Bitcoin Going to 00,000?

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One bitcoin is now worth more than $7,000 one bitcoin worth more than $7,000 now bitcoin just keeps rising and rising and rising and as it keeps rising and as kryptos in general keep rising and as this whole crypto wave just gets bigger and bigger and more and more people are getting involved with it i find myself asking more and more questions and so today i want

This to be the most commented video in the history of the channel i want so many comments i want so many opinions i’m gonna read every single one of these comments today in this video i want to see what your guys’s full opinion is on bitcoin i’m on just the cryptocurrency wave in general okay but i want you to stay away from talking about blockchain technology okay

Blockchain technology is my opinion is is here to stay there’s no question about the blockchain technology in my opinion i want to hear strictly about cryptocurrencies today i want to hear about bitcoin because i got so many questions i got so many questions that i really wanted to get answered out there so let’s all ask ourselves these questions okay and i want

Answers and i want opinions if you don’t have the answer i still want your opinion on this question okay first off the first question i have why is a bitcoin worth $7,000 why is one bitcoin worth $7,000 everything out there is only worth as much as the next closest guys gonna pay for it right this is this white board here it’s only worth as much as the next guy

Wants right my dollar that’s only worth as much as somebody else wants to give for that right everything you know whether it’s a book i sell whether it’s of course i sell anything i sell whether i do pictures for one of my real estate customers it’s only what they’re willing to pay or excuse me out what they’re willing to pay for me right that’s just the economy we

Live on right why is it bitcoin worth $7,000 is it bitcoin really worth more than $7,000 is it been worth much less why is that that’s my first question i got why is it worth that much i’m very curious about that my second one is why so many kryptos popping up everywhere you look there’s a new cryptocurrency it’s a new hot one you get emails you get this you know

There’s this new cryptocurrency invest in this one this is gonna be the next big one next big bitcoin is there’s so many bit there’s so many kryptos out there now i don’t know if any of them even backed by the blockchain technology i really don’t i see these rappers i see literally rappers coming out with cryptocurrencies and like i don’t know if it was snoop dogg

Or who-who i saw i was like multiple people and they had like some cryptocurrency hats on and they were wearing them and i’m like dude like what is going on right now this is this is like insanity what is going on right now how do you even know which kryptos are legit in which ones aren’t and or a bunch of them really not legit and which ones are legit is it only

Bitcoin or is this several kryptos i’m curious is that why are there so many going on the third thing i want to talk about is this is kind of more in reference to big connect okay big connect is another big huge thing right now that to me it seems like bit connect is much a kind of like a pyramid scheme in my opinion i’ve looked into big connect and i see it much

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As a pyramid scheme i think graham steffen did a phenomenal video on that you should check that out after this where he came out very much against big connect but honestly why are people with platforms afraid to really you know attack this head-on as far as you know people that had big platforms i see a lot of people that are involved with big connect and talk

About it right but yet on their platform that they have their social media following they’re very afraid to get behind in there like yeah it could be a scam it might be a scam you know it might be a scam but you know what i’m just trying to get out of it first or whatnot i’m like how can you how can you get behind anything you truly don’t believe in and like like

That to me it’s just a scumbag move in my opinion like like you should never get involved with anything in life and trying to get other people involved or talk up something when you don’t even believe in it on the inside like that’s just a scumbag move in my a personal opinion to get behind something you don’t truly believe in so why are people not saying you know

Ob connect is absolutely a great thing and whatnot if they if they know they don’t believe it guys that’s a big question i have here why are people with these big platforms afraid are they afraid because if it does come you know come crumbling down that olson they’re going to be exposed and their videos are going to be out there forever is is that the deal next

Question i have is in kryptos in general why are people so religious about this okay what do i mean by so super religious about this why is it that that people get so offended if you even say anything negative about kryptos i mean i see the comments and it’s extremely immature people just go absolutely out of their minds if you say even the most remotely negative

Thing about kryptos about bitcoin about anything in the space right and i’m usually obviously a lot of people that have investments in the space that wanted to succeed because they want to make money right but it’s by far in a way the most religious community i’ve ever seen in my life and it’s not even remotely close like when i look at like the stock market

Community and i look at how offended people get you know if you get on their stock like it’s not even remotely close like bitcoins over the top as far as you know people being religious about it and you can’t say anything bad about that you can’t even try to start a debate about it or you know they get crazy why is it that that is that emotions coming out why

