Best Ramen in the World is Ichiran

I tried several ramen places and by far, any Ichiran ramen is the best and not only the best but also consistent from store to store. I’m so glad to have enough time to test out one store or another and still have enough time to circle back around to have it again. When I had it more than once, you know it’s that good.

I’ve been editing for about four hours and i decided to head over to this window station for some ramen from nestle’s hostels about twelve thirty minute walk over to the window station luckily i’d sworn us on the map here so let’s go sir the qualitative smells to try it’s like 10 times better than the other ramen oh my gosh what happened eeny you

Really good oh my gosh really good any other a lot more creation yes this is after i remove the tachi it’s kind of oily it’s very packed it was round two seriously this beats all the other ramen i’ve been having in japan hands down i think i’m gonna have to come back 14 $14 or so you hear the rumbling that’s the subway okay so maybe i should have waited

In hong kong for that one if you run over there the michelin star one in fact does not taste anywhere as good as this one this one is like you know like many times better than that mitchell in star one no wonder no one was going to so ben it is done so thanks for watching everybody comfort that they give me a like on this video comment down below let me know

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If you’re gonna look for this each year on place and try to have it pretty interested in supporting myself take on an audible link down in the video description below i have a page on over here wait it’s over here patron over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching i was so wrong about this ichi run place back in hong kong i made a big mistake i guess i make mistakes

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Best Ramen in the World is Ichiran By BeatTheBush

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