BILLIONAIRE MARK CUBAN: ‘I HAVEN’T BOUGHT ANYTHING IN 2 WEEKS’ – RICH TV LIVE – APRIL 9, 2020 – That is Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire Mark Cuban, explaining his skepticism about the market’s recent bullish tint, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Good morning good afternoon good evening this is your boy rich rumors to be live hope you’re having a fabulous day another massive green day in the markets another massive green day for gold another massive green day for oil and it’s funny because i’ve been bullish on all three and i’ve been bullish on all three for quite some time and i’ve been trying to tell

Everybody to stay in cash now the reason why i’m trying to tell you guys to stay in cash it’s not because i don’t believe the market can go up right now clearly the markets going up it’s because we need to be prepared for the next leg down i’m not the only one saying this billionaire mark cuban has just come out and said he hasn’t bought anything in the last two

Weeks and his only two major holdings right now other than a lot of cash cuz he expects the same thing billionaire mark cuban is expecting that the market is going to come down and he’s staying in cash isn’t that funny how billionaire mark cuban and your boy rich are on the same wavelength and guess what our bill a bill what guess what our mark cuban’s two favorite

Holdings think i guess anybody know what mark cuban’s two favorite holdings are good more thing any good i can’t even talk today good morning anthony how you doing buddy i do an aj what’s up garvey sharky tour what’s up man how long to stay in cash i think we need to stay in cash until we get through this we need to stay in cash until we get to the other side of

This now guys listen we got 28 people here we got four likes we got a smash you guys got a smash it you got a smash it guys you got a smash it good guesses good guesses i know that he did buy twitter a couple weeks ago but he hasn’t bought anything since he might very soul by now actually does anybody know who mark cuban is holding right now he’s got two holdings

That actually probably you won’t even have to sell during this pandemic cuz they’re so good matt says visa good guess but no billy-bob says baby a baby’s been on the move thank you guys for the likes i appreciate you guys thank you for smashing do you smash do you crash smash let’s go live nation good pic but no those are not the two holdings i just like oh raid

Netflix yes yes yes yes yes yes big win a raid netflix not just netflix guys there’s one more one more holdings and netflix is a genius holding everybody’s at home watching netflix and chilling so that’s a great trade right now to have that’s a great position have it’s a great big position to have right now in a company that i’ve been saying to you guys forever

Part of the fang stocks netflix big big big big fan of netflix big fan of netflix now there’s one more holding that he has do you guys know what is that what his other holding what’s his other holding do you guys know mark cuban billionaire mark cuban he’s holding netflix he’s holding one more stock and he’s holding a bunch of cash and he hasn’t bought anything

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In the last two weeks yeah thank you for smashing it stephen i appreciate you brother anybody know the other holding one of the biggest companies in the world i want to give you guys a hint one of the biggest companies in the world how about that pretty sure you’ll get it now brooke says the fed came out and said they’re making unprecedented moves to keep the

Market moving yes but the reality is what will happen when all of these companies report losses cuz it’s coming boo dang my man amazon there it is so the tube holdings for mark cuban guys are amazon and netflix both of which will be able to come out of the other side of this pandemic and those are his two biggest holdings other than that the man is holding cash

It’s almost as if mark cuban a city here with your boy giving you guys exact instructions as your boy stay in cash guys haven’t bought anything for two weeks and we don’t know what this is gonna look like on the other side those are his exact words those are my exact words interesting so it just gives me confidence to know that we’re on the same track we’re on

The right track as the billionaires and i have a lot of respect for mark cuban obviously hugely successful high net worth investor owner of the dallas mavericks billionaire entrepreneur shark tank i mean the man is everywhere huge success so i will follow the billionaires i will follow their advice i will follow their rules now i know people are gonna see but rich

You’re telling us to get in cash and the markets going up rich that’s your selling opportunity so whatever’s been up i’ve been selling and whatever is not up i’m hoping it keeps going up so i can sell it do whatever you guys want you want to hold hold do whatever you want to do remember rich tv live is strictly for education and determine purposes pass results are

Not an indication of future performance past results do not guarantee future results so just because the market is up today doesn’t mean it’s going to be up next month or the month after that or the month after that yeah short term you might be able to make some money and i’m still holding 50% of my holdings i’m still holding my oil position i’m still holding gold

Positions because they’re doing extremely well but it’s getting difficult not to sell them right now because they’re on their way up and at some point i’m going to have to sell and take my money so i’m sitting there i’m watching as long as the market keeps going up i’m not selling yet but i will probably be in 60% cash maybe even 75% cash very very soon so there

Are a few more holdings that i’m looking at and i am most likely going to sell that i am watching closely and i just want to sell as high as possible stephen says i took your advice for sure they’re still pumping the market is starting to scare me way to fake even even mark cuban is saying the same thing delicious says wow this is madness woke up this morning