Are people so religious about it okay versus every single ever investment out there all right next one i have is what will happen when regulation comes okay at some point if the kryptos you know become to get taken more serious and more serious right at some point they’re gonna get regulated everything gets regulated at some point in time okay you’re not gonna

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Be available to just be free market forever okay that’s not the way the world works and just because you’re a cryptocurrency doesn’t mean that’s kind of the way the world’s gonna work for you if it does if kryptos worked out right then they’re gonna be regulated at some point in time how many of them will actually fall in other the space that will get regulated

What’s that what’s a mean for the the kryptos out there does that mean bitcoin would fall does that mean bitcoin would rise it’d be taken more seriously what would happen when regulation comes that’s a huge question i have out there okay next question i have is what will happen in the next financial crisis okay some point in time we’re gonna have another financial

Crisis it could be next year it could be five years from now it could be ten years from now we don’t know it could be any time in between right at some point in time we’re gonna have another financial crisis the economy will go into shambles unemployed rates gonna rise everybody’s gonna be selling off investments left and right okay why are the why are certain

Cryptocurrency it’s gonna survive that okay why why would somebody rather have their money in let’s say bitcoin okay everybody’s losing money left and right right everybody stocks are going down i’m assuming bitcoin prices would be going down if not that would means everybody would be keeping their money in bitcoin right and what are the chances that that would

Actually happen especially when you have a base that is a lot a lot of super young investors right who are who are more likely to sell in a panic situation right what’s gonna happen when that would somebody really rather be in bitcoin or any cryptocurrency in general right then in an apple stock or in a google stock or you know in a homebuilder stock or an auto

Manufacturer or mcdonald stock or walmart or amazon would would somebody really choose to have their money in a cryptocurrency rather than the us dollar or the yen or a bond of a company would people really be choosing that that’s another huge question i have because why would everybody be flogged they would be the first time in history the first time literally

In history that during a financial crisis everybody would flock to basically the new thing right usually the new thing is the one that gets destroyed worst of everything in a financial crisis why would this be different why would this be the only time in in literally the history of the world that everybody flooded their money to the new thing on the block which is

Crypto currencies why would that be the case i’m interested to hear that next thing is what’s going on with all this come get the easy money come get the easy money is that a concern i’m making so much money off crypto currencies i don’t have a dime invested in crypto currencies right now i don’t have a dime invested i don’t do any cryptocurrency mining i’m making

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Several thousand dollars per month off of just crypto currencies how because they’re playing ads all over my channel constantly you got the jamaican dude who’s in the hotel room and he’s like look at me making all this money from bit connect and this and that and he’s got the the other one where the chicks dancing in no hawaiian dress or what not you got the other

Chick i see her ads all the time i just made $23,000 in in two weeks on the kinect or whatever is that a concern is that a concern all this little quick easy money come get this money is that a concern or is that just normal stuff because when i see those i’ve never seen this type of insanity before as far as just come get this easy man you just come come do this

And you’re gonna get that easy money i get so many comments just by bitcoiners just by kryptos you’re gonna make a ton of money isn’t that kind of a concern do you see like published tendencies there i’ve never seen anything in my lifetime of to almost 28 years being on this earth i’ve never seen anything in my lifetime that was such a come get this easy money

Type thing as literally the crypt those aren’t right now so is that something to be concerned or is actually it’s gonna stay that way i’m five years from now ten years from now everybody’s still gonna be doing the same thing it’s just gonna be easy money well you know that’s a big question i have for myself right now and the other one is if things go south okay

If things go south what will be left other than the blockchain technology okay so let’s say things do go bad here the blockchain in my opinion is not going anywhere the technology the underlying technology that kind of make a lot of these cryptos work right watch-chain technology is not going anywhere but what’s going to be left if things go south are a bunch

Of these crypto is gonna be left is it only going to be bitcoin left is only gonna be like three or the five biggest kryptos how many kryptos are there how many will be left that’s another huge question i have so as the the price of bitcoin goes up in the you know crypto has become more popular and there’s just people flood money into them right now you know i

Just got a lot of questions and so i really want to hear in that comment section your guy’s opinion on this answer these questions for me or if you don’t have the answer just give me your opinion on it where do you see this whole deal going i really want this to be a discussion here guys and i want to i want to hear your opinion i’m gonna read through all these

Comments be very interested to learn from you guys i’m kind of your opinion on this whole deal so anyways thank you for watching guys and have a great day

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