottom hunters so when people are crying that’s when we are buying so realistically right now we are seeing a lot of unbelievable buying opportunities and what we are seeing right now i believe is an early correction yeah i think i think you like well how do you think financials are

Gonna be this quarter like as we get a dinner any season for the cannabis talks i think they’re gonna go ballistic i have you know these companies are all legal now they can sell cannabis the ocs the ontario canada store has been getting sold out so they’re not having issues with sales as far as interest they’re having issues with demand they cannot meet that’s the

Demand they don’t have enough supply to the meet the to meet the demand so this year they ramped up yeah in terms of economics i mean that’s a good problem to have for the companies absolutely of course right so i believe that they’re gonna get wrapped up its brand new it’s just getting started everything has gone down because everything was overvalued yeah it’s

True i mean we knew this everything’s trading at 250 times revenue aurora cannabis was trading at 250 times revenue jannetty growth was trading at 250 times revenue tillering was trading to 250 times and revenue now they’re coming back they’re still trading at a hundred times revenue yeah there’s still high high high multiples but i think well like it still could

Come down a bit more but i hope that the sell-off has like we’ve seen that massive sell-off so eventually i can for eventual we’re gonna find the floor yeah i mean look at the judgment i hope we’ve gotten a lot of that correction out of the way so far well if you look at canopy growth you will remember it this time last year there were under $10 they went to 70 now

They’ve come back in the 40s and everybody’s panicking there’s still a four hundred percents this day last year 400% what do you think is gonna happen look at aurora cannabis at this time last year what were they priced that yeah what was it right well wasn’t roar last year this time i believe it was probably around the same price maybe a little bit lower probably

I think it was lower i think it was like a two three four bucks at this time so it still was lower than what it is right now now it ran a fifty and fell and crashed you know as of january ninth everything crashed much at the beginning of this year yeah and we saw a roar at fifteen that we saw tomorrow go all the way down to five in august and we saw another epic

Run all the way to sixteen again and now we saw a boom back down to seven so this is what it does so when you see it do what it does how can you honestly be so surprised yeah i mean i’ve been saying it for the last week or two history is repeating itself but people never when you’re in the crush you’re freaking out i mean i can understand it if you started buying

It when it was in the double digits like i mean i’d be pissed off i’d be freaking out too but i mean at the same time you’re just kind of jumping on that wave of speculation and hopefully making some money but that’s when you have to set your stops i think personally well how many times would you say buying the right song yeah either right so maybe and then things

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Go down and everybody’s panicking and like guys what do you panic we’re gonna wait for this i always say buying the red selling the green now obviously when everything goes down do i feel good about it no i feel like crap comes yeah of course i was feeling sick yesterday i could okay so yeah i’m not good with anybody loses money let’s make that very clear yeah me

Either i like however however this is the time to buy when everything is beating up and everything is chewed up and everything is getting decimated that’s the perfect time to buy it doesn’t matter from the housing sector if you’re in crypto currencies well if you’re in cannabis stocks when things are being up and things are down that’s what you buy when everybody’s

Crying that’s what i’m buying that as an investor stay in the cash and when things are now that’s what you buy i mean just ask anyone who’s made money in any markets that’s how you make money yeah exactly i mean when everyone feels like it can’t get any worse maybe it can’t get any worse then that’s definitely the time to buy because the tides it’s amazing how

Fast the tides change i remember the day whenever i hit five bucks i was buying or than eights and then it went all the way down to five bucks i said this is you know you want to throw in the towel but you guys stay strong and stick with it in the pan and then yeah i’m just saying like everyone feels like things are just it couldn’t get any worse you can i sell my

Shares no don’t like especially not about i think you can get worse if you need to sell shares because you need the money that’s on your shirt yeah exactly like don’t stress out about it just sell it put a 10% stop-loss and sell it get out of the stock i’m here to market we have a cvd company we have a media company we have a data company we have a cool packaging

Plant if your cannabis company and you need any of those things holler holler at your boy we keep we’re in the game we’re not just investing we’re not just investing we’ve got a media company coke packaging company cbd company cbd water beverage company we’re working with license selfies and we’re gonna be announcing a lot of these partnerships very very soon so

Trust me when i tell you guys ain’t going nowhere i don’t care if the market goes down because they know it’s gonna go up and i don’t want to be here to see the bottom i wouldn’t be here to buy the bot and when it’s really high up instead of beating my chest and talking about how great i am i want to be selling so an aurora was at 13 i told everybody i was selling

Everybody’s like rich why are you selling i’m like we’ll look at the chart and just look at the chart it appeared it’s approaching the 52-week high so i’m selling and then everyone’s like what are you gonna buy aurora like when it hits the floor why is the floor i’m like i’ll tell you what i see it haven’t seen it yet this this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a just

Because we’ve seen a little green then we see a little red i don’t know if this is the floor i don’t know we’ll see i can’t tell you no this is the floor we are bottom hunting i will tell you when i see it i would see me yeah exactly well we’ll see what happens it’s uh i mean like like we said today it’s a lot better than yesterday and we’ll take it day by day and

See what we see so – more interesting stocks next one we can talk about quickly áfreeá going on the nyc – lots of new news i think that’s great news i think first we had obviously khronos group they were first to go through the nasdaq then we had aurora cannabis i’m sorry that we had cannon growth yeah then we had children yeah now we have aurora who’s just to

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Interrupt quickly one second why do you think do you think aurora was just bad timing it took that’s why the stock has fallen so far yeah i don’t think it has anything to do with the listing it was just you know timing of the market the market is collapsing it’s it’s it’s resetting its consolidating the whole market did because everybody is like oh a roars dropping