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Looked at all the green mind-blown well you have to remember guys the federal reserve is stimulating the market so the market is going to go up short-term but it’s not really based on real fundamentals so because of that at any point in time it can come back down i’m not suggesting that it won’t go back up i’m just suggesting at some point it will come back down

If a billionaire like mark cuban is staying in cash and hasn’t bought anything in two weeks then you know that this is all just stimulus money no billionaires are buying right now they’re all sitting on the sidelines with a bunch of cash that’s the way they think that’s why they’re billionaires i’m thinking like a billionaire sitting on the sidelines with a bunch

Of cash whatever is going up i’m watching it and at some point i’m gonna sell it and then i’m gonna sit in cash and i’m gonna wait for the crash and when the crash does come i’m going in i’m going in on netflix i’m going in on amazon i’m going in on visa mastercard american express facebook apple amazon google these are the companies that i’m looking to position

Myself in but i want to stay in cash so that when that crash does come and i don’t care if it’s in three months i don’t care if it’s in six months but it’s going to come and when it does come i want to be ready the question is will you be ready will you be in cash so that you’re in a position to maximize on the next leg down when it comes because the billionaire’s

Are preparing themselves for the next leg down are you preparing yourself for the next leg down these are the things you need to ask yourself what are you doing to prepare yourself for the next crash when it comes because yesterday starbucks reported that they’re losing 50% of their earnings 50% of their earnings 50% of the earnings that’s a big loss guys that’s

Just starbucks what about everybody else what’s gonna happen well we have literally a thousand companies in america on largest exchange in the world the new york stock exchange the nasdaq the dow jones what’s gonna happen when we have thousands of companies reporting 10% 20% 50% up to 90% losses in revenue what will the stock market look like when companies like

Carnival cruise lines delta airlines american airlines air canada hotels all start reporting massive losses in revenue what will the stock market look like the stock market will look horrific so we need to be prepared for that and you don’t want to be stuck getting decimated in a market that looks like that so what’s happening right now is they’re trying to create

A cushion they’re trying to take the stock market as high assumably possible to create a cushion which is why we need to take advantage of this situation and sell at some point in time after they created this cushion and these companies report we are going to see a dip and when we see that dip that’s when the cash that’s on the sidelines will start to get deployed

Start deploying the troops but now is not the time to deploy the troops this is not the time to deploy the troops this is not the time for me to be buying this is the time for me to be selling and i will be buying on the next leg down and i’ll be watching every day and i’ll keep you guys updated every single day on what is happening and what i’m finding and what the

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Billionaire’s are doing remember guys if you want to be a good investor follow the money billionaires are in the know they know what’s up nicholas says it will start looking like the cannabis market yeah it’s very possible if we start seeing thousands of companies reporting 50% losses in revenue what will that look like for the stock okay how will they be able to

Stimulate the market in that situation they’re gonna try but you’d have to assume at that point that there’s going to be a lot of downward pressure in the market and a lot of the institutions will turn from a bullish position to a bearish position so we’ll see that remains to be seen but i’m not the only one staying in cash billionaire mark cuban is also staying

In cash he hasn’t bought anything in two weeks i haven’t really bought anything in a few weeks i just been selling so i’m gonna continue to and i’m gonna keep you guys updated on everything that’s happening as it happens thank you guys for watching smash that like button now remember if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring you the winners and we bring

Them to you first i’ve been telling you guys that gold is gonna explode gold’s exploding i told you guys the oil is gonna explode oil is exploding i told you guys the oil was a bi oils been a great buy i told you that gold was been a good buy gold’s been a good buy stay in cash guys okay cash is king invest in the best the best is blessed i’m not selling my oil

Position yet i haven’t sold all my gold positions yet i’m very very close to selling nu gt so stay tuned i’ll keep you guys updated on that and i’m very close to selling my oil i almost pulled the trigger today but i just couldn’t because i feel like oil goes way higher still and i still think gold goes higher i think gold gold’s all-time high guys is 1896 we’re

Over 1700s right now very good chance we we break the record for the all-time price of gold over the next little while here especially with all the uncertainty gold being a safe haven everyone wants to put their money in a safe place goals that place okay guys remember where you learned from first not 50 v not 150 sin firm ation first okay thank you guys for

Watching i appreciate you guys thank you for smashing you haven’t smashed smash it you’re bored rich most of you live in beautiful british columbia if you get winning you ain’t watching we bring your winners bring them to you first it’s true join the academy it’s true at the arrests that join the academy learn to win guys we had a pandemic perfect time to learn

How to trade make some money make money up make money down stay tuned i’m oh i’ll find you some more nuggets find some more news find some more winners and i’ll probably come back peace

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