Bitcoin FOMO with 5 Shots of Vodka

I didn’t buy back into Bitcoin costing me imeasurable amounts of money. Now I am FOMOing and drinking my sorrows away.

Time for another one i think i didn’t even plan to drink this much until i was messing around the house i was doing something and this is what got me really sweaty and hot and then i thought hey you know i just should just record a video because i just kind of feel like it right now third shot maybe i just sipped this maybe i should make a mixed drink or something

You guys have been wondering what i thought about bitcoin and my opinion has always been the same there is no anchor point on how much valuation it should be you can’t value bitcoin all you can do is buy into it and hope there is the next sucker that buys into it as well and when you do this type of thing you don’t know when it’s gonna end so it becomes a gamble

Yes it can keep on going up maybe it’ll go up to 60k or something who knows and because of this the risk to me is a little high especially right now i’m definitely not going to buy any right now but hey you know these things it might go up and continue to go up so what am i going to do this must be i’m trying to make this the biggest flex ever because i’ve been

Making these videos of random things and not caring about the money is the biggest flex ever because it’s kind of saying well you know i’m not chasing after the money i am making videos that i want regardless of how much money i make because i do see that my revenue is going down a little bit although the holiday times during december um it still went up because

Of my other videos i have a huge catalog of videos that many people go back to watch time and time again including the gift wrap video including the contact lens video things that actually help people if i am making a video about my opinions on day-to-day activities of stock it’s i don’t really feel like it’s helping anybody um other than i don’t know helping

Them make more money i guess that’s that’s a good thing what i’m thinking about these days is flying to japan i really want to fly to japan i have secret plans to uh fly their first class without costing me anything so you might want to look out for that i guess when the kovitz stuff goes away that is probably the first thing i’m gonna do if you do something

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That you love you’re never gonna work a day in your life again i do like making finance videos but not every single three times a week i would make it eventually when i get to it around i guess and but in the meantime i’m gonna do videos that i enjoy and i have to stick to that because this is the only way i can move on for this channel and i guess it’s better

For my own um mentality or my own psychological well-being i guess why not number four you can argue that this is not exactly two ounces i’m putting it about eight millimeters away from the top because i just don’t want to spill it on myself i really gotta measure if this is really two ounces or not last time i checked that two ounces is uh all the way up to the

Top over here i could i have a scale over here so i could measure it but whatever oh no i went down the wrong throat oh that burns goes on the wrong throat i didn’t even think i would drink it i had to take a break off of liquor for a good three four days because i just felt like you know my body can’t take it anymore but today today is the day to fomo fear of

Missing out i think this fomo culture is a result of social media because i am so prominent on social media i live on it right i’m on youtube i’m on this camera you guys see me almost every single day i read the comments so i am very embedded into it even if i am not using instagram every single morning or whatnot what was i talking about i don’t i don’t know

Well i wanted to say something like it’s like social media is like tearing everybody apart making everybody more fomoing than ever kind of tearing apart society people are not hanging out as much in person um covid stuff is making it really really bad because i guess i would have hung out with a lot more people if it weren’t for this code stuff so now your liquor

Is your friend now gosh what number is this is this four or five i don’t know um when i edit this video then i’ll know i never thought i would actually uh get even a little very very tipsy i don’t feel very very tipsy because i just ate lunch i mean i ate dinner my dinner consists of some steel-cut oats which i call rice all the time some leftover pasta sauce

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There’s just a little bit left over and some cauliflower that was slightly steamed sauteed okay and there was some uh beef tendon probably about a half a cup worth of it to three quarter cups of it and that’s what i had for dinner when you chew through the tempura the inside tastes like kind of like paper almost i don’t know if that’s a good thing or not but

You get used to it and it tastes pretty good two servings per container and each serving has milligrams of salt personally i try to be get under about one gram of salt per day having this is uh gonna satisfy my salt intake for today let me talk a little bit more about not having all that gains from tesla or bitcoin if i bought into it oh my gosh maybe i would

Make another 380 000 more right in terms of changing my life i probably would live life relatively the same way i’m not going to change all that much because 380 is not super life-changing i think maybe if i had three or five million more i’m i don’t know what i would do but i’m still going to be my frugal self i’m still going to go get all these deals you

Know i just got some free yoshinoya free food from ciao bus oh if you guys are interested in getting child bus you can get 10 off of uh your first order there’s no minimum so check out my referral link down in the video description below and you know what i haven’t talked about weeble for a really long time it seems like a lot of people are not using my referral

Link anymore because i’m not talking about that why do i have to talk about it every single video in order to get people to uh look at it anyway you can get four free shares of stock if you sign up and deposit a hundred dollars two free shares for uh signing up and then two free shares for depositing a hundred dollars i think this deal is gonna run up until

The middle of january however i also believe that they’re going to keep on extending this but we don’t know when they’re going to ever stop usually they stop for a little while i think there is a bit of scarcity mindset here so if you happen to not get the deal and then they stop you’re gonna be like oh my gosh you know i missed out on it and then they’re gonna

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Bring it back and then you’re gonna be able to get the deal so i don’t know if you don’t have it just go get it and get your free four free shares and um you know have have your day at it and get some free money and get your free food ten dollars worth of child bus one more other thing is on ebates uh rakuten for those people that signed up on my link for forty

Dollars off of your order of forty dollars or more this is free forty dollars if you sign up during uh the holiday period during december it’s still valid for you if you signed up during that time i think right now they reduced it now it’s 20 which is still okay because as long as you spend more than 20 dollars you can get twenty dollars off so this is still

A really good deal check out my referral link down in the video description below i think actually eating really really helps me drink a lot more like if i do it on an empty stomach you get drunk a lot fat yeah you drink you get drunk a lot faster if you uh what was i talking about um there it’s leaking a little bit there um it was leaking here anyway um i feel

Like maybe you should you know get the most of your liquor you should have a light meal so that all your food doesn’t absorb all your alcohol because you you want your alcohol to do its thing if you really want maybe this video has been long enough already so um five or six shots or something is that good enough i’m certainly not wasted right now oh pride up of

France right if it’s from france it should be expensive green by nisa imports dallas texas let’s make another this would be good thumbnail here okay i just had like a half a shot not half a shot one third of a shot or one fourth of one ah yeah this is really good beer food or alcohol drink food well that is long enough a video i hope you guys enjoyed this fomo

Video on tesla and bitcoin see you in the next video bye you

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Bitcoin FOMO with 5 Shots of Vodka By BeatTheBush

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