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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Explode June 19, 2017 – 4K

Hey guys how was your weekend hope everyone had a great weekend what i want to do on today’s show is i really want to focus on helping you make money and the best way that i’ve seen that people are making money right now to dick in 2017 almost like the july halfway through the year is bitcoin alt coins and other crypto currencies let’s go through the top ten number

One now in the number one spot is like coin at forty six dollars up seven percent it’s been as high as fifty one dollars as low in the last 24 hours as forty two dollars it has a 1 billion it’s got 1 billion in volume in the last 24 hours is one of the hottest crypto currencies in the planet keep your eye on litecoin number two is aetherium e th is the symbol

And if you guys want to learn some where to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies just go to rich tv click on coin mama buy your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies there and then go to live coin net and that’s where you can go and trade all the different cryptocurrency that exists currently over 750 of it so we’ve got a theory of my $360 up one spot 97%

We have bitcoin at two thousand five hundred seventy eight dollars up 2.5 percent we have a cerium classic at twenty one dollars in 79 cents up 7.4% you see something here everything in the top ten is in the green people we’ve got the ant shares they’ve been on fire and s is the symbol up 46% now at $7 pump o wishful x rb at 26 cents up slightly at 0.67% cowboys –

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– Das h i absolutely love – i’ve been featuring – on rich tv live for a while it’s at $195 up one point nine nine percent and let’s take a look at a new one in the top ten first blood symbol 1 st first i like it at 2 dollars and 40 cents a hundred and fifty one percent to date and let’s continue down one that i absolutely love the sia coin i love it because of its

Price it’s in the top ten and it’s at 1/8 just think it has huge potential guys sia coin sc up 16.9% at 1/8 today what about bitshares bts made a huge move last week currently at 31 cents up 4.5% those are the bit 10 those are the top 10 crypto currencies right now that you can buy now let’s take a look at which are the ones that are up the most to date shall we

So in the number one spot in the last 24 hours we have kryptonite xcn at 7 cents of a hundred and sixty-four percent we have first blood one st at two dollars and 40 cents a hundred and fifty one percent we’ve got the end on coin nc at two dollars and 73 cents up 98 percent we’ve got the world coin wdc at 19 cents up eighty seven percent we got the frozen coin fz

At sixty nine cents of 81 percent do you see the trend here people there’s a reason why i want you the people at home to get into crypto currencies and bitcoin right now get off your couch stop eating potato chips stop wasting time if you want to get rich and you want to change your life and you want freedom now is the time to get into crypto currencies more than

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Ever and i’m going to continue to show you guys how easy it is to get into the crypto currency space and how to do it in a safe and fun and entertaining way where you can have fun and make money okay so we also have the max coin m ax at 16 cents up 71% what about the core coin qrk at 8 cents up 65% and once again ad shares an s at seven dollars and 13 cents up 46%

And 8r do our art or a rdr at 30 cents up 40% and last but not least we’ve got sys siskins at 24 cents up 32% now where do you go you ask to buy bitcoin well it’s so simple guys i’m gonna make it easy for you guys every single day i want to make it easier and easier and easier for you the people at home to phi your bitcoin all you try to do is go to rich tv live

Ww rich tv live calm okay and all you got to do is let’s minimize this when you go to rich tv live and you see all the top options here all you gotta do is click on live coin and that’s how you trade your crypto currencies absolutely free to set up an account if you want to buy bitcoin cuz you gotta buy it first you got to go to coin mama click the link set up your

Account with coin mama you can buy your bitcoin right off your credit card you can transfer the funds you can wire them funds this is the best and easiest way to get in the game buy it your coin mama and then simply just go to live coin net right here ongoing coverage tv click on live coin dinette and boom you then transfer the funds from coin mama to your block


Chain wallet which is download right on your phone transfer it to your watch a wallet and then from your blog chain wallet you transfer it into your live 20 counts and then before you know it you’re like this guy there’s no one of these and you’re doing one of these let’s see one of these all right guys i’m gonna get back to it gotta buy me some more bitcoin and

Altcoins another cryptocurrencies these are the top players of the day this is rich from rich tv live saying there’s a rich tv live don’t forget to subscribe click that like down below and comment on the show cuz all i do is bring you winners winner winner chicken dinner and i love bitcoin and crypto currencies and is my modus operandi as rich trudeau –mess to

Bring you winners and i’m telling you right now he’s right here these are big winners they got chicken dinner and all over it have a nice day everybody we’ll see you soon

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency To Buy By RICH TV LIVE

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