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BBTV Holdings (TSE: BBTV) (OTC: BBVTF) Fernanfloo Party – PRICE PREDICTION 2021 – RICH TV LIVE – December 31, 2020 – BBTV Capitalizes on Popular Holiday Season with Mobile Game Launch

Hey guys how you doing this is rich here we have a rich tv live hope you’re all having a great day happy new years there’s many people all over the world already celebrating new year’s happy new years to all you hope you are all having a great new year’s all over the world socially distance of course and hopefully you’re enjoying responsibly so bb tv i brought

You guys this pic and i was the first one ever to talk about bb tv holdings and i told you guys that they have a chance to be an absolute beauty a giant and look at the charts see how when i first started talking about it was at 1290 went up to 1408 today okay hit its all-time high since i’ve been watching it and i’ve talked about it now at 1408 it’s up since

I’ve talked about it and it’s really gaining steam and climbing up 5 so this is very bullish right now this is a very bullish indicator you can see that the macd crossed and is moving up right so the macd crossed here is moving up so that is a very bullish indicator you can see that the rsi is very high here so it is signaling that it is now in the cell zone

So it is getting some selling pressure so be watchful of a trend reversal but it has had a really really strong day and i think they have a chance to be a huge winner i’m going to show you why this is bb tv in america bbvtf let’s look at the american side this is the canadian side bbvtf bbvt in america looks like this this is the american side so you can see

That is clearly on the rise and has momentum okay and up six percent right now and traded 20 000 shares and just gaining steam hope you’re having a happy holidays happy new years to all of you guys please guys if you like this video smash the like button comment down below and share the video everywhere and feel free to join the chat and if you have any pics

Or any questions or any ideas please let me know i’m right now looking at bbtv and i think it has a chance to be an absolute giant and i’m going to make a prediction right now that we’re going to see them go to twenty dollars in 2021. i’m going to show you why i love tight float stocks okay really like tight float stocks it’s extremely important to me and they

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Got no information here so we’re going to go over here and we’re going to scroll down i’m going to show you their share structure which second to none here 14 million shares 14 million shares this is one of the tightest floats i’ve ever seen and i think that this could go to twenty dollars and based on the fact that they are growing and i like what they do and

The fact that i’m an influencer and they’re in the influencer space i support this company i love what they’re doing and i think that they have enormous potential absolutely enormous potential let’s take a look at it here bbtv holdings inc is a media and technology company company provides end-to-end management distribution and monetization of content revenue is

Generated from direct ad sales advertising content management and mobile gaming apps it has got two solution based solutions and plus solutions the base solutions represent over 90 percent of the revenues company monetizes based solutions typically through advertisements sold against content by the platforms hosting the content such as social and video platforms

Like youtube and obviously that’s what we do so i’m a big fan and uh i think this company has a future i think they have a great future they have a brilliant ceo and i think that the future is bright for this company they are already making a lot of money and i believe they’re going to make a lot more and this has got a tight flow great management very sharp ceo

Who is aggressive and is going to take this company places in my opinion so bb tv in canada bb vtf in america on alert right now i think it goes to 20 in 2021 that’s my prediction love to know what you guys think do you agree with me do you disagree with me do you think that this has a chance to be a winner hey how you doing phil it’s been a great day brother

Happy new year to you troy says smash the likes for our boy rich hey thanks troy happy new year to you brother and i know you’ve had an amazing 2020 i hope you have a very even better 2021 and beyond man and expert trading says happy new years everyone like smashed hey thank you my friend happy new year’s everybody just one more pick for you in 2020 i wanted

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To drop um their beauty they had some news actually caught my attention see if i can find it let’s see here if i go back to overview see their news caught my attention they had a really huge social influencer that they put a deal together with they announced here a couple days ago bb tv launches new mobile game on gaming game offering with fernan flow a major

Influencer and one of the world’s top youtubers so i thought that was some huge news and he’s in latin america so i’m not familiar with him but he is one of the larger youtubers with 38.6 million youtube subscribers and over 8.7 billion all-time youtube views he’s the world’s 40th top youtuber whoa wow that’s big so yeah you know these guys are doing big things

And we can get in before the rush that’s what we do best here and if you want to learn how to get in and win you can join the club too take a look guys we are blowing up like we’re literally blowing up and it’s unbelievable um you guys can go to rich and you can see our picks and we’ve had so many winners and it’s just been winner after winner after

Winner so congratulations to members and there are so many more winners that we have that we haven’t even added because people are on holidays so there’s so many winners that we need to still add to this list so like we’re on fire guys and you know 125 picks there’s more than that in 2020 and 205 average peak profit on our trades in 2020 let’s make 2021 the

Biggest year of our lives we just created another site and it’s uh rich picks and you can literally go there now and you can join the club you guys can now become a part of the club the private trading chat and we are literally teaching members all over the world how to trade stocks gold bitcoin forex indexes us 30 you name it we do it so we are

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Evolving and you know we love finding winners and we love finding them first and hey steve happy new year to you brother i’m gonna make you a moderator here man thank you for being a part of the club brother i appreciate you man and i hope you have a wonderful 2021 man filled with abundance scoops medium do you own stocks in this company i don’t yet um but i

Want to i really do want to i think that their their potential is just unbelievable uh share bear happy new year share bear you’ve had an amazing day an amazing year and i wish you an amazing 2021 and beyond so thank you guys for for watching have a happy merry holidays and christmas holidays and a happy new year and uh let’s finish 2020 strong if you’re already

Celebrating happy new year i wish you a happy new year all over the world and if you’re about to celebrate your new years go enjoy happy new years to everybody huge huge huge i believe opportunity for bb tv in 2021 and i think it’s just getting started bb tv in canada bbvtf in america and here’s the pic that we brought you earlier today brand new ipo gold play

And they are up brand new ipo we brought it to you first today and they are already up 95 congratulations to members and we got members that are talking about all kinds of picks if you want access to those picks all you got to do is join the club thank you for watching if you’re not reading if you’re not winning you’re not watching is your boy

Rich from mercedes live happy new year’s everybody we’re going to make 2021 the biggest year of our career you can book it bb tv my prediction twenty dollars in 2021. currently at 13.85 remember this video i’ll come back when they’re at 20 in 2021 i’ll probably come back before that you know when they’re at 14 15 16. but you know they’re up since my first video

So hopefully this trend continues and i’m right and i think that i will be i think they have a chance to be a big winner happy new years everybody we’ll see you soon

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