Cuz of the listing but honestly if everything’s dropping so that’s not has nothing to do with aurora aurora is part of us industry the whole sale went down 15% yesterday so clearly aurora’s gonna go down regardless of whatever sector whatever index they’re on they’re gonna go down so it is what it is but when the sector gets really really hot we’re gonna see them

Resurrect and then this is only gonna create more interest in aurora because everybody that thought they were overvalued hence the institutions wait we are all loading up obviously so you think you was orchestrated by the elite baby wait wait i mean come on i don’t control the markets guys i think there’s way bigger guys than me out there in her leg there’s way

Bigger guys in the end who left to andrew left has power but he’s part of the industry he alone cannot take this industry down and he knows that right i am yeah i cannot take this industry up and i know that but as a unit as a whole we may have lost the battle short-term we may have lost the battle but let’s remember two or three weeks ago we had all-time highs

For the sector so when the stock goes all the way up to all-time highs what’s the natural thing that’s gonna happen it’s going to have a correction and then it’s going to do it again so i honestly believe that we are going to see a epic rise between now and christmas mark my words you heard it here first i believe we will have an epic rise between now and christmas

Just a gut feeling first that would be very nice that’d be and i’m sure right what goes down must go up and i mean three weeks ago we had all-time highs three weeks ago now everybody’s jumping off the ship like oh my god this excuse crashing i’m like no it just started i know it just started it actually just started and these companies are actually able to sell

Weed now and i know exactly what is it one of the companies out canada in one day made like 1.3 million dollars in sales wait a minute tell me those with only eight stores or something that’s right wait until we start seeing all these companies show revenue just wait till you guys see what’s happening and i was on the phone with a less-than selfie yesterday you

Know what i’m talking about and trusted when i tell you they are going to explode you can ask them who they are we talked about it right now yeah sure i mean yeah let’s talk about it i mean you’re you were talking with who was it sean dollinger of namastey yes so it’s here about it so yeah i was thinking with sean and i’m just i’m very impressed i believe that

He’s the type of ceo that thing’s big and he reminds me of like jeff bezos of amazon and how they are the they want to be the amazon of the cannabis industry i heard even the way he was speaking with me falls in line with that and you know he wants to build 100 million-dollar company in revenue in revenue in real revenue and he said to me said rich if we build a

Company that is doing a hundred million dollars a year in real revenue how can you not say that we’re worth at least a billion dollars that’s ten to one revenue ten to us and the cannabis sectors trading we know under 25 200 to one yeah yeah yeah so do the matter and that’s all i can say i mean i’m not gonna disclose too much all i can say is rich tv live is very

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Very excited about having a relationship with namastey whether that is through collaborations and videos whether going to find a way to work with them and bring them cbd partnerships cbd distribution opportunities however we can work with them we want to be able to provide value for namaste and for all the companies in the cannabis sector and in all of the sectors

In the globe not only rich to be live but the partners capital we working with the companies globally to bring you guys awareness to bring you guys exposure to help you get identified to help you become not so undervalued not so underappreciated and not so underexposed we want to help you create value i think you’ve done an amazing job aaron honestly i’m really

Impressed with your channel and your growth and you’ve really helped my challenge well in a lot of ways and i think this collaboration is great and i feel that we are going to be doing some crazy things in the next couple months that you guys are going to see and you’re gonna see a lot more collaborations with other youtubers you’re gonna see a collaborations

With licensed tailpiece you’re gonna see collaborations with public companies you’re gonna see collaborations and news breaking on our channels with these companies so we’re really excited about the future and we’re in this industry we’re in this game and we’re not gonna run we’re at war and when we got it we get under attack and we’re believing trust me we’re

Believing just like you at home and we’re not happy about it so we’re gonna work really really hard to find the bottoms so that we can make money in this time so when it resurrects and it explodes we can all profit and we can all maximize on this downturn because that’s what this is a boat take people out of it leave your boat check your motion at the door we’re

Bottom hunters we’re gonna buy the red we’re gonna sell the green rinse repeat rinse repeat rinse repeat so you make money exactly like you you see all these huge institutions pouring hundreds of billions and billions into companies mm-hmm i surprises do you think that they’re willing to take it out yeah no they’re they’re not in it to lose they’re not investing

Millions of dates dollars well what a good price what price did constellation brands buy kennedy growth f38 okay was it 38 around there so you think it’s gonna go much lower than that i’m good you know what i mean like you got obsessed who’s no it’s true take a look at all the big institutions look at the prices they’ve invested in these companies and if they’re

Down you have to know at some point they will go up because these institutions are gonna do everything they can to make sure it does oh for sure i mean who spends more over 4 billion furniture just because oh yeah well if it goes done no i don’t think that’s gonna happen they got enough money to take it up themselves believe me yeah i think so so yeah this was an

Awesome clap i think we’re much more positive this time i think that’s what everybody needed it this time you know the past two weeks have been rough for any cannabis investor very fair for sure so let’s hope for some at least some stabilization whether we treat sideways or eventually make start to pick back up that’d be ideal so always great collabing with you

Rich all right guys remember we’re not winning you’re not watching rich to drive is physical education educated purposes due diligence do the research invest with caution combine the red the deep red color the green is emotion out of it we have leader planners were fighting for your freedom yeah we may have lost the battle but we will win the war

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Aurora, Namaste Technologies Inc., Aphria on NYSE November 2 By RICH TV LIVE

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