Beginners Guide to Buying Stocks and Zero Fee ETFs on Webull

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush just several months ago fidelity came out with a zero fee stock market index etf fun this video is sponsored by weibo and this is a perfect opportunity for me to show you how to buy a stock in a step-by-step process that offers zero commission fees zero clearing fees and also no initial deposit i have arranged for a

Special deal with weibo where you can get two free stocks valued anywhere between $3 and $1,000 so normally if you sign up you only get one free stock if you sign up through my affiliate link down in the video description below you can get one free stock and if you deposit $100 you can get your second free stock now check this out if you use any kind of platform to

Trade you might be paying anywhere between five and eight dollars charles schwab charges $4.95 etrade charges $6.95 td ameritrade also charges $6.95 so just for buying one trade it’s $7 and then when you sell it’s also $7 this becomes very very significant if you’re only buying $100 worth of stock so for anyone just starting off with a small nest egg and you’re just

Trying to build your wealth it’s important to go after these applications like this weibo thing to get zero commission fees it’s about noon right now so about 3 p.m. over in the east coast stock markets are still open so i’m gonna buy some shares of tesla right on weibo to show you what that’s like take out my phone i’m gonna start up weibo right now i already loaded

Some money and i have some residual shares about $1,000 of buying power so i’m gonna go over there and look for tesla i click on markets the second icon on the bottom and then i click search on the top right and i go t sl a tesla over here and before i go on let me show you some of the charting options that’s available to you within that chart area click that little

Squiggly line on the upper right corner of that chart click maximize so i’m gonna look at tesla over the 1-year period i’m gonna add in a moving average chart and then i’m gonna click on the settings moving averages and then i can change it to average over a certain amount of days i’m gonna do i don’t know 30 days 60 days and also 200 days and then when you come

Back out you’re gonna see all those averages in different colors within the chart and they have other kinds of special charting methods ema b bollinger bands ic macd bunch of other stuff for technical analysis and then the main chart you can show it in different ways with the area baseline hollow candle candle and bar just a whole bunch of different ways you can

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Chart it you can change the preferences on it and now let’s go ahead and try to trade this since the market is open right now i’m gonna click trade over here on the bottom right i’m gonna put in my passcode and i have a thousand bucks in there so the tesla stock has two hundred sixty three dollars i can’t buy that many of them but i’m gonna try to buy one i guess

Limit orders two hundred sixty three dollars and eleven cents it’s important to set these limits because sometimes a market order could fluctuate a lot and if it happens to suddenly let’s say jump up ten dollars sometimes it does happen i’ve seen this and if your order happens to execute right at that time you can end up buying it for $10 more but if you always

Buy with a limit order you kind of know what the maximum limit is that you’re gonna buy this share for so that’s what limit is i’m gonna put the maximum limit of two hundred sixty three dollars all right now i just went up by seven cents so i’m gonna go up by seven cents as well time enforces is also important because if you put in a limit order it’s not always

Going to get executed immediately if let’s say the price fluctuates a little bit then it might not execute so it’s gonna go okay i want it for the day and then you can also do other kinds of enforcement times as well right now it’s not extended hour so i’m gonna go okay place order it says buy stock one stock limit order two hundred sixty three and seventeen cents

In force for the day extended hours no i’m gonna buy it right away the important thing here is original commission zero dollars this is very important because i don’t want into this to be five dollars or seven dollars i’m gonna go back to right now just check because i’ve been talking 263 dollars and 18 cents limit price 17 place order confirm okay your request

Has been sent out it says by working it’s gonna take a little time i’m gonna go back to the beginning over there so just from that 10 seconds it already confirmed the order now i have one share of tesla stock 260 3.16 cents the last price i bought it at two hundred sixty three dollars and seventeen cents so there you have it i purchased the stock it’s easy as that

And of course if you want to get to this point you have to click on the link down in the video description below in order to apply for this account once you get this approved you can put money in it through automatic clearing house i put my money from my bank account and just enter in my routing number and my checking account number and it takes about three four

