Bill Gates to SHORT BITCOIN?!

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Oh my goodness guys we got some drama in the big coin in business community oh my goodness okay yesterday an interview took place that had warren buffett charlie munger and bill gates at this interview okay there was a series of question so many questions about you know the economy where their investments things are investing in so many questions but they had some

Opinions on bitcoin today that were pretty harsh and some people really got in their feelings about these comments okay so to refresh you yesterday there was an interview if you were not aware and bill gates was on it okay he was one of the people on it and he said on cnbc’s squawk box that bitcoin and i cos he says i believe there’s some of the crazier speculative

Things i agree he said i agree i was short them if there’s an easy way to do so okay he also said that somebody gave him some bitcoins for his birthday what a weird birthday present but someone gave him some bitcoins for his birthday he ended up selling them a few years later okay so that was some pretty big comments he said he would short bitcoin okay not that he

Just doesn’t believe in it but he’s like i was shorted okay so winklevoss twins all they got in their feelings they got in their feelings dear bill gates there is an easy way to short bitcoin you can short xbt on the cboe bitcoin futures contract and put your freaking money where your mouth is you jerk ps apple is so much better than microsoft ever was he really

Got in his feelings okay bitcoin traded near 90 100 dollars on tuesday morning the cryptocurrency has obviously lost more than half its value since its soared above 19,000 back in december wingull wingull voss and his twin brother cameron they had around 11 million dollars worth a bitcoin and when it was at around 120 dollars a coin in april 2013 so assuming

They still have all those coins at tuesday’s price their combined holding was worth around 834 million dollars that’s a big big big number there guys wiggle voss twins it’s a sewer refresher if you are not aware who these winklevoss twins are if you know anything about the facebook story you probably know who they are if you ever seen the movie the social network

You know who these guys are in 2004 the winklevoss brother sued facebook founder mark zuckerberg for 65 million dollars claiming he stole their idea for the basically you know the facebook and whatnot which reminds me i give away so many business ideas all the time on this channel and i’ve given away so many of friends and family that if you ever make a dollar


I’m freakin suing you guys i don’t want some of that money i gave you that idea holy smokes guys that’s unbelievable they got 65 bill for that so that’s how they got rich if you were ever wondering that and then they got super rich from investing in bitcoin not work buffett he had some big comments okay he probably was more harsh than honestly bill gates was and

Then we’ll see charlie munger’s response holy smokes warren buffett says bitcoin is rat poison okay he said it’s rat poison no charlie munger yeah if you didn’t think that was enough charlie munger he says i like crypto currencies a lot less than you do munger said to buffett to me it’s just dementia it’s like someone else trading turds and you decide you can’t be

Left out oh my goodness guys that’s a full-on onslaught of just nastiness these guys are throwing that bitcoin and just kind of like kryptos in general no to their defense i want to i want to come to their defense on two things one is it’s not like they went on twitter and they’re like bitcoins crap it’s turds as rat poison not like they went out of their way to

Attack crypto currencies okay they sat down for this interview a million questions were asked one of the questions was in bitcoin and they gave they’re honest like opinion on bitcoin and what they feel about bitcoin they could have just said nothing no comment or something like that but that would be kind of like a bad thing to do okay they gave their full opinion

On okay one two if you know anything about warren buffett you know anything about warren buffett he hates anything that is not an income-producing asset meaning that that thing makes it money okay and can you know give you dividends and things like that and payout and actually is an income-producing asset meaning a business okay something that can actually make

Money and expand and then you know give you off money off of that okay things like that and has actual earnings per share income producing assets that’s what he likes own actual businesses he spotted the amount of times i’ve seen him speak down on gold which is obviously not an income producing assets just something that’s there okay that some people like to put

Money in he’s spoken down and gold so many times it’s ridiculous guys if you know anything about warren buffett he doesn’t like things that are non income producing assets bitcoin would fall into the category of a non income-producing asset it’s something that just sits there and it goes up and down you know in value based upon what the next guy is willing to pay

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Not based upon you know what their earnings are or things like that or they expand into a new business or something like that so these guys gave their honest answers okay so that’s just their defense now at the same time i think some of their answers might have been a little harsh in my opinion on bitcoin and cryptocurrency has always been i’m not i don’t believe

That necessarily the value is zero i don’t believe the value is 100,000 and we’re all gonna be using them okay i’m just here to kind of see this fight i think it’s got to just play out i think bitcoin and cryptocurrency just has to play out okay so many people want to jump on to the it’s worth zero bandwagon or is going to be everyone who’s in the world’s gonna

Use bitcoin and i’m like i fall somewhere in between i’m late let’s just see how this fight plays out okay let’s not jump all over and say it’s worth zero let’s not jump all over and say it’s gonna be the thing that everyone in the world uses and it’s gonna be the only currency like like that’s just crazy to me okay let’s see how this game plays out let’s see how

It rolls over time all right obviously we know bitcoin has fallen a ton recently it had an amazing amazing 2017 i think it was up over a thousand percent and then you know it goes to 20,000 and obviously now it’s fallen by over 50% this year has been really rough we’ll see what how things you know kind of play out over time it’s gonna depend on you know big money

Coming in and kind of you know really wanting to invest in bitcoin we got to remember bitcoin right now if we’re just talking about bitcoin we’re talking about 200 somewhere around a 250 billion dollar valuation on bitcoin last time i looked at least somewhere around 250 billion dollars right that’s a big number guys because right now who do you know that actually

Uses bitcoin i don’t know anybody in real life they use bitcoin heck most of people in my life don’t even know what bitcoin is or maybe they’ve heard of it because it went up a lot and it happened to make the news and stuff like that but they don’t even really know what it is they don’t even know about blockchain technology and things like that like it and i could

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Even talk to people that are you know know people that i know and i can almost guarantee you none of the people they know know about bitcoin in the respect of you know they actually use it in real life and things like that so it has really very little if you know no value as far as real life right now it’s just the the bet that it could be the future and that’s

That big valuation we’re talking about two hundred fifty billion dollars but at the same time they it has huge potential what if it is the thing that everybody uses some days as a currency but at the same time it’s like okay it could be is it gonna be we all don’t know well you know as of right now so you know just a crazy situation like i said these guys sat down

For an interview you know what are they supposed to say they supposed to say oh i don’t want to talk about that or or oh yeah bitcoins great and then they don’t even actually believe in it like they give their opinion it is what it is you know i don’t think people should get all butthurt about it you know but at the same time i think you know if people want to

Defend it you know and say why they think it’s going to such-and-such price i think that’s fine you know if you think it’s going to a hundred thousand like give your case give your bullish thesis on why you believe that you know there’s nothing wrong with that at the end of the day we can have a civilized debate but anyways thank you so much for watching guys i

Really want to know in that comment section what is your opinion on bitcoin is this going to be the future is it going to be zero is there no value there is it going to be stuck around the price it is now is it going to be always a niche thing like i would love to know your guy’s opinion in that comment section do you think the federal reserve will come out with

A cryptocurrency someday i would just love to hear what you guys have to say in that comment section hit a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video as always make sure you subscribe thank you for watching and have a great day

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