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Holy smokies guys we have a lot of news coming out here today okay this is one of those rare days i do two uploads in one day this is a first video and this one’s around a billionaires comments liane cooperman a very successful billionaire out there has some very negative comments around a bubble he sees in the financial markets right now i kind of want to get into

What what he sees out there and kind of give my opinion on that so let’s just get into this guy’s first let’s take a look at what happened to the markets here today so the markets that it was kind of a lame day in the market let’s just be honest it was kind of a lame day the dow was down about 91 points s&p 500 was down point zero three percent the nasdaq was

Down point zero 4% pretty lame day at one point the dow was down well over 300 points today so it looked like it was going to be one of those days where maybe things could go really far south and then we came back with some pretty good strength there as far as you know a stock that was very interesting to me today it was netflix so netflix after hours yesterday

Netflix stock was up well over 13% okay then by the time they you know the stock market actually opened today netflix was up to about $380 a share and then just kind of kept going down and it ended up about 360 for today i was a pretty interesting move there for netflix because it looked like it was gonna be one of those days where wool netflix just explodes again

And you know netflix shareholders just make money it was still a decent day up five percent but it wasn’t that kind of day whereas up 13 14 percent like it looked like it was gonna be after hours guys so interesting day there so it’s given to this billionaires comments so if you don’t know who leon cooperman is he’s basically an american billionaire investor hedge

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Fund manager and he’s basically got a net worth of somewhere over three billion dollars about 3.2 billion dollars he has about 3.5 billion dollars in assets under management so that’s quite a bit of money there guys and he worked at goldman sachs for well over 20 years he was a name they were he was voted the number one portfolio strategist in the institutional

Investor he spent a long long time at goldman sachs before he started at his own fund all right and so his comments or a little worrisome for some investors out there okay so billionaire leon cooperman advised investors on wednesday to stay away from bonds as they are in a bubble okay that’s strong terms there okay he’s saying bonds right now we’re in a bubble

All right you don’t just kind of throw around bubble you know calling different things bubbles unless you have a very very strong opinion on that okay especially when you’re you know someone that’s known out there and very popular person like if you say something’s a bubble that means it’s a you know gonna get potentially really really ugly that’s a big statement

Okay so he says quote here my world is cash and stocks i think bonds are the bubble not stocks cooperman told cnbc’s halftime report he also noted investors should buy stocks they see as fundamentally cheap after the recent decline in equities cooper mins comments come after the benchmark 10-year note yield reached around 3.2 percent last week the highest level

Since 2011 the sharp rise in rate spooked investors across the globe with world equity markets falling sharply last week cooperman the ceo of omega advisors said the market can handle higher interest rates however as there are no signs of a recession looming the cotton this is quote from him now the economy if anything is too strong cooperman said the economy is

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On fire the conditions that normally lead to a big decline just or not present he says all right so these are some pretty big comments here he also says my central view is the market will be higher than it is today at the year-end alright so basically two to three months from now we are in a zone of fair value and it’s going to take a recession or a change in the

Feds posture to get us out of that alright so those are some pretty big comments there all right no i have my feelings around what he said there first off i don’t want to attack the bond argument that he feels bonds are in a bubble bonds are something that i would not say i’m an expert in or you know it’s something i fundamentally just all we i agree with you leon

It’s in a bubble or something like that it’s not a financial market that i feel comfortable enough kind of giving my opinion it’s a bubble it’s not a bubble anything like that what i will give my opinion on is my opinion is very similar to the economy and kind of stocks that leon cooperman says we are in a fair market value we are not in any type of bubble in the

Stock market right now if you look at the pe s of companies what they’re gonna be earning in 2018 a massive amount of these companies are actually at a pretty low pe based upon 2018 earnings because there’s such a strong year and the economy is very very strong right now rate should be rising right now because if it’s not rising right now with these type of gdp

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Numbers coming in with this type of unemployment what economy do you raise rates in so i am very much an agreement with leon cooperman about the overall economy and about stocks and not being in a bubble i just don’t want to attack the or bonds in a bubble or not in a bubble but i can tell you this guy’s been around wall street for a very long time for him to come

Out in say bonds or bubble that is a very very very big statement guys i would i would be very worried about the overall bond market just because that terminology is not only saying old bonds are a little overpriced so bonds are a little out of whack he’s saying a bubble so i think that should give you know a lot of investors a lot of pause there because once again

That’s a market that he’s been he’s very familiar with that he’s been in this game for you know decades and decades and decades guys so just kind of be aware out there but that covers my opinion on today’s video once again i got another video coming out in and out in about an hour or two we’ve got some big facebook news we got some big tesla news coming out a lot

Of different stuff down there by the way if you want to get conference tickets they’re gonna be the pink comment down there make sure you get them before the end of october basically in november the price is going up to $4.99 then anybody tries to get tickets last minute right now they’re $2.99 so hope to see all you guys there thank you for watching have a great day

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