Back to School Clothes for CHEAP! | Best time of year to BUY CLOTHES!

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel i am jeremy and today we are talking about back-to-school clothes for cheap and the best time of year to buy clothing carrier whether you’re looking for back to school or whether just you know someone in your 20s 30s 40s whatever age and you were looking for clothes for

Cheap i’m going to tell you the best time of year to buy it and this kind of close out the series because i did a video the other day on back-to-school supplies for cheap and the best places to buy back to school back to school supplies for the cheapest amount possible so today let’s go ahead and get into this so let’s first think about what a retailer’s ideas

Are how does a retailer maximize profits well they know you’re going to be buying a you know the general person is going to buy most of their clothes if their back-to-school shopping it’s going to be in about july because school generally starts in august for most schools so most people are going to buy back to school clothes in july so if they know that do you

Think they’re going to have incredible sales in july probably not they’re probably going to mark up everything to maximum amounts of money because they know they’re going to sell a lot of stuff regardless of what the price is because people are looking for back-to-school clothes kids you know whether you’re in elementary school in middle school or high school or

College or whatever you want to have the coolest clothes you want to start your you know your school your up fresh you want to have new shoes you want to have new shirts new you know shorts all that good stuff so july is a very popular month to go back to school shopping so i don’t recommend you doing in july i also don’t recommend you doing in august which means

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Unfortunately you’ve got to go back to school in the clothes you wore last year but september that is a phenomenal month for back-to-school clothes it’s a phenomenal month for closed period even if you’re not looking for back-to-school clothes because september’s a month that is called like a clearing inventory month for retailers so they need to mark down clothes

Or they need to sell it off to ross tj maxx marshalls a lot of those places so you’ll want to check out those places in september as well because they’re trying to move into the winter months the fall months and get ready for the christmas shopping season so september they’re just trying to move inventory they’re trying to move old summer inventory then try to

Move old school clothes that did not sell because generally retailers they order too much because they don’t want to order not enough and they sell out and then they have nothing to sell their customer so they’re already they’re always going to order too much so this too much they need to clear so they’re going to mark it down and price so they can just move it

And they do that in the month of sep tember generally almost all of them so september is a phenomenal month to go get your back-to-school clothes or to just get clothes in general if you don’t go to school the other time of year that is phenomenal is after christmas but not directly after christmas it used to be as soon as january hit all these phenomenal sales

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Would happen you could go get so much stuff for cheap but what happened is gift cards became a very popular gift to give over the last 10 or 15 years gift cards have exploded people giving gift cards because they realize sometimes they aren’t the best pic routers of gifts and sometimes it’s better just to give a gift card for fifty a hundred dollars or whatever to

A retailer so retailers now have figured this out and they realize a lot of people are coming in for clothes because they have gift cards in the month of january so let’s not mark everything down in january because let’s get those people to use their gift cards and still be selling stuff for maximum amounts of money februari februari is now the best month as far

As that time of year as getting winter clothes for super cheap super cheap because they’re trying to clear inventory they know spring is going to come so you want to buy your winter clothes almost for the next year in advance so you want to go buy your jeans you know your your sweatshirts jackets all that stuff in february and i know it stinks because you know

You’re growing they only going to get to wear it for a few weeks or maybe a month and then march is going to hit and the weather is going to start warming up and you’re not going to want to wear any of that winter clothes but the next winter you’re set and you have a full new wardrobe and you got it for a phenomenal price because they need to mark it down because

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No one wants to go up no one wants to go out in february to buy jackets and sweatshirts and all those kinds of things because they already did that for christmas there i did that in january there or did that november october so if you’re one of those select few that can wait till februari and get your whole new wardrobe for next year that is the time to do it you

Can get to three pieces of clothing for the price that someone was paying one piece of clothing for a few months prior so those are the two best times i’ve year to do it if your back-to-school shopping wait till sep tember september’s a month you will get deals believe me and if you’re doing just general shopping than september or februari are phenomenal times of

Year to do that shopping anyways i thank you so much for watching this video today’s subscribers if you haven’t subscribed you may want to i talked a ton about personal finance this is kind of a personal finance related video i talked a lot about the stock market how to understand stocks and investing those kinds of things and i talked about entrepreneurship and

Being a young entrepreneur and in business so anyways if you liked this video guys hit that thumbs up button and you know what guys have a great day

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Back to School Clothes for CHEAP! | Best time of year to BUY CLOTHES! By Financial Education

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