Ayurcann Holdings Corp. CEO Igal Sudman (CSE: AYUR)

Ayurcann Holdings Corp. CEO Igal Sudman (CSE: AYUR) – RICH TV LIVE – July 15, 2021 – Building on incredible growth opportunities presented in 2021, Ayurcann Holdings Corp. (CSE: AYUR) (the “ Company ” or “ Ayurcann) is pleased to announce that the company has signed a partnership agreement with California based Green Bee Botanicals to produce CBD and THC infused cannabis wellness products for the adult use market in Canada. Sales of the Green Bee Botanical products is set to begin in 2021.

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Join our trading club at richpixdaily.com and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell for notifications to get alerted when our next co interview is released so you can discover the next 10 bagger hi how is everybody doing today i’m your host rich here we have a rich tv live with our very special guest igal sudman the ceo of irecan holdings corp how

You doing today gal oh fantastic thank you for having me on always a pleasure excited to have you on the show first time guest thank you for joining us today and i wanted to start off by talking a little bit about the company which just stated that it will be entering into the canadian recreational cannabis market and we were wondering what is irkan’s go-to

Market strategy so thanks again for having us and and uh getting our message out um we are really positioned as as a b2b play in the cannabis space we work with a variety of different lps we process on a continuous base uh um over a thousand kilos a week of biomass we have a lot of distillate available uh both on the thc and cbd side uh which is substantially

Different than majority of lps that are playing in the cannabis space uh we have probably three or four hundred kilos at any one time available uh for these lps or other brands we have a variety of different licenses we have our r d licenses um processing licenses and now we have our sales license as well with a sales license we find that a lot of uh lps

As well as brands um need need and require that relationship in order to put uh those products on the on the shelves in uh in canada a lot of things get not a lot of things all the things are getting sold through the boards uh through the liquor boards and and the cannabis boards in every province so our strategy is really to partner with best in in class

Brands and lps um that are able to produce market and sell their products through us uh especially with the fact that we are um you know producing the the distillate or the all the formulations as well as packaging and being able to bring a valuable product and a valuable proposition into the recreational space that’s fantastic now irkan is also planning to

Complete its phase two facility sometime this year what can you tell us about the work currently underway for phase two and once complete what does that mean for irca yeah um so we are basically about eighty percent complete now um i think that uh we’ll be able to uh get that up and running uh over the next four to six weeks uh the intention is i think we’re

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Pretty much um you know actively pursuing the uh the co-packing business um we are producing right now like i said over a thousand kilos a week of input biomass we can expand that you know substantially more on the processing side when it comes to formulation filling uh and packaging right now we’re able to do about a million filled packages a year uh with

The expansion we should grow that to about three million units um and grow from that as required we have the space for both storage and production um and that’s sort of the intention i think that uh we’re very responsible of how we spend money um you know and and we do things quite quickly and like i said i think four to six weeks is sort of the time frame

Of of having more production um at par and and face to build out and and starting to produce uh more than what we produce right now that’s great now today you also announced that irkan is partnering with green bee botanicals a california-based cannabis infused wellness brand could you please tell us what the strategy and vision is behind this partnership

And when does the company intend to launch green bee products in canada so we we source out like i mentioned uh you know to bring products best in class sort of products around the world uh into canada and represent that uh that relationship into the recreational board as one as well as the medicinal boards uh before we signed up with green bee or signed

Them up uh we signed with bazellet which is the leading uh medicinal cannabis company in israel or the largest one as well california we went there there’s obviously a lot of brands green bee is an award-winning women-led initiative in the topical space they have won multiple awards as best in class we can really talk about in canada based on regulation on

The fact of how good their products are and what they do for skin care and both in health and beauty but i think people will address that as they read more about us and about what we do um the intention is to we have all their formulations you know the relationship is very exclusive um we intend uh in canada it takes about two months uh to have uh products

Submitted to health canada and approved so we’re hoping that within three or four months you know those products are going to be on the shelf we’re addressing the formulations now obviously we have the the active component the cannabinoids that are required both of the thc and the cpd side what we do intend to bring to market is that a lot of products that

