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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hi how you doing i’m your host rich here on behalf of rich tv live with our very special guest the president of benchmark metals inc jim gregg how are you doing today jim i’m good rich thanks for having

Myself and benchmark on your program my pleasure we’re really excited to have you on the show and have our community learn more about your company jim can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with benchmark metals inc yeah so benchmarks a gold and silver explorer that’s rapidly moving to a mining decision in north central british

Columbia canada my team and my partners that are not only on the board but project managers have worked together on some exceedingly good metals ventures in the past and we all convened and combined here in 2018 to launch benchmark metals and over the course of four years our technical team and you know financial experts have vaulted this company very very

Quickly with great results and a 3 million ounce gold and silver resource wow fantastic really excited to learn more about your management so can you tell us about the management of benchmark metals and especially their past success in the public markets yeah absolutely so our senior chairman and ceo of the company is a close personal friend we’ve worked

Closely on many endeavors together in the past but i suppose one of john’s flagship endeavors has been in the yukon and so john was an original founder and director at kamenac and kamenac sold their coffee project to goldcorp uh one of the largest gold mining companies in the world in excess of 500 million dollars and so this was a large win for shareholders

Um i’ve been involved in multiple other endeavors but in recent history one company called keegan resources and keegan is a stock that ran from 25 cents to close to ten dollars in a very short time period and over that period we went from zero ounces of gold to in excess of five million ounces of gold and put a mine into production so you know it’s not just

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John and myself but there’s there’s other senior members on the board and on the executive um you know rearranging age anywhere from about 30 to 60 years so we’ve got some younger blood in the in the threshold but we do have a compelling history of making money for investors in the metal space that could be copper gold silver and other metals but we have an

Exceedingly good track record of finding uh new discoveries or finding existing projects that need a new technical eye on them and you know the board and the management at benchmark are also big shareholders so we’re not about salaries we’re all about moving the share price with results i love to hear that and i know our community will as well now the company

Recently announced new results from seven infill and expansion drill holes from the northern portion of the cliff creek deposit can you tell us a little bit about this drill program and what it means for benchmark metals yeah absolutely so we put out some exceedingly good numbers um actually every week we’ve been pushing out some good numbers for the past

Month the drill numbers there that you mentioned are all about expanding the existing resource um they’re in-fill drilling that is filling in gaps and also pushing out the thresholds of the pit shell but i think more exciting to those drill numbers is something that we’ve just put out as we speak near 102 meters of 5.8 grams gold equivalent and that begins

Under foot from surface so this is another infill type number but it fills in the gap where we lacked information and what it’s doing is providing more data to increase the current resource and perhaps even increase the grade these are stellar numbers there’s very few companies that have 100 meters of over 5 grams from surface 5 grand material is underground

Mineable material but this is in an open pit so it will provide some big benefits in the economics jim can you talk about today’s press release regarding the company’s best drill hole i would say this drill hole is probably in our top five if not number one but uh you know near 102 meters of 5.8 grams starting from surface is something to be proud of and will

Have a big impact not only on the share price i think over this next week but certainly will have an impact on the updated mineral resource estimate that’s expected uh probably early march fantastic if benchmark metals were to compare itself to its competitors in the mining sector what would you say sets you guys apart we’re in a tier one jurisdiction canada

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Is a politically uh risk-free safe jurisdiction you can build a mine in canada you can get it into production and you don’t need worries of losing your license we’re road accessible you can actually drive vehicles straight to our site um and in december of last year so just over you know let’s say roughly two months ago the company completed a brokered

Financing for 40 million dollars so there’s 45 million dollars in cash sitting in our treasury and that will pay for all of 2022’s work we do not need to go back to the market to raise more capital so we’re in an enviable position with a very good gold and silver product absolutely love hearing that you have cash in the bank that’s extremely important can you

Go through the capital structure of benchmark metals for our viewers and how you plan on attracting more institutional investment alongside more retail investors sure so there’s approximately 200 million shares outstanding we trade on the toronto venture exchange as i mentioned there’s 40 million dollars canadian in working capital in the treasury we’ve

Already have investment from some major institutions um that includes the likes of um vanek franklin templeton and merck capital out of the us but in december we also inserted a major mining company so there’s a gold miner called yamana yamana invested in owns four percent of the outstanding stock in benchmark and this investment from humana provides a

Couple things validation of the project that it is certainly a world-class endeavor but also validation to the management operating and moving this project forward and look having a major company invest in your company also opens the realm of possibilities of perhaps a takeover at this point it is an investment but companies like humana gold only invest

In companies that they see value in so uh there’s lots of opportunities moving forward here in 2022 jim if there was one thing that you would want shareholders and potential shareholders that are watching this interview in this video to know about benchmark metals today what would that be i’d say there is an opportunity to invest now soon and watch share

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Appreciation grow we will be putting out continued drill results that will feed into an updated resource estimate and that will be followed by a preliminary economic assessment and this pea will show the economics and in engineering to build a mine this is all within a three to six month time frame so there’s a lot of big milestones and news events here to

Move the value in this company we love to hear about those catalysts that can make the stock move what is the best way for investors to get in touch with the company if they have any questions about benchmark metals so i would go directly to our website there’s access um to my email address and a direct phone line to me and also um

The colleagues that i work with closely here at benchmark we communicate often we do respond to emails and we do respond to phone calls so we welcome any um interest super excited to do this interview today with the president of benchmark metals jim gregg i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do

Your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we believe that this is a company that is grossly undervalued underappreciated and underexposed put bnch on your radar in canada bnchf in america put it on your watch list and thank you for joining us today the president jim greg of

Benchmark metals thank you for joining us today jim rich a pleasure thank you always a pleasure love to invite you back on the show if you ever have any big breaking news or anything you want to discuss we’d love to invite you back onto our show so that we can break that news to our community and for those of you guys that are watching if you’re not winning

You’re probably not watching because we bring you the winners and we bring them to you first if you like the video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe this is rich from rich tv live with the president of benchmark metals jim greg saying have a nice day everybody we’ll see you soon you

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