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BofA Cash Rewards. So many rewards to be had so little time. When you combine the Bank of America preferred rewards with their sign-up bonuses, you get something very magical if you can meet the Plantinum Honors tier.

Probably going everybody does is beat the bush today we’re going to look at an underrated credit card called the bank of america cash rewards card over the last four years i’ve noticed that i’ve been getting this credit card and canceling it after i get the initial signup bonus now it’s for 2014-15 916 i got this card three times already and recently i got it just

One more time again this card starts off as giving you $100 for five hundred dollars of spending within 90 days and now i get better from there and you can get up to $175 for the $500 minimum spend in ninety days the requirements of these i’ll cover on the whiteboard now you should know a hundred dollars on the 500 dollar spend is pretty good but i just got the

Barclays cash board card and i got $200 on a $500 sense but that is a targeted promotion so not everyone can just sign up for it this card on the other hand you can sign up for as long as you qualify now $500 spend retirement is pretty easy to meet for most people now for 90 days that’s only a hundred sixty dollars every single month if you’re not able to fill

Up five hundred dollars by paying your bills you can still fill up the rest of it with an amazon gift card or you can just buy a five hundred dollar amazon gift card and pretend you got $100 free now a hundred dollars is the base amount of cashback that you can get if you’re part of the preferred rewards thing from bank of america you need to have their checking

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And savings account if you have a certain amount of money stored in their checking and savings account all combined together this includes investment account if it’s over 20k you’ll get a twenty five percent boost if it’s over 50k you get a fifty percent boost now if you have a hundred k you’re going to get a seventy five percent boost once you meet this $500

Requirement in 90 days you’re going to get $100 in rewards cash and if you redeem this into your bank of america checking account you’re going to get a 25% bonus which is $125 on that five hundred dollar spent $150 on that five hundred dollar spent or $175 on that five hundred dollars spent if you are part of the platinum honors now $175 is pretty good on a five

Hundred dollar spent this is 35% test factor even that barclays cash forward card i was talking about get $200 which is about 40% so it can be close to that aside from the china bonus there’s also categories of cash back which is year round they don’t rotate around you get 1% everywhere you get 2% groceries on wholesale clubs such as costco and stuff and get 3% on

Gas on the surface that sounds okay but when you combine it with the preferred rewards things you can boost those percentages up to one point two five percent one point five percent 1.75 percent if you’re in the final honors tier which might be pretty hard to attain for a lot of people but if you’re able to attain that you can get a pretty good reward you’ll note

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That citi double cash back actually gets you two percent on everything one percent when you buy something one percent when you pay for it now 1.75 isn’t as good so this is pretty useless because it’s point two five percent less than the city double if you have that card groceries when you boost two percent by 75% you end up with three point five percent people

That know about the amex blue cash everyday car the normal one not the preferred one gets you three percent on groceries so three point five percent is actually better than that amex blue one lastly you have two three percent cashback on gas if you boost it by 75% you actually act 5.25% this is pretty much better than many many different cards most cards only go

Up to five percent and a lot of cards are cancelling this it’s hard to find a gas credit card that gives you five percent these days so 5.25% is really really good even if you add the platinum tier where you have $50,000 of investable assets divided between investments or like you have you know a couple thousand in checking and saving if you add it all up if it’s

More than fifty thousand then you get five will point five percent which is still pretty pretty good it’s pretty good lastly to note is that there’s a $2,500 cap per quarter on these – groceries on wholesale categories which means it’s about eight hundred thirty three dollars per month it’s the comfortable limit depending on how much you spend i do realize i know

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Everyone can take advantage of those prefer rewards tears depending on how much investable assets you have you probably have a good idea of how much you can put in bank of america already so you probably have a good idea if you can take advantage of these tears or not that’s all i have for you for today if you’re interested in supporting this channel you can check

Out my audible link down in a video description below and you can support my channels directly through my patreon link over here don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you already have a bank of america cash rewards card and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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