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It was requested that i do a video on which book is the best for stock investors and people that are looking into first investing in stocks in this book is not only the best for beginning investors but it’s the best book in my opinion for advanced investors and stocks the intelligent investor i want to share with you guys today why in my opinion this is the best

Book you can possibly read now a subscribers good day today today i’m doing a very important video on personal finance friday it’s all about what’s the best book to look into about investing and specifically about investing in stocks and what kinds of things and what not this video was requested by one of my viewers and i wanted to do it because it’s an exciting

Video so in my opinion the intelligent investor is by far the best book you could ever read about investing in stocks and this goes for if you’re a beginner looking into how to invest in stocks or if you’re already someone that’s in the market and if you’re not getting great results through the investments you’re doing you should really really read this book and

It’s not just me that thinks this this is warren buffett’s by far his favorite book he always preaches about you see countless videos about warren buffett when they ask him which book is the best to read he always praises this one it’s a book that was written back in the 50s by gentleman named benjamin graham it’s called the intelligent investor and it is so

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Well written on what to look for when making an investment so it talks a lot about income statements and balance sheets and what p/e ratios are attractive those kinds of things but the chapter that is by far the most impressive in this book in my opinion is a chapter called mr. market and that talks about how your mindset should be the way you should think about

Investing the concepts and whatnot and basically what that will go into is a it’s a chapter that basically says whether your stock goes up or down in the short term since you made in an investment it’s a good thing and it’s an even better thing in the short term if that stock goes down the reason being is the way he preaches it in the book is you want to start

Making an investment in a small amount so you don’t want to go all-in push your chips the table as soon as you see a stock you like at that valuation you want to put maybe 5 or 10 percent of your money toward that stock play it how it goes in the short term and then if it starts to go down in the short term then go ahead and put some more in put some more chips

On the table if it goes up a lot in the short term then go ahead and pull that money off the table and it will change your whole way of thinking about the stock market because whether the stocks go down or up in the short term it’s an advantage to you and you can use it as an advantage to you i’ve done it a million times with stocks where i’ll invest in a stock and

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It goes down substantially rate after i make that investment you know 20 30 percent or whatnot within a month or two months and i’ll go ahead and start loading up loading up on that stock and then it starts going up and the same thing if you make an investment in the stock shoots up like i’ve made investments before we’re literally so for some reason you know good

Earnings come out or good news or whatnot in that stock will shoot up 15 20 percent in a week a week and i’ll make that money and then the stocks not quite as up or undervalued as it was when i first started to invest in that so i’ll go ahead and pull the chips off the table look for the next one if i have something better out there that’s a great chapter in this

Book so you know you can buy this book on amazon for probably 10 or 15 bucks in paperback the intelligent investor by benjamin graham or you can rent it from the public library i know i’ve seen in many public libraries before when i’ve looked at other investment books so you can get for free and read it for a couple weeks or you can do what i did and actually buy

It but that is the best book whether you’re a beginner or advanced you really should read this book thanks for watching subscribers if you haven’t subscribed you may want to i talked a lot about stocks and financial markets but i talk a lot about personal finance and today’s personal finance fridays so this is a video i’m doing that’s hopefully going to help you

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In your personal finances thanks for watching guys and have a great day assess this book can owe someone calls right in the middle of a video you know what we do for that we have to decline them so then

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Best Book on Investing By Financial Education

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