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Ayurcann Holdings Corp. (CSE: AYUR) (FSE:3ZQ0) | BREAKING NEWS – RICH TV LIVE – August 24, 2021 – Ayurcann Holdings Corp. (CSE: AYUR) (FSE:3ZQ0) (the “Company” or “Ayurcann”) a Canadian cannabis extraction company specializing in the processing of cannabis and hemp for the production of oils and various derivative product, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a manufacturing and distribution agreement with Her Highness NYC (“Her Highness”), the premier purveyors of female-forward cannabis couture products that are inspired and engineered by women, for women. Under this agreement, Ayurcann will serve as an exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Her Highness branded products for the Canadian adult use market.

Big news irkan secures manufacturing and distribution agreement with nyc cannabis brand her highness talk a little bit about this news how’d you guys make this happen yeah for sure we um we know the guys at meridia mouridia is a vc fund out of the us they invest in up-and-coming companies um and they made the introductions couple of weeks ago or i guess couple

Months ago now um and we started having conversations um you know her highness is very much you know concentrating on on producing products specifically for women’s uh consumption um in in california nevada and new york city and they’re expanding across uh across the us uh they decided that uh you know we are the uh the manufacturer and the partner to work with

In canada and uh we’ve been having some conversations over the last couple of months they like what we are offering especially with the fact that we are very closely aligned uh with uh with their um you know vision to the market we’re bringing unique products uh that is a value propo proposition uh to the customers and and uh we’re the first expansion they’re uh

Uh they partnered up with outside of the us wow congratulations excellent excellent yeah it was uh it was lots of fun like i said you know the people behind it are very uh entrepreneurial they’ve had other businesses that they operated and we’re very proud of uh having that relationship set up and and uh operating now and we’re working on products right now for

Them so you guys are an online marketplace now you guys are expanding into america i saw that you just got your frankfurt listing congratulations for that thank you thank you yeah we are exciting about uh going into europe and and uh as we alluded to before and some other conversations that we’ve had um you know we’re looking on the ltc listing as well and uh the

Intention is uh to to expose investors all over the world uh to what opportunity at hurricane is i think that and and that’s what i wanted to talk to you about next so we talked about this before you’re listed in canada you’re now listed in frankfurt so two-thirds of our community can buy the stock now that you guys are actually working with a company from new york

City the next perfect listing would be an otc listing so any ideas on when we can expect that is that around the corner is that still far away uh can you talk on that a little bit yeah for sure so we found we filed all our paperwork um uh i think last month uh and uh we’re having conversations with them on a continuous basis the indication uh from them from the otc

Specifically is that you know they like to see eight to 12 weeks um you know until they sort of approve the listing so we’re expecting it to be uh september uh maybe october would cover it depends how you know that sort of gets affected uh but we we follow the paperwork we you know the feedback that we’ve received from them is that you know we we have everything

Lined up uh as they require um i think they’ll wait for some uh um you know more feedback from their own um internal investigation but uh you know as far as we know uh and we’re hoping for is is uh a september listing that is huge now igal tell us what is the company’s vision behind partnering with the company such as her highness what sorts of products is the

Company looking to distribute in canada so with her highness and and when we set up with uh inocan and bazelet and uh green b as well you know we’re trying to find best of breed uh type of operators as well as products we we don’t want to bring and we’re not gonna bring you know hundreds of skus um in into into the marketplace especially in canada you know it’s

A smaller market so we’re trying to find and we are finding and partnering up with with unique of opportunities and offerings so if it’s specifically with her highness you know they specialize in the um in the women’s segment that is more eroticized i guess i would call it uh so self-care and self-help i would say um you know when it comes to innocant it’s more

On the beauty side um you know facial type of thing green bee is is geared towards uh um you know uh topicals that are pain oriented and and service the the requirements of a different segment um so everything that we bring we try to utilize our expertise and formulations and and bringing products to market as quickly as possible that is fantastic now with will

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These products be available solely to those registered which i love in your newly launched marketplace i love the idea of the marketplace or will the company target the recreational market with these products um so they’re going to be offered on both i think they’re going to be quickly available on the ioka marketplace it’s a it’s an internal as you can appreciate

We’re controlling everything about the marketplace uh as we develop product and and releasing it it’s much easier for us to offer it to the various consumers there’s over 400 000 medical patients in canada um and as we build those relationships with with the patients as well with as well was as well as with other lps uh on offering products i think that’s going to

Be uh first priority and is going to be quickly available on that on the marketplace um we are offering it obviously in the recreational space to all the boards uh that requires a little bit longer time frame um you know it’s all going to be approved it’s all going to be uh produced it’s just a matter of how quickly it can be brought into the recreational space

