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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i like to announce that i’ve started a patreon account apparently youtube channels that has gotten big enough they all have their own patreon account so here i am i got my own as well patreon allows you as a subscriber to optionally contribute to my channel directly now they take a cut out of it i think about 5%

And then i get the rest whereas if you go through youtube and click that little contribute button on on my channel page it actually takes i think something like 28 i don’t know 20 plus percent and if you do it through patreon it actually makes it more effective and so that google doesn’t take a huge portion of it believe it or not a few people did contribute via

My youtube channel page i have no idea who they are but if you do it through this patreon thing i would know exactly who you are and there will be different tier levels reward levels where i can give back to you as a subscriber patreon is a subscription service and that allows you to contribute a little bit whatever you want or feel like to my channel directly

Every single month and a lot of you would know that i’d like to draw this cash flow diagram and you try to minimize as much as possible your outflow compared to your inflow you increase your inflow as much as you can and you reduce your outflow which is especially the subscription service cable services magazines everything like that so i like to you to think more

Of this subscription service as kind of like a money saver because i’m pretty sure these videos actually helped you save way more than maybe $1 a month of contribution don’t feel obligated to do it only do it if you really want to do it depending on how much you want to contribute you can get various rewards for example at $1 per month you’ll get certain things

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$3 $5 $10 25 100 all the way up to 100 and you’ll get various rewards for contributing at those certain levels i’ve dreamed up various levels of reward that you can get one of them being specialized finance tricks that i cannot normally publish in public some of these are time-sensitive and some of them are kind of controversial and things that i don’t really

Want to release to the public so this platform allows me to have a smaller base to release to so that you can get the benefits of these things and i can tell you what these benefits are so that can be as an incentive because it’s something i would not publish anyway on my normal youtube channel so i can make the video anyway and let the special subscribers through

This patreon thing see these videos that would normally not normally be on my regular youtube channel another reason for me to start this patreon thing is i am nearing my saturation level for comment responses if you looked at all the comments i’ve likely respond to every single one of them if you commented you know if you just say hello i would say hello back

But i am about i’d say 5060 percent of my total capacity if it goes any more than that if i’m at a hundred i’ll be like worn out just doing responding to comments and some of the comments are a lot more intensive than others you know like some more like i don’t know math problems or something is this better then this or whatnot but i’m still gonna try my hardest

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To respond to as many as i can however i would probably give more priority to any kind of probe tirion subscribers another reward here is topic suggestions some people have urgent topics that they want me to cover they want me to go look into this it might not be something that i’ve even done myself so these specialized topics requires me to do the research and

As a patreon subscriber i would put those on a priority list not that i’m not gonna do all the other ones that people are commenting on on the regular youtube channel because i have a huge list it seems like everyone video i do i get five more ideas from subscribers from people commenting so it’s growing pretty crazily and i just cannot keep up with all of them

So i have to prioritize which one this goes first normally i’ve been doing it where you know the ones that i kind of just feel like i just go that that one sounds like something i could do and and then i just do those as a patron subscriber i would probably focus more and i can’t promise i can do every single one of them but i’ll probably give it more priority

Give it more thought because i know that you are a big contributor to my channel and for my work lastly is priority consultations i have a lot of different kind of videos on my channel and one of the most ones that people like to watch our credit ones so a lot of people that just discover my channel wants to ask about you know credit cards or what they should do

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To improve their credit score and stuff so that could be one of the rewards tiers where i can actually focus more of my time for people who needs who have a need for what to do in their specific situation i’m still going to respond to as much as i can all the way up to my capacity really and in the future if it goes beyond my capacity it’s going to end up that way

Because i have a limited amount of time to respond to comments and i would have to put priority for certain groups such as this patreon subscribers so that’s it for my patrons view you can check out the patreon link right here and check out that page look at all the rewards see what you get if you’re interested or not again this is completely optional this content

On my channel is gonna stay completely the same because the content the extra stuff is likely the very sensitive things i cannot release anyway so that’s it for this video don’t forget to give me a like comment down below let me know what you think of me starting this patreon thing and if we get this subscribe over here thanks for watching

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BeatTheBush Patreon Announcement | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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