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How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush a lot of you have requested me to do a home tour so today that’s what i’m doing so i’ve always intended to do a home tour for my patreon members and it’s been a really really long time i’ve been meaning to do it the thing that kept me from doing it is because i have so much junk a lot of private stuff laying all over

The place that it’s really hard to just clean up the whole place so that i can just do it in one go so what i’m gonna do today is i’m gonna show you most of the place but then within the rooms i cannot show you just yet because i haven’t cleaned that up yet and to give something back to my patreon members i do intend to release those individual rooms later on so

Here we go let’s go okay so you guys have never seen this view of my living room before here it is you see my lights over there there’s a mic over there i’m not using today because i’m using the mobile mic that’s on the camera right now my various tripods over there there’s a tablet for me to see the viewfinder closer and over here there’s a little bit of lighting

Just use it a little bit warmer color in my videos over here is the front door now i’m gonna come over here and then you’re gonna see what i see when i’m sitting on the couch let me turn off those lights all right over there is a 55 inch big-screen tv with my old surround sound thing and various very very old video game console i have a wii over there and a ps3 in

Fact i really don’t play any video games anymore because of youtube i found that not playing video games and not watching tv after you’ve done it for a long time you kind of go wow you know i was free wasting a lot of time back then so that’s just my opinion over here is just a corner there used to be more stuff here i cleaned it up there’s an odd car chair right

Here i found this very useful and i pulled this from my old car mainly for sitting next to the fireplace because a lot of times when you sit next to the fireplace you want to get close but then you can’t lean back so this thing lets you sit down close to the floor and also lean back so this is my over here first floor second floor over there let me walk over here

To the dining area the dining area you’ve seen in a lot of my videos before especially when i do my review sometimes i new vlogs on this dining table i have my whiteboard over there and a whole bunch of you know just random decorative pieces on that shelf a lot of legos actually and on there there’s various projects that i’ve done on this youtube channel before

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Especially that infinity cubed thing i have that butane lightsaber thing which it’s kind of like a light dagger not you know it doesn’t go that high you know what i should you know turn it on real quick you know it’s on high and how do you turn this thing off okay and then i have these rc cars i really like over here and then when you’re in this dining area and you

Look over there that is my kitchen and sometimes you see me do videos inside that kitchen as well over here is just another view of the area there’s a fireplace over there i have a table that i sometimes put away you know put back and stuff over here you do see that the ceiling is really high i really do enjoy having that highest ceiling because it’s just kind of

You know rather than having it like ten foot or something like this it’s i don’t know it just makes you be more creative i guess um you know when you don’t have a low ceiling above your head anyhow let me go over here over here is my kitchen my refrigerator my thermal cookers over there i just made a video about that you know saving electricity and stuff you know

Very typical my mixer microwave i bought an in supply just to test things out so later on i might compare to this thermal cooker over here as you can see my kitchen is very old and people do complain saying oh my gosh your kitchen is so old look at the old ugly tiles and stuff like that i don’t know for me it’s usable it’s just that it’s not the prettiest thing

Ever and i mean i can save a lot of money remodeling it myself but you know i just sometimes think of spending your time for certain things that you don’t really want to do is not worth it so i rather just you know not do either maybe one day if i make a lot more money then i can just pay people to do this instead in the meantime it’s usable and i don’t really

Need to make it better i guess and you can see it’s kind of old and dingy you know a little bit yellowish and stuff because you know when you do the cooking oil and stuff even if you cook a lot things get on the wall this is my favorite over here this is actually my banana holder it hooks onto the top i can’t get it down let me go over there over here is where i

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Would hang my bananas i didn’t have a banana holder and so i didn’t really want to buy one because i’m like hey you know why don’t i just you know rig up this thing up and it’d work just as great you have this little s hook over here with the string and then it just ties onto something onto the wall up there up there on the vent over there and i mean it works just

Fine you know don’t have to buy more stuff back to the kitchen area over here this is my nest thing which is completely unplugged from the internet because i don’t want them to know you know whatever data that they can track so i normally turn this off when i don’t need the heater at all i completely unplug it on the seasons where i actually have to connect it i

Don’t let it connect to the internet over here is a room in it i put a lot of boxes for amazon shipping and a lot of junk so it’s basically a junk room over here is my bathroom it’s just a bathroom and then over here is my garage it’s a two-car garage over here and then over here this is just a closet you might be wondering why the heck i have this towel over here

This is mainly just you know a really cheap soundproofing thing otherwise you know there would be more echo you can probably hear that there’s a lot of echo anyway i’m gonna come up over here over in here is the master bedroom yes i am closing this door i’m not gonna go in there because it’s a mess in there right now right over here i have a pile of flashlights

I wanted to put all my flashlights together to figure out how many i have because you know i just have so many stuff it’s like a constant thing for me to try to clean things up so that’s why a lot of the rooms you know they are essentially almost packed this is my electronics lab over here i won’t be showing it today but it’s essentially 50% packed with stuff with

Lab stuff with my tabletop cnc machine and i’ve showed this in one of my videos before i have a lot of it electronic equipment in there including soldering irons power supplies computers and things like that unfortunately i don’t think i’m using it enough so that’s that random bench table in there there’s a brooklyn one inside i still have to swap in with this one

That’s why it’s over here random junk on the florida i plan to just get rid of donate sell whatever and also a bathroom another bathroom so this is the second bathroom over there is the master bedroom there is yet another bathroom in there and over here is the heater there’s no ac in this place if you look from up here you can see everything down there this is my

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Place over here so this concludes the tour of my place if you’re interested in supporting this channel have a honey badger t-shirt over your dresses in finishin something about infinite occation though am i having infinite occation right now no i’m not i’m not really just lounging around nor do i really want to but i do feel a slight urge or slight requirement to

Keep on uploading videos when you are required to do something i’m required to do youtube these days in order to keep the revenue coming in and keep the profits coming in so that i can pay the bills basically i do need to do some youtube in order to make ends meet so infinite ocation is something i personally strive for i’m a little bit i’m kind of like halfway

There i feel like because i don’t actually have to work 40 hours a week but i do think about youtube roughly 40 hours a week i don’t actually physically have to you know spend that actual time doing it you know when i’m doing something else i think about youtube and things like that so part way there is pretty good so i don’t know that would be the real test if

At some point i can absolutely retire i don’t know what i’m actually gonna do will i actually go you know what i don’t want to do youtube anymore i just want to you know just lounge around do cuz something completely different because maybe i want to so that would be the test if i really really do like youtube so much i would do it even though i don’t need the

Money a lot of people when they’re at their jobs they say they would do that but when they actually do get real money like they win the lotto or anything they are not actually going to stay at that job i feel like most people desert says oh i love my job and things like that it’s just sort of like a mental thing to not make themselves go crazy because they have

To justify why they’re working that they would still work there anyway even if they’re rich or even if they can retire anything so thanks for watching don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of my place i know it’s not the best but there is a lot of room keep in mind that this is in the bay area so this is really

Good i think so you know for being in the bay area so thanks for watching bye bye

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