But the intention is for it to be on the recreational um marketplace the recreational space and recreational boards throughout canada wow that’s exciting super super exciting and i love what you guys are doing now further expanding on iron cans newly launched marketplace which i love you guys are essentially working on becoming the amazon of cannabis an online

Marketplace to serve its medical customers in your previous press release the company touched on the fact that you’ll be launching three new brands in the marketplace in the coming weeks could you elaborate a little bit on this for us and what it means for the company yeah uh so right now there was uh i guess top sellers from our point of view uh vapes and and

Some tincture products on the marketplace right now um we have uh signed up or signing up a few other brands uh that are already selling into the recreational space uh right now on the ocs they’re gonna come across canada as well it’s to be a discounted product or a better price product i think um as we offer those uh those different uh opportunities for buyers um

So those are going to be tinctures and vapes as well um we’re looking at uh producing over the next four to six weeks topicals which again are going to be available from couple of brands including uh working on the inno can her highness and uh and green b fantastic fantastic um been big fan of what you guys are doing and it seems like you guys have so much news

Recently iron can announced a partnership with innocant pharma can you elaborate on this partnership for us a little bit and tell us what the company plans are under this partnership yeah so uh you know ken very similar to uh um to her highness bizzellet and and green b um you know ken is is uh uh is out of israel uh they’re very concentrated on producing medicinal

Products that uh that can be kept that can enhance uh you know the beauty segment uh of of uh of of the users or the consumers uh they have a lot of studies that they’ve done both in in israel i think and in europe uh they’re already selling as far as i know in europe um and um you know bringing those products and exclusive relationship that we have with them um is

Going to benefit both companies i think the intention is again like i said over the next four to six weeks to start seeing some of these products on the irka marketplace as well as exposing those products into the recreational space so we’ve talked a lot and one of the big key elements of your business is that you guys have no debt is that correct you still have

No debt we have no debt we don’t intend to have any debt uh you know we don’t believe in in doing it we believe in uh putting our money where our mouth is you know we’re very tight on on and responsible on how we spend money about our hours and our investors we we we believe in making sure that everything that we spend goes uh you know further than anybody else

Can do now that is very important to me companies with no debt are the companies that i like the most they go to the top of the list for me can you now just give a little bit of an idea or a vision for the members that are watching that we’ll be watching even after this live interview all over the world what the future holds for ir can holdings what the potential

Is for this company we’ve just talked about the fact that has no debt you guys are acquiring seems like you’re making an acquisition almost every week what’s the future of irecan holdings for investors that are thinking about potentially investing in the company so uh thank you for the you know for the belief in us uh we believe in ourselves as well as you can


Appreciate um you know we are concentrating really on growing a company especially in in canada initially um you know in concentrating on being a sort of a big fish in a smaller pond um as we as we grow i think there’s going to be a lot of m a’s opportunities on smaller companies that cannot uh succeed or have not succeeded has not have not proven themselves i

Think we bring something to the table that investors can get behind we we proven ourselves so far in how we operate the fact that we are debt-free and continuously growing um and and people that have invested in us you know so far have been you know happy with it as far as i know um the idea is to grow through acquisitions i think there’s like i said there’s there

Are opportunities some of the larger companies are doing it now buying some of the smaller companies we believe that there is opportunities for us to buy some of the smaller companies and to grow especially in canada there are opportunities uh to uh to expand potentially into the us and into europe with some of the relationships that we’re forming right now um

And and grow the company that way the cannabis sector has been under severe selling pressure there was a point in time where the cannabis sector was overpriced i believe right now it’s oversold across the board like cannabis is heavily oversold what do you think it’s going to take to get the cannabis sector back to where the companies are actually trading where

They should be because to me across the board everything is heavily oversold do you think that there’s going to be a catalyst that’s going to turn this around do you think it’s a seasonal thing what’s your opinion on that and why the cannabis sector is heavily oversold right now because a company like yourself in my opinion is grossly undervalued we also think the

Same way as you that we are undervalued um i think that uh like everything else you know is very uh it was a cycle you know people got excited obviously about uh what cannabis can bring cannabis is not going anywhere the industry is just growing by leaps and bounds every study that you see every report that comes out especially in canada you know sales are um you

Know growing month to month and year over year i think that uh what’s going to happen is that i think there’s going to be a little bit more of a shakeout i think um i think the evaluations especially on the larger companies the smaller companies are a little bit um you know less inclined uh to have these huge evaluations like the the larger ones uh are i think

