Bitcoin EXPLODES PAST $4000

Reception on how to go what’s up so bitcoin explodes past 3,800 harry i’m gonna saturday you guys want to see where i’m at check this out i’m live so bitcoin explodes past 3,800 i’m just gonna chill at the beach we’re just making money it’s pretty good got a little bit of a party here and yeah just got here and enjoying the fact that big coin and all crypto

Currencies are just absolutely on fire take a look at where i’m at so this is my new samsung s8 learning how to use it how’s the picture looks look good for you guys see where we’re at one of my buddy’s birthdays and we should have a pretty big party of us here today we’re just getting started here it’s gonna be a full day event we got people here playing some

Baseball some frisbee look at the view here you guys want to see the view check us out not a bad view a this is the way we should be celebrating bitcoin going to close to 4,000 what bitcoin going aboard thousand oh my goodness you got to enjoy a view like this i’m bitcoins at 4,000 right gotta enjoy a view like this and bitcoins at 4,000 this is where you want to

Be when bitcoins at 4,000 5,000 oh i hear 5,000 euro what’s up sherry i apologize for not giving you a shout out on the last stream guys give it up to sherry levy go to subscribe to her channel on youtube she’s a beast love you sherry i apologize for not giving you a shadow last time i did see you i was trying to speak to you subliminally and i thought you heard me

I apologize if you didn’t but i just want to make sure that everybody knows sherry is in the house sherry is in the building look at this there’s a i love you too sure there’s the park here it’s where kids are at basketball we got food what’s up matt hey you guys then we’re live on youtube we’re live on youtube a say what’s up to youtube how you doing good i’m good

Couldn’t bring my daughter now i brought my son my son’s here so the birthday boy right here you guys you know where are you – man hello yo you want to sell some homes tell them what’s going on real estate right now got any good houses for sale men if you guys need houses for sale this is the guy right here free advertising for my boy anytime you need a house you go


To shine right here sup man look at the food let’s see see what we got here what do we got here i’ve got some wings that’s the wings the way we do it we do it the way we do it i’m good right now buddy i appreciate it just saying hello to everyone doing a little livestream on youtube there’s my boy right there say what’s up to youtube i haven’t fun so far nice nice

Nice what are you gonna do brother you got a baby man saw that i’m on youtube men say hi to youtube happy baby people yes bitcoin is skyrocketing bitcoin is skyrocketing omg is skyrocketing neo is skyrocketing i mean it’s crazy everything is skyrocketing it’s absolutely crazy absolutely crazy bit connected skyrocketing genesis mining is skyrocketing control finite

Control finance this guy rocketing control finances skyrocketing control finance has 50 million dollars that’s been put into it 50 million dollars in a month and i think they have like 30,000 users thirty thousand users so it’s just mental everything is just skyrocketing yeah it’s all sellable partnering up you want to give a shout out to youtube channel what’s

Your youtube channel it’s the next big director right here you guys don’t know only 10 years old but she’s got a lot of talent i’m telling you she’s got a lot of talent so yeah we just hear a little bit of a family get together with some friends enjoying a barbecue on a saturday and we’re just about to get started we just got here so it’s a beautiful day today i

Hope you guys are enjoying the beautiful bitcoin gains i love genesis mining because i get the mind bitcoin every day so when the price of bitcoin goes up it’s just like amazing because you’re just getting those every day you’re just getting that bitcoin every day you’re getting the big absolutely love my genesis mining right now loving big connect absolutely just

Loving big connect i can’t believe how fast our team is growing i believe we’ve got over 40 i think with first generation second generation third generation people close to like 43 people it’s crazy man it’s crazy and every single day there’s just blessings upon blessings coming in that way so pretty excited we’re just getting started here and the market is just

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Crazy it’s mental all the bitcoin stocks have been on fire take a look at bi tch absolutely on fire take a look at gbtc take a look at btc s take a look at bts see what else take a look at gah see all of them just on fire take a look at em gti absolutely on fire look at bitcoin bitcoin has been going crazy you haven’t been focused on any coins you got to focus on

Some coins man the safe x coin has been on fire the omg coin has been on fire what else what else neil has been on fire today i saw like three four coins up over a hundred percent just please just absolutely crazy man it’s nuts so we just gotta really work together and identify the winners in advance so we can all just win and we can all just make money that’s

The name of the game it’s all about winning making money it’s all about having fun and making money that’s what it’s all about we’re in a revolution right now cryptocurrency revolution bitcoins not gonna go anywhere but up and as bitcoin goes up we need to accumulate as much bitcoin as possible bit connect has been absolutely on fire everybody wants to call it

A scam but it’s at a hundred and three dollars one hundred and five dollars absolutely incredible it’s gone from less than a penny to what a hundred dollars since april and everybody wants to call it a scam i don’t know if it’s a scam it’s damn good one i’ll tell you that much is this this right here this is what i talked about this is one this is what i like to

Call paradise right here this this is where we want to be talking bitcoin right right here there’s the only place we want to talk a big coin everyone wants to talk investment from sake man would investments the only thing that the only thing we need to talk about is bitcoin crypto currencies there’s no other investments to talk about there’s just bitcoin and

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All the other altcoins and all the other investment opportunities that go along with it but really what other investments are there to talk about when you’re already involved in the number one investment in the world bitcoin and you know a lot of people say you know what do you like best do you like mining do you like investing do you like buying bitcoin do you

Like buying all coins i like at all i like you at all you know i’m not gonna discriminate i like you at all to be honest with you so i’m buying bitcoin i’m buying litecoin buying etherium i’m buying all the different alt coins i think have potential a whole take a look at stocks guys sto x that’s mayweather’s company and men it’s on fire it’s just exploding it’s

Going up every single day sto x it’s another one that we need to be watching and buying because it’s absolutely on fire so there’s so many different picks that we need to really as a team yes stocks sto x as a team we need to identify these winners in advance we need to be talking about them safe x is another coin that i think we really need to be talking about

Neo is a coin that we need to be watching very carefully obviously bid connect watching it going up every single day we need to be watching but connect very very carefully so anyways guys i want to get some food i just want to give you a little tour of what i’m up to talk a little bit about the price obviously we’re at all-time highs it’s absolutely crazy i’m super

Excited about it and my big thing is diversify get involved in bid connect get involved in control finance get involved in genesys mine and get involved in buying bitcoin get involved in buying the old coins diversify take some chances this is the time where if you take a chance and something hits could change your life could change your life so i ain’t afraid to

Take those chances i just want to have fun make money and i love you guys wanna say hello on a saturday love to you guys peace to everyone and let’s let’s make some money all right guys all right guys thanks

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