Best Smoked Salmon I’ve Ever Had

Russ & Daughters smoke salmon is awesome. You have got to try it. I tried many places during my trip to NYC and this was a stand out place to eat at.

Have the gravlax right here this is actually $10 per quarter pounds less than daughter’s bag over here so you’re looking at 10 bucks for this their teen dollars for this one $1 for the water so you’re looking at out the door about 26 dollars for lunch it’s a pretty expensive lunch the sandwich i have is a wild western nova sandwich i got it with a garlic bagel

And some scallion cream cheese it seems like if you live around here you need to go through several process before you know you know the sweet spot of which one you like for me i’m just like just kind of guessing so here’s a graph box you get 1 2 3 4 5 pieces this is a quarter pound point to 6 pounds so it rounds out to be $2 each piece so let me give this a try

First i mean i tried other smoked-salmon so you know how good can this be let’s see this is good wow i like the dill flavor this why choose the dill one so good i have to have another piece right away this is awesome wow so here’s the bagel with the smoked salmon and the scallion cream cheese let me give it a try yeah having a little bit on the side really helps

With like just eating just the flavor of the smoked salmon because when you have it with this bagel it’s like it’s all mixed up you can still kind of taste smoked salmon but it really takes away from the true flavor of the smoked salmon of course so i got i like digging eat the side like this okay this is wild western nova it’s not as oily as the grab walk let

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Me try the scallion cream cheese by itself it’s very free of fresh cream cheese it’s like what you wouldn’t imagine cream cheese with gallons put in it of course i forgot the capers was recommended to me by jennifer i think you saw heard one of my previous vlog i would say she really knows how to eat because you know the things that she’s been recommending me

It’s like spot-on when i go have it it’s like whoa it’s great so she did also recommend me to get some pork bun barbecue pork bun so i’m gonna go do that as well you really want to compare this to like costco smoked salmon because costco has you know a packet that you can buy for 20 bucks and you know it’s like a big square pack and i would say this packet over

Here is it’s better you can you can taste a difference it’s much fresher it’s a little bit more oily but in a good way it seems very extravagant to have a $26 lunch because $26 for lunch is expensive it’s about the same as if you go eat ramen it’s also only six dollars it just seems like everything in new york city is pretty darn expensive it seems like over

Here in new york eating on the street is a pretty normal thing is just like parked yourself you know anywhere where you can sit down on a ledge which i am right now on the park bench or something and then you just start eating lunch go to town now personal preference is wise whenever i think about smoked salmon i don’t go oh it’s so good i must go have it there

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Are very few things that i personally will go oh i really like it i want it so much i want to go have it smoked salmon you know never happened to be like that i like it whenever it’s there but then i don’t seek it out i found a mistake in their workmanship there’s one tiny little bone here you assume there’s no bone at all another bone that’s two bones in one

Sandwich i have to say the smoked salmon inside the sandwich it’s a little bit more ordinary to sup the extra stuff that i got it’s better i like that one i’m glad i got two different kinds so if you’re gonna get one thing just get the smoked salmon by itself don’t get the sandwich the sandwich is more like a filler you want to you know have other things other

Than just meat right so you know here’s a bread here’s some cream cheese i should have added tomatoes and capers but you know i don’t know what i’m doing looking forward to just eating the salmon by itself of course where we are three more pieces left let me show you close-up of this i mean it looks like smoked salmon dill on top right here you can see it’s a

Little glossy from the oils of the fish so let me have another piece and maybe i can describe it a little bit better so temperatures got a little bit warm been sitting too long it’s better cold still good we reduce how good it is a little bit though from being warm it’s almost like the salmon on top of the sushi except it’s smoked it’s you know about that fresh


Mmm it’s certainly satisfying you really it’s like a must to get like an extra quarter pound on the side you can’t just have the bagel mm-hmm okay last piece no so satisfying to be able to eat like a whole quarter pound of this mm-hmm all done delicious i can see me wanting this once in a while it’s like oh you know today i want some smoked salmon kind of like

When i’m at home and i want some sushi there’s like a go-to place i like to go to you know not too expensive just you know it’s fresh enough 20 bucks for like i think it’s about ten piece of nigiri and you know it’ll satisfy your craving you know you need a certain standard depending on how picky you are apparently i am very picky for my food so anyway i’m done

With that now and pretty full i’m not going to eat another you know barbeque bun or whatnot so i’m gonna try it and head over to the transportation museum and then come back to get some barbecue pork buns when it’s not peak hour so that i can get it to go so let’s head over there now give you an idea where i am i’m just on this ledge right here and then i look

Over here that exact address it’s right here after having it wow

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Best Smoked Salmon I've Ever Had By BeatTheBush

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