That uh investors are looking and are fed up with uh companies that over promise and under deliver um you know companies that you know do a sale but have you know hundreds of millions of dollars in losses on a continuous basis month of a month a quarter of a quarter um i think as as more financials come out like ours and and other ones potentially and show that uh

You know that that ship is is get getting turned around um and there is an ability for the few of us that are able to manufacture profitably to manage a company profitably and grow a company profitably i think the investors are going to come back because investors eventually you know even if they go away and you know to other other industries and sectors you know

Eventually investors are looking for a profitable growing company to put their money in for the long term what’s your message to investors that are buying the stock holding the stock and um they see all this news and there’s a question here from top stocks he says when does the company expect to begin sales in the recreational market do you have an answer for

That yeah so we we’ve had conversations with all the boards across canada um and and it takes a little bit of time uh it’s not really up to uh you know necessarily only up to us uh we have the products we have the manufacturing we are manufacturing right now for you know top sellers in various skus um you know be it vapes or tinctures um you know that are selling

Into the recreational space right now as a b2b uh customer uh for us um you know in the brands that we represent you know there is a timeline of when you present to the boards uh when you submit the information to health canada for approval that’s a 60-day sometimes a 90-day process um and for the boards to order they don’t order from today to tomorrow they try

To align themselves with uh with their inventory so it could be you know four to six months until your cpos um being brought forth until you ship the product but when you do and the product speaks for itself customers are buying it the the it’s it’s really exponentially uh it’s it can create an exponential growth on a continuous basis we feel that um as i said

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We’re talking to all the boards uh right now and have been uh we’re hoping that um you know we’ll have some positive some more positive news in pr over the next couple of weeks uh to address that everything is about in this market right now is about revenue it’s like the money is just flowing into smart money smart money and we see the bigger the biggest companies

In the world just keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger and it feels like all the smart money right now is heavily invested into large caps and it seems like a lot of money’s been getting sucked out of small caps and going into the bigger companies the apples the nvidia’s the pfizers the googles i was looking at google google’s up 60 this year in videos up 68

This year these are huge companies they just keep getting bigger and bigger so there’s a lot of money on the sidelines that just isn’t investing in small caps right now but we know that at some point it’s like a switch if the small caps get hot everyone’s gonna pour in so for those investors that are looking for an undervalued underappreciated underexposed company

Like yourself what’s the idea or what’s the expected run rate for the company do you have an idea of what your expected run rate is for the company this year and next year and moving forward yeah so um so for us like we alluded to and we talked about we don’t have any debt we’re running a profitable you know business uh we have money in the bank we have uh very

Healthy accounts receivable uh and low accounts payable um so we’re not going anywhere um you know we can afford to stay we don’t have to raise necessarily a lot of money to maintain the business and grow it the intention is is to continuously and steadily grow the business and hopefully the investors will realize that you know investing in a smaller cap or a

Smaller company will give you the benefit of multiples um which i don’t think you can get with amazon or apple right now absolutely i agree with you 100 and that’s why people love small caps people love small caps because they have huge growth potential and we have had a great track record of identifying undervalued underappreciated underexposed companies before they

Explode and i feel you guys literally fit the bill and check off every single box if there was a message you want to deliver to your investors um before we say goodbye today what would it be um i think that um you know there is uh uh there is a light at the end of the tunnel you know for the for the cannabis space in general um i think that uh you know believing in

A company and and you know feeling it inside that you know you want to invest and support a company that you believe uh will you know is doing what it says it it it does um and and um you know under promise and over deliver it’s what we’ve done from day one and i think that came across on the multiple interviews that we’ve done as well as uh the news releases um so

If we’ve proven ourselves so far we intend to prove ourselves into the future they just have to believe in and uh trust in in working with us well thank you so much for your time today continue all your great work the ceo and chairman of irecan holdings corp and thank you so much for your time this is huge huge huge deal guys once again irecan secures manufacturing

And distribution agreement with nyc cannabis brand her highness once again the ceo and chairman of iron can holdings corp miguel sudman thank you for joining us today gal and continue all your hard work thank you for having me and talk to you soon always a pleasure now guys remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your

Due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talked about or discuss here on rich tv live invest in the best the best is blessed and you deserve the best if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first i think this is a company that’s undervalued unappreciated underexposed with no debt growing

Revenue and is doing a lot of acquisition so put it on your radar put in your watch list i think they have a chance to be very special if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe if you’re live this is your boy rich from rich to be live have a nice day everybody we’ll talk to you soon thank you thank you

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