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It takes a few months after hitting 100k subscribers to actually get the physical award itself. It finally arrived and let me show you the unboxing. A few words regarding reaching this milestone I want to share with all my subscribers. Thank you all!

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush it’s great to be back and what’s even better as i arrived home i found my youtube play button on the doorstep now i haven’t been in this seat for five weeks and things feel a little bit strange i don’t have everything set up perfectly like i normally do for example i put away this mic over here and i gotta put it back

So let me use this right now over here okay now my good mic is on this is the heil p r 40 if you guys are interested which model it is i also have a robot because this is just what i wear around the house however i want to show you guys to this t-shirt over here this is the honey badger infinite vacation the official t-shirt of this channel there is nothing on

The back after getting and touching it it is pretty soft and i thank you for the people that ordered this t-shirt or sweatshirt brand new over here is snorlax from japan and a gift from jin now came back two three pieces of mail here i’m kind of excited to know what’s inside as well as what’s inside this play button i sort of know this is the silver play button

Now what is a silver play button it’s an award youtube gives you when you reach a certain subscriber milestone 100,000 you get a silver play button 1 million you get a gold play button 10 million you get a diamond play button now they used to give monetary rewards of about $500 to b&h photo or something and i think they cancelled this about five years ago so

You no longer get a monetary reward now the only thing you get is this framed play button thing and you get to write your own name it used to be colored now i already know that it’s not color it’s just white on clear glass and it’s a shame i really like the red play button on the glass print well you take what you can get so what else do you get for over 100,000

Subscribers over 10,000 subscribers you can start to access all the youtube spaces there’s one in la i just went to the one in tokyo there’s one in new york i believe and there’s you know a couple others around the world so now finally you see me i’m not fully recovered or prepared yet but i’m going to open this anyway yes it’s in a plastic bag slide this open i’ll

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Take nothing underneath here a letter the foam thing oh my gosh foam thing over here another foam thing nothing i kind of like to know what’s behind everything just in case there’s like something stuck somewhere and i figure people want to know this as well that’s why whenever you see me do unboxings i always like take everything out and check the bottom of the box

As well it’s just a thing for me okay let’s take it out of the bag oh my goodness the silver play button part i imagined it being a bit smaller i thought it was gonna be like maybe 2/3 the size yeah like something like this so you know opening this and seeing how big it is i didn’t really have a mental gauge of how big it is in real life i know this is really small

Compared to the gold button the gold button i think it’s like something like this big from here to here but seeing this you know being surprised a little bit that it’s a little bit bigger is like a nice nice surprise right here you get to tell them what you exactly want them to say i wanted beat the bush without any spacing it wouldn’t be beat with the t capitalized

With the b capital i so you can name all this yourself when you order this thing and then at the bottom over here it says congratulations on passing 100,000 subscribers thank you subscribers and especially all the early armed ones all the ones before 100 all the ones before 1000 all the ones before 10,000 and including all the one that got me to 100,000 thank you

So much it’s beautiful over in the back it’s kind of like suede over here i guess oh my gosh what do i have to say about this i would not think it’s ever being possible i remember when i first started this channel i earned my first ten cents i got really excited okay subscribers i don’t think i can talk too much about their journey to get to 100,000 so i think i

Need to put this down because or else you’re just gonna watch this really sad review of this silver play button thing i’m gonna put this down okay something less emotional over here i’m just gonna read this letter that youtube sent there’s a lot of unboxing videos on super play buttons and i basically think they say the same thing but i’m gonna read this anyway so

We all know what’s on here here it is just so that you can read it yourself but i’m gonna read it for you you’ve just done something that very few youtube creators accomplished you haven’t that’s tarnishing 100,000 people subscribed to your channel we know that numbers on youtube can get really big but we hope that you don’t lose sight of the reality behind that

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Six digit milestone each and every person who has subscribed to your channel has been touched by what you created they were inspired challenged or entertained you achieve this milestone with hard work perseverance and probably a healthy sense of humor to what you’ve accomplished can’t be taken away from you and we like to recognize you and all your hard work with

This silver creator award a small token of our esteem and respect we know that you don’t do this for rewards you do it because you have a drive to create and share and because you found an audience who cares believe us when we say that we can’t wait to see what you do next a million subscribers may seem a long way off right now but you’re closer than you think and

We’re rooting for you congratulations you’re sincerely susan watts kisti ceo of youtube like i said before at the current rate of increase of this channel i’m not talking about a constant rate the current rate of increase if you project it out it looks like this channel would hit 1 million i hate to jinx myself or like you know assume it will but my best estimate is

Probably two and a half to three years from now that’s my best guess will it do that with my content taper off maybe i’ll just keep on doing vlogs and people will hate it or something maybe maybe it’ll just kind of died down and it’s not gonna accelerate to 1 million by i sure hope so and for reference you can’t really pull this finance thing away from me because

This is just who i am i always find out about you know new tips and tricks and then i’m like oh you know i should make a video and share it so the content generation on these finance things it’s just based on my personality so this is really how it works it’s not really going to veer too far away from these finance videos i originally had so right now let me move

On to opening these letters there’s no return address hey beat the bush i’ve been a longtime fan of your channel and loved all of your videos i’m just starting to realize the importance of money as i am pretty young myself i have been trying to live as frugally as i can while cutting away all the luxuries that i don’t need whenever i want to buy something that i

Don’t need i would remind myself of what you would do i’m trying to save the majority of my income and have also opened a roth ira account in order to live comfortably later in life keep up the good work longtime fan of yours no name no nothing but i appreciate the note thank you so much here is a second letter over here by mickey i’m not gonna say the last name

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Here is a paper no thing well what is this but what the heck i’m sort of confused by this because this is a photocopy of two pieces of paper and there’s a lot of scribble writing on it you can sort of make out some of the stuff in there so i can’t really read this to you and i don’t understand it i’ll have to put this away the last one seems like a card no return

Address or name this looks great because it’s a car that says retired on here i wonder if this person is retired really cool card i beat the bush francis i watched your channel almost daily and love to practice lessons you share with the world that is missing in our public education system ignore the hates and trolls and retire again again as many times as you

Want because your knowledge is a public service to the world now that more time is yours again come visit vancouver canada sometime for awesome chinese food to financial independence level 10 and beyond it’s time to have the time of your life congratulations from financial orchid calm the blog thank you for this card now i do appreciate a legible card where i

Actually understand what it’s saying and vancouver wise i’ve actually never been there and i am looking to visit one day i am not too sure what i should look for there what kind of good things should i be looking for in vancouver so thanks for opening up this silver play button with me opening up some letters and stuff if you’re interested in supporting my channel

Check out my audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook there’s a patreon over here if you’re interested in supporting my channel directly and as always don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching oh by the way i’m looking at this letter right now and it says very few youtube creators accomplished 100,000 subscribers in

Fact i think about 60 to 80 thousand channels have over 100 thousand so in a sense this is a pretty large worldwide population so i wouldn’t say you know 60 to 80 thousand channels or a few so there are plenty out there that have silver play buttons actually

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BeatTheBush Silver Play Button Unboxing By BeatTheBush

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