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Have you devise a way to get rid of your change? Do you spend a lot of effort carrying them and using them when buying stuff? If you buy things on amazon, you might just want to effortlessly change them in and get an Amazon gift card. Let me show you my preferred way of cashing in your coins. While it may not be exactly no cost if you factor in what you would have gotten if you bought Amazing gift cards with a 5% cash back credit card, it’s still pretty favorable to do so.

How’s it goin everybody it is a bit divorced have you ever thought about what the best way is to get rid of your change well for me i’ve gone through several different methods of trying to get rid of my change with the least amount of effort i’ve tried to carry about 99 cents of change with me everywhere i go so whenever i pay for something i have some change to pay

For the change part of it i quickly realize that this takes way too much work in and also weighs down my wallet another method is you can go to sub checkout kiosk like at a grocery store or at home depot and then you go at a time where there’s not much people so then people won’t have to wait for you while you use up all your change in the kiosk those kiosks usually

Have coin insert places where you can actually put all the coins you want and then you can pay with your coins now i did this several times and i also thought this was way too much work so what i ended up doing is actually using a coin store machine now coins are machines are everywhere and basically you can find one inside a supermarket when i first started using

This machine they typically charge a certain percentage for a different kind of coin the most percentage you charge is for pennies because they probably weigh a bit more and then nickels and then dimes and then quarters where i think they used to charge like couple pennies per dollar a quarter that you change in and these days i believe they charge you about eleven

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Point nine percent to change everything to cash but i don’t recommend you to actually do this because you’re actually paying eleven point nine cents on the dollar if you change a hundred dollars you have to pay them eleven point nine dollars this is too much instead what you can do is take all your coins stuff it in the corner machine and opt to get an amazon gift

Card if you change more than five dollars there’s actually no fee and this is my preferred way of changing things that are smaller than a dime now you see in here there’s signs nickels and pennies i took out all the quarters because i can actually use those quarters sometimes for parking or for paying for something you have to know what the trade-off here because

If there’s no fee you may think like oh there’s no fee at all you can just trade it in and get amazon gift card and it’s the same value the truth is for me there’s a slight fee to this because i could use credit cards and buy amazon gift cards at the grocery store and perhaps get five percent cash back we currently have a sears card which allows me to get even

10% cash back so for me changing this change in is actually costing me about a 10% fee because i’m essentially displacing the gift cards that i would have bought with my sears credit card so there’s about seven dollars and nine cents here so 10% of that is about 78 cents this is something acceptable to me to pay for in order to get rid of the change otherwise it

Would take me a lot longer to try to get rid of this without needing to do this video i might have used this money at a home depot instead where the most cash back i would get is at 3% but timing it to use at a home depot is a little difficult so let me just deposit this in the coin store for you guys so you can see how it’s done so right now let’s head off to a

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Coin store and i’m going to show you the machine and show you the voucher that you get what you need to press on the machine and stuff to get that voucher with no fees i have to mention that inside that jar i actually have exactly 7 dollars and 89 cents i counted because i want to put it in the coin star machine and kind of shows you guys that it doesn’t calculate

It correctly sometimes they might drop some coins through that are a little bit too small but generally my experience is that it does calculate it correctly i don’t know what it’s going to do this time of course so let’s go and put it in and see if it shows exactly seven dollars and 89 cents of gift card i am in a porsche boxster right now a pretty old one a 2001

Almost here’s the machine looks like that well here’s the console no fee option donate to charity a special offers tickler special all ok there’s no latest offers ok let’s just do the egypt card here the most obvious one is of course amazon because it’s most portable for me at least it’s printed they may fade so over here is holley going to tell you the minimum

Wow this long twenty-four okay right here right here this is min/max five dollars if you go under five dollars you have to pay some sort of see here last time i did that stupidly so now i go upset okay over here you’ve got all these holes here and dirt it’s going to fall down and here so what you can do is push their money in there seven dollars eighty nine cents

Over here i had six dollars and thirty cents so let me go down here seventy-nine cents worth of pennies eighty tens words a nickel six dollars thirty cents worth of dying so it’s correct 789 i didn’t like that if i take a cash doctors about 94 cents left i want the e-gift card yet i’ve used that before no thing we wait for it to finish temperature 63 degrees $7

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89 cent that goes back to the beginning so after that i got no more change and i have to sponsor over here and i recommend to put this in right after you come back because you might forget lose the receipt or something this is a heat transfer receipt so if you leave it in the car it might turn all black and you’ll lose your voucher if you sign up for this thing

And put in your email you won’t lose your code if you lose your receipt but i don’t bother because i generally just put these in right away i don’t really want to put in another email into the thing so i hope you enjoyed this method of getting rid of your change don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you use the same exact

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