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Days before the money will actually appear in this account and allow for you to trade so there are other useful things that you can look up in here such as the paper trading thing now the paper trading thing i feel is important for people that don’t want to trade for real just yet maybe you want to get it practice a little bit for the most part i think this is very

Helpful so you can go in there just like this it says you have 1 million dollars to play with and then you can start buying positions so i’m gonna go and trade let’s say i want a zero fee etf stock f z-ro x this is the zero expense ratio etf fun from fidelity that tracks the broader market it’s not exactly smp so you may not get the exact performance of the smp

It’s kind of like it over here it does say paper trade confirmation so you don’t get it mixed up between the real trade and the paper trade so it does say that on the very top okay let’s just say i’m gonna buy half a million dollars of this zero fee fidelity thing i’m gonna do the limit price day and forest okay again i’m gonna confirm this is fake money it does

Say paper trade and then it says working great okay now it says this under two open orders it probably is way too many shares maybe it’s kind of simulating how long it takes in order to execute this trade so there you have it you can have a paper trading thing i highly recommend using the paper trading thing first before you actually do trades if you’ve never done

It before a word of warning about individual stocks i highly recommend to not try to do this at all yourself if you’re gonna do it do a small portion of your total portfolio if you’re gonna have like let’s say $10,000 limit the amount that you buy individual stock to maybe 10% of this maybe $1000 the rest of this invested in passive index fund because if you’re

Trying to invest in the total portfolio yourself it’s gonna be an uphill battle and it’s gonna be very costly to find out if you are a genius investor or not now a little bit more about the fidelity zero expense ratio etf fund now it tracks the broader market it’s kind of like a smp 500 so if you look at vo oh okay it does track the smp 500 if you look at the top

10 holdings from fidelity z-ro x you can see that the expense ratio is 0% for vo oh it’s point oh four percent the top holdings is you can see for fidelity microsoft apple amazon berkshire hathaway b shares facebook johnson & johnson jpmorgan google google l x om now the percentages are 3.04 percent and then vo o the smp 500 tracking fund contains 3.8 1% apple

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Fidelity contains 2.7 4% vo o contains 3.5 9% so you can kind of see it’s off by half a percent here and there it’s sort of is a big composite of all but who’s to say which composite is actually gonna perform better in the future you just don’t know will paying the point oh four percent fee going to be worth it is investing in some fun where you actually have to pay

Money is it gonna make you more money in the end this is something that you have to decide on your own you just don’t know within this app there’s other kinds of information that i have not seen in other platforms so you can see inflow of capital outflow of capital the news relating to an analyst readings which generally is not shown in many of the more simpler

Applications market sentiment bullish bearish bunch of other things comments and things like that under the markets you can look at ipo center this is very interesting because you can see the new ipos that’s coming out because you want to know some of these companies when they go i peel it becomes very lucrative there’s a lot of risk with it sometimes they go up

And down it’s very very volatile so over here in the ipo center up coming it says i don’t even know what these companies are beyond meat oh that must be one of those burgers that’s not actual meat it does not say how many offering shares or offering price goober technology they have filed for one billion shares or something wow if it goes for like twenty thirty

Dollars it means their valuation is going to be twenty thirty billion dollars listed on april 11 2019 so all this is very interesting we’ve managed to squeeze all this information in apps when apps first started coming out with the initial iphones they don’t have all this information most of the time this information is stuck in web pages in its intended for like

A big monitor now they condensed it into like an app format this is a lot better if you are intending to trade when you’re laying on the beach you just have your phone with you you’re not gonna have a laptop so you just kind of want to just you know click around on your phone again if you guys are interested in signing up for weeble you can get two free stocks one

For signing up and one for depositing a hundred bucks thanks for watching this video i hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial don’t forget to give me a like push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon

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Beginners Guide to Buying Stocks and Zero Fee ETFs on Webull By BeatTheBush

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