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Hello there everybody i just wanted to do an update video on three different subjects today guys a one i want to talk about i’m not going to start the new channel i had previously talked about and why i’m not starting that new channel second subject we’re going to talk about today is a couple new series i have coming and i want your guys feedback please in the

Comment section about these two new series if you’re excited about them if you’re not that excited about them you know any anyways that could maybe improve these new series and and make them awesome those kinds of things and last subject we’re talking about is comment moderators on to be adding 5 comment moderators this coming week 5 people basically i know that

Our loyal subscribers and they comment on almost every single video those five people will be picked out to be comment moderation and i want to kind of explain what your job will be as a comment moderator so first things first i’m not starting a new channel i had about two months ago i had floated around the idea and i was actually pretty excited and i was pretty

Sure i was probably going to do it i was gonna start a new channel like a stock market news channel i got amazing feedback from you guys you guys were overwhelmingly positive on you know starring that new channel had a few people that said no don’t do it don’t do a second channel it’s going to be too hard on you those kinds of things it’s not worth it so overall

I decided am not doing it the reason being the main reason being while not starting that new stock market news channel and by the way the whole idea was i was going to keep this channel still post every day on this channel and then also post every day during the week on that channel on what the biggest stock market news stories were in my opinion and what not the

Reason i’m not doing that new channel is simply because i don’t have the time that my original idea was ok i’m going to slow down my business is going to slow down in december january february and i can go ahead and start that channel and get off the ground will have a lot of time on my hands well unfortunately or fortunately what happened is my business actually

Is picked up my business is busier than it’s ever been now i have almost double amount of customers within the past couple went months you know two three months ago i had half the customers i have no so i acquired a lot of customers in a very short amount of time i’m much busier now and there’s just no way possible i could post on this channel every single day and

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Give it my all and do the stock market news channel every single day there’s no way it would be possible it would just be way too much and i got a family out a way if i got a kid and everything it would be way too much guys so that’s why i decide not to but that leads me into my second new thing which is a noose one of my new series i wanted to start on this channel

And i want to know your guys feedback on this is for excitedly this video a thumbs up or leave me a comment you know about this so basically what the new series would be every friday or saturday i don’t know which day i would post it on but basically it would be a weekly recap of what happened in the stock market that week but mainly like i would pick out like the

Five biggest news stories in my opinion in my opinion that happened during that course of the week and bring it to you guys and basically talking give my my opinion on whatever subject that is so it’s not the five biggest at cnbc things as are the five biggest stories or bloomberg or whoever it’s the five biggest news stories i think that came out during the course

Of that week so i might i might cover some different stuff that might be back page stuff to some of these other people that i think is actually really important we should be paying attention to so that’s what i would be doing in that in that new series that would probably post every friday or saturday i don’t know which i’d probably post on saturdays just because

Then i have monday through friday to gather intel figure out the most important things that are coming out there the things that i’m paying the most attention to that are happening in the markets happening with companies those kinds of things and then go ahead and release a video every saturday i’m thinking about doing that i’m pretty excited about the idea it’s

Basically similar to the stock market news channel idea but except for this is not going to be an everyday syria you know an everyday video channel like the stock market news channel was going to be this is all once a week type deal so let me know in the comments section which you guys think about that i would love to hear your opinion if you guys really want to

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See it i’ll probably start it within the next week or two or maybe even three weeks from now probably pretty soon if you guys are excited about but let me know next new series i have coming up is a is a new series where basically i battle two companies now basically i take company a company b and i put them against each other and i compare them on metrics that

I think are the most important in their sector see which company is better basically so i have a video coming out this week which is the first one it’s going to be whole foods versus sprouts farmers market they’re going to go against each other and we’re going to see which one is the better investment based upon all these different metrics i’m going to pull up

For you guys and let me know in the comment section if you’re excited about this series i would love to hear that and the reason i by the way and doing whole foods versus sprouts is because this was actually an idea suggested by a subscriber and i just thought the idea was phenomenal you know you basically take two companies put them against each other compare

And contrast them and find out if which one’s the better investment i just thought it was a cool idea so that’s why i did sprouts for soul foods because that’s the one they suggested and maybe next week i’ll do apple versus google i would love to hear your opinion on this this new possible series guys i would love to hear that last subject we’re talking about is

Common moderator so common moderators are basically someone who can flag comments that are maybe inappropriate or those kinds of things and then those comments get shown to need i get an email they get basically taken off the video list i get sent an email and that i can either approve their comment or disapprove that comment so the reason i’m probably going to do

This is because the channel is getting larger and larger with a larger and larger channel if you have more inappropriate take you no comments things where people are insulting each other that’s not snot okay those comments should be flagged things where people are cussing each other out and cussing and things like that that should be flagged you know this channel

Is meant to be a place where if you have a disagreement with me or disagreement with someone in the comments you do it in a respectful manner and you respect them and you know you can talk about things and that’s how things actually get done just insulted like i read a comment the other day between two people and i think one was like a gopro short seller and the

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Other one was probably a go pro bowl and they were basically just insulting each other calling each other names instead of like actually talking about the subject and i’m just like uh that’s so frustrating guys so those type of comments or if you do get chosen as a comment moderator those type of comments actually get flagged you should flag those it’ll send me

An email and i can either look at it and say oh you know what that’s not that bad i prove it or you know what that is a bunch of crap i’m going to disapprove that because insulting people you know and putting people down those kinds of things it’s not worth it if you disagree with somebody disagree with them on facts and say okay the this i disagree with you on

Because this and this and that i disagree with you on this because this and this and that insults and that gets you know where you get you know where it’s like a lot of political commentary channels you know people just insulting people and you get nowhere to nowhere if you’re you’re insulting and i want this channel will always be a place where people feel free

To comment and aren’t afraid to give their opinion on a subject because they’re not going to get cussed out or insulted or put down say you’re stupid you don’t know what you’re talking about things like that guys so that’s why i’m add comment moderators because the channel is just getting bigger and i’m getting so many more comments and i used to get that i can’t

Even look at them all now it’s getting really hard and we’re only at about you know approaching eight thousand subscribers imagine when we have sixteen thousand subscribers or 20,000 it’s getting much much harder guys so five comment moderators coming this week if you’re chosen you want to do it that’s awesome that’s awesome and we’ll see how that goes and i might

Add another five and whatnot so let me know in the comments section what you guys think about all these ideas discussed today leave this video a thumbs up if you liked it overall i thank you so much for watching guys and have a great i’ll talk to you on the ten thousand subscriber video in about a month have a great day

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Big Channel Update!!! By Financial Education

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