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Q&A Time! Some of you have asked for a Q&A session and here it is! I have gathered some of the questions from my previous video and answered them in video format. See if your comment got in! =D

How’s it going everybody business beat the bush today’s video is going to be questioned and answered time which i’ll answer some of the questions from the previous video that you guys posted first one read more says are you bilingual yes i am i am cantonese except my written skill isn’t too great so you let you go off on the home of tea and we’d also call that

I filed ii could it call me ma ya to my aunt a lady li with dignity kill a cow after meal the second one is shu yosh agrawal says can you talk about what phone plan you have and now i’m why i still use a freedompop phone it’s free every single month i get about one gigabyte of data every single month it does not really go over and so i don’t pay anything for the

Past i don’t know two years or so so my phone plan some people pay and it all up it’s about a thousand dollars i paid zero paid live sports cx s wondering what kind of bed pillows sheets do you own i recently started reading about flame retardants and polyester being bad for your skin i have you know really plain old cotton bedsheets it’s not like even egyptian

Cotton or anything it’s plain and it’s you know pretty cheap michael hans question is what’s your first name my first name’s francis mu kohli says if you were given a chance to go back to university and study again would you have taken up a degree in business sector instead well i have a electrical engineering background i have bachelors of science and a master of

Science in electrical engineering and i think if i were to go back i still would have studied electrical engineering because i really really enjoy knowing what actually goes on inside of electronics and i like fixing them and i like building them and ice do have projects coming up where i plan to integrate some circuit boards just some random project i thought of

That i wanted to do so i really like it and so i don’t think i would change a thing marquess asked what are your plans and thoughts on getting married and having children my thoughts are if i ever meet the right woman yes i will get married and i guess having children is not a bad thing with the right woman of course turnball asked what’s the most complex piece of

Automation you yourself have implemented a while ago during a job i had to program a set-top box with linux embedded system i was responsible for the main core of its then it’s like an automatic media aggregation system we had to pull off some database off some website read the information parse it and automatically record some internet radio so this is a pretty

Old thing at least ten years ago that i did this it does this all automatically of course music forever asks how many languages do you speak to english and cantonese jesse seven six oh one says do you participate in black friday shopping i used to buy a lot more stuff probably around the $600 $500 range every single year that was only the last two years i think

I ramped up the last two years and then the last year i might have only spent maybe $100 and usually even when i do buy stuff it’s usually not for me because i look at the things and i’m like i don’t really want that but you know it’s like a nice low price so i might pre buy stuff for the holiday season as gifts generally most of it even back in the $600 ish per

Year day when i do buy stuff i generally flip most of it so that you know i’m really not spending anything i’m actually gaining money from black friday sunshine see says you have mentioned that you enjoyed spending time with your sister’s dogs why don’t you have any also would you like to marry and have children one day so i really really like dogs actually but i

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Don’t think i have the time to take care of dogs myself because i dog sat before i dogs that for about a week and a half or so those very dogs i showed and i realized wow that’s a lot of work because i have to like welcome every day i have to like pick up after them all the time feed them they require so much care that i don’t think i can leave the country if i

Had pets it would be a huge hassle so maybe after i’ve done you know doing other traveling doing what i want and i’m just gonna stake in one spot then sure i’m going to get dogs and i guess not move around as much second part would you elect to marry and to have children one day sure if i meet the right woman but it seems like i’m having trouble doing that these

Days and maybe it’s something wrong with me i don’t know so we’ll see in the future i guess vitamin c 320 asks if you could visit any place in the world where would you go currently i don’t actually have somewhere i really really want to go because if i did i would be going there i guess i have some places that i have not been to and i kind i want to go which i

Do plan to go in the near future because i need to spend all those credit card points i racked up i plan to go to tokyo i plan to go to thailand i might go to other places but generally traveling does not really make me all that much excited because i look at all the work i have to put in i have to sit through that airplane ride so yes i will do that once in a

While but then i’m not like a super travel freak i guess i don’t like want to just keep on going everywhere also as you know i’m trying to clean everything up first this is kind of more like to be i’m like trying to set up base so that it’s very solid first before i go traveling everywhere via express sevilla says have you started full-time working how do you

Manage the big mortgage without big paycheck right now are you bleeding every month do you think the valley is another tech bubble right now i have not started another full-time position yet but i do have plans that i have not revealed yet on purpose here because i kind of like to keep things a little secret until i actually do them before letting the whole world

Know how do you manage the big mortgage without the big paycheck right now i have a lot of residual income i have dividends coming in i have income coming from youtube and my expenses are really really low and i did it on purpose so that i can do crazy stuff like this where i’m not working for a short duration are you bleeding every month no i am not i’m actually

Increasing my net worth every single month just you know sitting here doing my thing doing whatever i want and drinking my milk tea making these youtube videos i’m quite enjoying myself and this is not the long-term thing i do have other plans coming up and those other plans i’m gonna review a little bit about this the next week over when i’m done with a certain

Phase of things i’m trying to do do you think the valley is in another tech bubble right now i do not think it is right now mainly because it’s not as crazy as i remem back in the dot-com days it’s just you know just chugging along i think if something does happen it’s gonna be something else with the economy that would bring it down kevin elms ask any business

