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Got a few pieces of mail! It’s like Christmas because anything that is inside is awesome fun! Lets see what is inside all these packages!

It’s mail time now if you have a mailbox over in newark california the address is three four 972 newark boulevard box number 253 newark california and nine four five six zero most of time i have prearranged deliveries i know exactly what’s coming in but these things over here i have no idea what it is apparently i guess if you leave the mail box there people are

Gonna send you stuff maybe they wanted to appear on a video well they get their wish because every piece of mail that i get i will eventually somehow show it at the end of the video read it or something like that so i have three pieces of mail today let me open this one up and see what’s in it okay babe it heart rate monitor okay this is pretty long so let me read

It first and then i’ll summarize it it’s three pages long so this is some sort of proposal for me to bring this product to market it takes your baby’s pulse body temperature and monitor your baby’s sleep through the bracelet so it’s basically an activity tracker for your baby apparently the proposal is for me to make it work i’m into a kickstarter or indiegogo

See when it’s someone else’s idea it’s someone else’s idea it’s no longer my baby anymore so for that i probably cannot you know go and develop this product for you this one is shipped to okay let’s see what this thing is this is neat personal finance and the bible kitten listens no matter what you believe neil coleman bridged i assume this is probably his own

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Book this is great you know i kind of want to write my own book as well but i never have enough time so you know writing something that’s like well how many pages is this 280 pages takes significant time you can imagine you write like 2 or 3 pages right it’s like kind of like an essay already and i’ll take you like a day to three days or something so multiply that

Over like 300 pages that means this is like one year’s worth of hard work all by home together anyway let me read this card beat the bush i love your channel on youtube thank you for pro fighting such great content and congratulations on your success i wrote this personal finance book a while back and thought you’d enjoyed a copy some of it tracks your advice

Thanks again and i look forward to more videos neal c bridge why thank you neal beat the bush i love your youtube channel thanks for the great content i hope you like my book published 2018 all rights reserved independently published props to you neal because i know how hard in your own book is so i’ll give this the read-through over here personal finance and the

Bible this is from california from chino california you know what i do with these kind of packages i like opening up as carefully as i can this part that seals it i just kind of try to cut it off like right here and you know what i do with these packages i reuse them and i ship stuff back out right along with it so when i have these packages like these you know

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I don’t want whoever i send substitute to see sensitive information that i got from packages so i try to rip the little label off as soon as i get it and then i can just reuse this package what is this dodo cool eq+ high res audio was i supposed to review this okay well left right i appreciate this this thing says in big letters left i like that but i am skeptical

If that’s gonna block any kind of sound i bet it will a little bit okay let me turn this thing on how do i turn it on turned it on okay you gotta press it and hold it on for six seconds this is power on after two seconds now it says pairing now i’m gonna be able to see it on my phone it’s paired now i can go and listen to it let me play some music i’m gonna play

Some def punk i guess it’s very comfortable for some reason if i put air pressure over here i push it against my ears i can hear the crackling of the drivers somehow if i do it on the left side i hear more crackle than on right side it’s comfortable though and i don’t think this is noise-canceling as far as i can tell as atp xll decoding enhances wireless sound

Quality and transmit audio with low latency low latency is not absolutely necessary unless you have visual feedback into your phone because if it’s delayed for half a second you know who really cares if it’s just audio this is dodo cool so dodo cool thank you for this headphone i thought about this baby thing a little bit and you know i think one of the harder


Things that people kind of consider as afterthought anyone that designs stuff as a bracelet they need to consider the material i’m no material expert but you need a hypoallergenic plastic material similar to all the fitness trackers that’s on the market right now and i assume this might be even more stringent for babies when you have something sit on your baby’s

Wrist you might also want to consider having a electronic item as sensitive as a baby is will that be okay for a baby will it be okay to have you know high-frequency things you know spurious rf emissions that emits from your wrist into your baby that’s arguable if that’s okay or not especially when it’s very low-power you also have those audio wireless baby monitors

Audio or video and those also do rf except it does not attach to your baby if you have something like this it needs to be rechargeable then you end up having to you know put it on your baby take it off every single time i don’t know it’s just something that i don’t think um i can dedicate a few years of my time to this especially when this is not my own idea who

Sent this thing where’s the box okay that’s it for today’s mail time hope you guys enjoyed it

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