Are made in the u.s especially in california have a lot less cannabinoid content so it could be you know 50 milligram or 100 milligram total of thc and cbd um our formulation uh that the ones we work with them on um is gonna be probably the two three four five hundred milligram in a container which is at least twice if not you know four four or five times

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More than what’s available right now in direct space in canada and on the medicinal side as you can appreciate their formulation is award-winning um our co-packing and responsibility is uh is in place and i think it’s a winning formulation that sounds great sounds like you guys are on the right track now we talked about the share structure earlier today and

We really love fundamentals here at rich tv live we really like to understand the fundamentals and two things that are really caught my attention i like your share structure 119 million fully diluted and no debt that is extremely important for us in our community here can you talk a little bit about your share structure and maybe how many shares are held by

Insiders yeah um so like we like you mentioned you know earlier we talked about the fact that um you know we believe that putting our money where our mouth is together with our friends and family um so it’s about 120 million fully diluted uh both myself my partner family and friends uh in very close uh whole probably 60 to 70 million shares out of that uh

You know so we’re very entrenched into the company um you know we’re locked up obviously for three years uh with no intention of you know of going anywhere uh we believe in aligning ourselves with uh not only family and friends but also investors that believe in us you know we feel very responsible uh of using people other people’s money um and not wasting it

Or spending it uh when there is no need to it um and and i feel that uh you know moving forward that’s not gonna really change we don’t intend to take on any debt uh we don’t have any debt you know we invested whatever we invested invested you know personally um we did a small raise when we went public for about 500 000 couple months ago it was over subscribe

You know and and we we came out i think it was 18 or 19 cents that people subscribe with a warrant so you know we believe that everybody that sort of uh believes in us we want them to to go for the ride with us uh and for it to be a winning proposition for everybody i love it this is music to our ears in our community we love to go for rides now when i went

Through your website i noticed that you have a section called marketplace now this is very unique i love this plan where it plans to distribute cannabis products to medical patients in canada when does the company expect to launch its official marketplace and what kind of products will the company be launching through its marketplace so our strategy on on the

Marketplace is is twofold uh one obviously you know dealing with the cannabis uh medicinal users in canada and being able to sell to them directly instead of going to the boards uh that’s what’s available and allowed um the way we’re structuring it it’s right now in beta people are able to sign up with a prescription um right now if they call us or they they

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Send an email we can get their prescription filled um on the products that we have uh we find that the the strategy is really to give them a more beneficial value so a lot of products that are available at higher potency and higher concentration are available on the marketplace directly to to medicinal users at a cheaper rate that they can buy recreationally

A little secret there um and being able to we believe in value you know be it an investor be it uh you know a consumer and so forth uh the marketplace the way we intend to do it is is really an amazon model uh so other the the fact that we have our own products for sure um we also able to fulfill package manufacturer for other lps that may not have the access

To the recreational markets because you know it’s a monopoly so as being able to manufacture that offer that through the marketplace they can offer it to their own users their own medicinal patients that they may have lined up and and signed up at a substantial discount so they get the you know all the revenue directly uh and and can deal with them directly

We don’t intend to sell obviously only our products the idea is to have an amazon type of uh structure or marketplace where all the lps or any lp that is able um to produce product will work on a dropship model where you know we’ll obviously promote it advertise it you know do all the legislation that is required around it um take us much smaller cut uh that

Um you know is being done now um in the industry and uh and there’s more money lining up the lps uh that are making products right now um as well as producing new products on a continuous basis wow that sounds great it sounds like you guys have a lot on the go congratulations on all your success so far the ceo of ir can holdings corp igal sudman thank you

For joining us today gal thank you very much for having me looking forward to more always a pleasure now if you guys like these videos please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence and do your research before you

Invest in anything that we talk about or discuss here in rich tv live now in saying that i believe this company is undervalued under appreciated underexposed so please add them to your watch list add them to your radar we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first i believe this is a company that has incredible upside like we said no debt tight share

Structure strong management team in a growing company growing revenue in a growing industry so i think the upside is tremendous thank you for your time today igal and we’ll talk to you soon thank you very much and thank you for watching everybody have yourselves a great day you

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