Ideas i would work with you generally for anybody that comes up and go oh i got a business idea i want to work with you i would like to hear a pitch i think something that’s plausible something that has a track record because usually i guess i personally like to work alone i haven’t really worked with many partners in the in the past for certain endeavors but if i

Do work with them i would you know vest them as they are vesting me through this youtube channel i guess just kind of like a business investment where i would want to see a good track record of whatever it is and and you know me i’m not pitching any idea so if people are coming to me through the youtube channel and pitching me ideas and yeah i’m open to that it’s

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Probably hard to pitch me an idea to hit it right on the nail of where i’m going which i have not revealed utopia ruby joy says can you get rich on minimum wage i think it’s really really hard really because when you’re on minimum wage it’s hard to save any money at all because all of that money that you’re making you’re essentially spending it all you might be

Able to if you like get very creative in cutting out your costs cutting your expenses certainly if you stay on minimum wage for your whole lifetime it’s gonna be like almost impossible because you can’t have any traction of accumulating wealth and you know starting to build your investment portfolio so that it can pay you back instead in dividends so i think the

Best way to get rich or whatnot is while you’re doing your minimum wage cut back your expenses so that you don’t have to work two jobs and then try to expand your mind get more education either that or you can go the entrepreneur route and you know try to find other ways make money online so that’s my take on it tiffany pieces your videos have helped me so much i

Stopped shopping better credit and i’m actually dehorning to right now lol you’re my youtube girl but but what is your first name and what do you do full-time now my first name as i said is francis what do i do full-time right now right now i don’t have a job i do have something planned up which i have yet to review i have something to reveal next week regarding

Job wise things but right now what i’m a queue pieing my time with is basically more more internal where i’m cleaning up my place i’m focusing on you know kind of self evaluation self-improvement stuff at the same time i’m spending a portion of it making these youtube videos as you might have noticed they might have improved in quality i don’t know maybe you think

It kind of improved a little bit sgn gmail asked how does t-rex handle his newfound fame and the peas and the bat jealous of him i figure you get a lot of serious into a personal question so why not lighten it up a little bit fame wise i mean t-rex ice bat these peas i think the peas are you know they might get mad at me but they’re more disposable because you can

Get them on amazon and they look exactly the same however if you try to go and get an ice pack those other ones even if you find the same color same size it’s not gonna look like this one because this one is particularly cute there’s when they make stuffed animals there’s like i guess it’s pretty random how they stitch things on but just because of this sheer luck

Of all these random things put together i think you know it’s weird to say like stuffed animals have a personality but this one i think it’s pretty unique in that you know it’s very good-looking i think i think this ice bear is very good-looking this t-rex is at least ten years old and i think it’s pretty unique i’ve never found something just like it and i think

The company that makes it actually no longer exists so this is like a one-of-a-kind thing if anyone has one i’d be very interested to see a picture of it michael and morgan says would you buy a rolex i think currently my style is i don’t wear watches i don’t like watches because i tend to move my hands really and when i did used to wear watches i tend to bang

Them a lot so i used to wear a g shock and that was okay because i could bang that a lot but i wore other metal watches and they end up getting torn up they fall off my wrist because you know i do things and i forget to take them off i work on mechanical things and stuff so me wearing a rolex probably would not be a good idea and i probably have to be much more

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Careful with it as far as affording one it’s not something i would want to do because i don’t like drawing attention to myself i generally don’t enjoy that kind of attention because if someone sees me wearing a rolex and they go oh wow you can afford it and gives me specialized attention because of it then i would like i don’t really want that kind of attention

If i’m getting upgrade so for airlines or something i guess that might be okay but then i think the risks with wearing wood is far worse than trying to get the benefits from you know showing off your rolex watch now if this channel ever blows up i had now become extremely rich from it for some reason then when i still buy a rolex i can’t see me buying that right

Now maybe i might change i don’t know i always said that if i suddenly make a lot of money i’m not going to keep my seem extreme frugal lifestyle i’m going to most likely inflate my nice lifestyle a little bit it’s hard to say what i’m going to do in the future but i definitely might be buying more stuff i think rebecca black hawk says do you have any siblings and

Are they as financially aware as you i have two brothers and a sister i am the youngest as far as i can tell i don’t think they’re as financially aware as i am of course i do not know their net worth or anything but based on the spending habits i am like way way more frugal than any of my siblings why i don’t know why it’s just the way i grew up i was given a to

Hong kong dollar allowance and basically i don’t spend it i might spend it maybe once a month or so on some drink or something but most of the time i would just keep it and i would not spend it so a lot of my classmates would buy something called a white challah it’s like a bottled form of a soy drink it’s either chocolate flavor or milk flavor so i think that

Might be a dollar or two or something like that but basically i don’t buy that all that often i just keep the money instead and you know like back then i eventually you know saved up enough to get like to have like a hundred dollars hong kong dollar sets a lot for a little kid so that gives you a reflection of that’s how i usually was i don’t buy things that on

The daily basis rather i try to save it in order to buy something big which might not be a good idea either because i ended up saving that in order to you know just blow it off on something big which is something that i don’t do these days because i realize you know you if you save a lot and then you blow it all off on something you’re just wasting it anyway so

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